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So I’ve been dabbling with the reclaim porcelain I bagged up a couple weeks ago. I’ve made a few batches of small cups, but this time decided to go a bit further and tackle porcelain mugs. Not as bad as I expected… gooey when throwing, quick drying, easy to stamp and handles a little fussy. We’ll see how they turn out…

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So it started with a class demo… and now I can’t stop myself.
I think they’re going to be pretty fun after the soda firing.
I’m already picturing them in groups & sets.

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Unloaded my bisque kiln this morning and my ornaments are one step closer. Now for a touch of glaze accents, then they’re into next weekend’s soda kiln firing!

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Last night I loaded another bisque kiln full of pots. I’m working to get enough pieces made to fill my soda kiln in a week or so. Still need to make some more, but it feels good to have these pieces “safe” in the kiln. Firing overnight… unloading Friday so I can start glazing & wadding everything this weekend.

Kiln Layer #1 – mugs & minis.

Kiln Layer #2 – mugs, minis, bowls, ornaments & more.

Kiln Layer #3 – tiles, cups, ornaments.

Kiln Layer #4 – bottles & tiles.

Kiln Layer #5-ish – same bottles, more tiles.

Kiln Layer #6-ish – again, same bottles, different tiles & little cups.

And you know how I love a well-packed kiln…
always fun to see it packed so close to the top. As long as the lid closes, right??

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Another night with some colored slip accents.
The top of the bottle, as well as a small dab of color in every stamp.
Still getting ready for my next soda kiln.

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Today I finished up my latest batch of Christmas ornaments. A little more detailing, hand-built caps and some color slip accents. Drying now, but will soon go into my next soda kiln firing. Just in time for my Holiday Home Show the weekend before Thanksgiving. Mark your calendar… November 22nd & 23rd, 2014.

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Another batch of bottles… and a couple new vases today!

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So I figured them out… and stamped the bottles when they were a little bit drier than normal, so I could stamp them without pressing from the inside. I think they turned out pretty well, with some colored slip accents… starting to dry!

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After stamping & trimming, I frequently add some colored slip accents to my pots. These colors will show up a lot more in the soda firing. And the atmospheric firing will “kiss” the pot and leave behind some wonderful flashing results on the pieces.

By the end of this evening, I had added colored accents to quite a few pots. They’re drying overnight… and will hopefully be dry tomorrow so I can put them to the side to make room to make more pieces!!!

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Tonight I tackled the bottoms of a LOT of pots.
I love trimming… but this was a LOT even for me!!!