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Tonight I threw a quick batch of tumblers.
With the my studio fans blowing in all the right directions… they were also ready to stamp tonight. At this rate, I will be trimming and slip decorating tomorrow. Why can’t everything come together this quickly???

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A dozen wall pocket vases. Thrown, stamped & squished on one side.
Drying, then bisque firing. A round of glazing & re-firing. Then we’ll have plenty of vases for people to hang on the walls… or perfect for flowers or a cool pencil cup at your home office desk.

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A lot of wedging. A lot of working. A lot or “work.”
I’m preparing for another soda kiln in about a week. So I’ve been trying to make a LOT of stuff… and now I’m trying to pack it all into the electric kiln. Layer by layer… a lot of work to be bisque fired.

Kiln Layer #1 – Ovals, mugs, tiles and a lot of kiln filler!

Kiln Layer #2 – more ovals, mugs, wall pocket vases, tiles and kiln filler.

Kiln Layer #3 – more mugs, more wall pocket vases, votive holders and tiles!

Kiln Layer #4 – I had a “smidge” of space, so I fired a layer of painted tiles for my studio neighbor Lisa! Along with a couple spoon rests and more of my tiles!

Kiln Layer #5 -  the rest of the spoon  rests and the last of the tiles!!!

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Tonight was a very productive night.
Not only did I stamp a LOT of cylinders…
I also finished up another batch of oval casseroles & vases.
Stamped, assembled, slip accented & ready to dry… still in “studio darkness.”

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Tonight I stamped all of the cylinders I threw to make a new batch of mugs. The B-Clay was a little “squishier” at this point than I would normally like, but I needed to get them done as my next kiln date is rapidly approaching. So a little more careful. A little less pressure. And a few more mugs stamped… before & after…

And now they’re all stamped & ready to be wrapped up for the night. A little more “slow drying” and hopefully I can start trimming tomorrow night before my new class begins!

And yes… I’m still working in the dark. Just the glow from my task lighting as the fluorescent light fixture in my studio is not working… and I’m still waiting for the landlord to fix it. Getting a little tired of wearing my “night goggles”… ha!

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Hopefully, “Beans & Leaves” will be selling a LOT of handmade mugs…
and if so, I need to make more mugs… so I threw another batch tonight.

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Unfortunately, I am still working in the darkness.
Replenishing pieces in the warm glow of my task lighting.
Waiting for the ballast on my fluorescent light to be replaced.
Soon I hope… it’s been WEEKS!!!

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After a very successful weekend at “Art In The Garden,” I felt I had to start replenishing pieces right away. So today I was “laboring” on Labor Day… after a great bike ride of course! Let’s not get crazy.

And I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Labor Day too!

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Tiles… tiles… and more tiles.
Soon I need to switch to glue, glue, and more glue!!!


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So this is where I’m starting tonight.
Cory’s whimsically sculptural tiles have been adhered to the boards.
Now it’s time to add my part…