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After stamping & trimming, I frequently add some colored slip accents to my pots. These colors will show up a lot more in the soda firing. And the atmospheric firing will “kiss” the pot and leave behind some wonderful flashing results on the pieces.

By the end of this evening, I had added colored accents to quite a few pots. They’re drying overnight… and will hopefully be dry tomorrow so I can put them to the side to make room to make more pieces!!!

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Tonight I tackled the bottoms of a LOT of pots.
I love trimming… but this was a LOT even for me!!!

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They started as a “class demo” last week on collaring & shaping.
One of my students asked if you could collar it in far enough to make a bottle. I said yes, and then made one. Kinda liked it… so I’ve made a few more in my studio. Planning to fill at least one shelf in my upcoming soda kiln with these new bottles. Still need to decide how I’m going to decorate them… I’m not sure I can get “into them” to stamp them properly?!

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My latest batch of holiday ornaments are now one step closer.
They’ve been stamped & trimmed… now waiting for cap, ring & some colored slip accents.

They’re all getting ready for my annual “My Home For The Holidays” Home Show.
Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 22nd & Sunday, November 23rd.
More details to come…

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After making a LOT of reclaim, I finally starting making some things with all of my new FREE porcelain!!! Have I mentioned lately that I love FREE clay?!!!

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Last night I finished up two batches of mugs. One made of soda clay, the other B-Clay.
Stamped, trimmed, handled and now accented with colored slip.
Drying for a trip to the bisque kiln.

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Another batch of handles.
Another batch of mugs.

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Tonight I worked on replenishing my inventory of “mini’s.”
These little babies were all thrown off-the-hump.
Lots of little vases that will need lots of little stamps!

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One of the “downsides” of making so many mugs in one batch, is that once they’re stamped & trimmed, they ALL need handles at the same time! Tonight was THAT time… so many handles, so little time…

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Fall is in the air, and I’m already planning & making pieces for my upcoming Holiday Home Show. And if I’m going to hit my annual goal of starting the show with 100 MUGSI’ve got to make some more!!!

Mark your calendar now for my annual Holiday Home Show…
My Home For The Holidays Home Show
– 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday, November 22nd & Sunday, November 23rd
Always the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving!
More details to come…