Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Wedging clay, making “carrots” and pulling handles.
You know I LOVE making mugs… and tonight they’re all coming together.



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Spinning. Trimming. Make my feet look so much better!
Gotta love that Giffin Grip!

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Spent the nigh stamping mugs in the studio. I threw the cylinders yesterday and kept them covered overnight. They were still a smidge too wet… but I unwrapped them today and gave them a few more minutes to set up before stamping.

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A quick glimpse at some of the mugs that came out of my most recent cone 6 glaze kiln LATE Friday night… just in time to make their way to ART IN THE BARN. Some might have still been a bit warm?!

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Always a good sign. Just one last kiln done and cooling for this weekend’s
ART IN THE BARN. Not so bad… my third kiln this week!!!



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The newest addition to The Ghouls are GLAZED!!!
The crazy green color is actually a low-fire clear glaze. The real colors will pop-out after firing… and that’s not the only thing that will be popping-out!!! Just sayin’… hint, hint…

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Having some fun with underglazes adding details to the newest Ghoul in the collection.
Layer by layer, detail by detail, wart by wart.

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Layer by layer… it’s an army of Ghouls!
Each standing at attention waiting for the next layer of details & colors.
It’s an assembly line of creepy colorful fun!

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It’s been a busy couple weeks in the studio making the newest addition to The Ghouls Collection. Lots of terra cotta, lots of scoring & slipping, lots of FUN!!! Assembling another ghoul and then adding color to them. Busy, busy…

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Looks like it’s Terra Cotta Tuesday!
With ART IN THE BARN just a couple weeks away, I guess I put these off long enough…
and it’s time to start “ghouling” it up!!!