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Before class tonight, I had just enough time to trim my latest batch of spoon rests.
It was down to the wire, but with about five minutes to spare, I finished the last one
AND made it to class just in time!!!

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Little ball of “potential” wedged and ready to go… err, I mean throw!!!

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Today I continued working on my latest batch of flower pots. I trimmed all of the bottoms on the flower pots… AND threw all of the drip plates to go with them! And again, by the time I finished throwing the last one, the first ones were ready for fluting, stamping & detailing. I love when a plan comes together.

If all goes well, I hope to finish up the flower pots by drilling drainage holes and then letting them dry. As for these drip plates, they all need to be trimmed with a good “deep” foot. When this batch is done, I’m hoping to make another batch… a little shorter & wider! Similar, yet different. Might be cute as a twosome of flower pots?!!!

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I think it might have been the hint of Spring yesterday that “inspired” me to make flower pots. So I spent the day in the studio throwing tall flower pots. I decided to make them in two pieces, instead of the attached water drip plate version. Today I focused on the flower pots… the drip plates will be another day.

It was an extra productive day today… as I not only threw all of the pots, but I also had the time to stamped them all as well. It was great how quickly they were drying. When I finished throwing the last one, the first ones were getting stiff along the top edge – perfect for stamping. Talk about a pottery assemble line!!!

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Twelve Tumblers. Made of Mud. Not that I had to explain…

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Another kiln loaded and ready to fire. I popped in the last few pieces just before sneaking off to class. A couple pieces were still a bit damp, so I set the kiln for an extended preheat before it kicks into high gear! Fingers crossed that things dry out during that time.

Kiln Layer #1 – mugs, soap dispensers, miniatures & tiles.

Kiln Layer #2 – wall pocket vases, bowls, miniature vases and tiles.

Kiln Layer #3 – new pie plates and tiles.

Kiln Layer #4 – stamped discs… that will eventually become ikebana flower vases.

Kiln Layer #5 – pie plates, bowls, soap dispensers & a lidded casserole.

Close to the top, but still a smidge of room. If only I had planned a little differently… I’m sure I could have squeezed even more in here!!!



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I’ve had a LOT of bowls under wraps waiting to get to the leatherhard stage.
Today was the day for detailing.
Stamping… stamping… attachments… and even more stamping!

Bowl #1 -

Bowl #2 -

Bowl #3 -

Bowl #4 -

Bowl #5 -

Bowl #6 -

Bowl #7 -

Bowl #8 -

Bowl #9 -

Bowl #10 -

Bowl #11 -

Bowl #12 -

And here’s a few of the stamps that did all the work today…

And now the bowls are all stamped & detailed… and waiting to be trimmed.

As they dried up a bit more… I tackled each one and trimmed the bottoms of them all. So now they’re all drying and preparing for their upcoming bisque firing!

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A couple days ago I was trying to use up some partial bags of clay. Trying to clean up my studio a bit. So I was throwing some more mugs and the clay seemed a little weird. Not like the stoneware-feeling that I’m used to. It wasn’t until I was trimming & adding handles that it even crossed my mind that the partial bag of clay was porcelain?! So here’s my first batch of porcelain mugs ever! Not quite as tough as I had always thought porcelain would be… glad I didn’t know!!!

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Sure, “Pie Day” may have passed over a week ago… but after that wonderful, crust-filled holiday, and a special request from my friend & incredible glass artist Amy Lemaire, I’ve decided to make some new pie plates!!! Here’s the first batch – stamped & trimmed.

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Stamped. Trimmed. Handled. Slip accented. Drying…
and just in time for Mugshot Mondays on Facebook!!!