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Whew… just finished assembling & gluing all of the tiles in place…
800 all together!!!

Another fun collaboration project with Cory McCrory done… and drying!
Remember, the “Big Reveal” is this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview!!!
A fun group of Talented Friends hanging out in Amy Taylor’s backyard garden!!!

For more information & full show details, click here to follow us on Facebook.

But for now, they’re sitting on top of my dining room table drying.
All ready to travel to Glenview tomorrow morning for the “Big Reveal.”

And after seeing this… maybe I need consider tiling my dining room table for real?!

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Still gluing. Only eight more collaboration pieces to go!!!
Ahhhh…. FUMES!!!

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With an art fair next weekend, and a collaboration project in the works, I’ve really got to get these tiles bisqued. And I might as well fill the whole kiln with a “few” other things too, right?

Bisque Kiln Layer #1 – mugs, mugs and more mugs!!!

Bisque Kiln Layer #2 – assorted bowls, spoon rests, soap dishes and some tiles.

Bisque Kiln Layer #3 – mugs, soap dispensers, a teapot, and two large platters.

Bisque Kiln Layer #4 – more mugs, tumblers and a lot of tiles.

And here’s the BULK of my textured tiles for the collaboration pieces I’m doing with Cory McCrory. Packed tight, piled high with a bit of air space between the rows. Fingers crossed that the heat makes it into that dense pack of tiles okay?


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I love when you can throw some pieces in the morning,
stamp them AND trim them all in one day!

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Just because the wheel goes round in circles…
doesn’t mean that all of your pots need to be round too!!!

I’m working on a new batch of oval vases. Thrown as bottomless cylinders… then squished into oval shapes as they stiffen up a bit. I’ll add a slab bottom to them in a day or so.

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While porcelain is inherently white… and so many people love it because it’s SO white... I need to add a little color. So I paint on some colored slip accents on each mug. The top section above the stamped line gets a smooth coating of a colored flashing slip. Then each stamp also gets a small dab of the same colored slip to help draw the eye and the color down into the pot.

Once they’ve been accented with color, I can now leave them open to dry in my studio. All of these pastel slip colors will change dramatically in the soda firing atmosphere. The colors should get more vibrant, and have random effects caused by the flames touching the pot and deposited soda mixture.

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A veritable “tunnel” of porcelain handles.

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Tonight I had some porcelain cylinders that were stamped, trimmed and ready for handles. So I start by making carrot-shaped wedges of clay.

Then I pull the handles the traditional way and set them up with the curve already established.

The hardest part for me is waiting for them to set-up a bit before trying to attach them. The first couple handles are always the hardest to get right as I’m usually too impatient… and then trying to put them on while they’re too limp & squishy.

Score. Slip. Repeat.
Score. Slip. Repeat.
Score. Slip. Repeat.    again…     and again…   and again…

So now they’re wrapped up for the night under plastic. My thought is that the moisture levels will balance out a bit and the handles will be less likely to crack off later as they dry. No guarantee… but my success rate is pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

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I threw a couple larger platters last night. Two of them pretty much fill up my wedging table! Can’t wait to start stamping those babies!!! Got a huge blank canvas to fill up.

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Registered. Checked-in. Tagged. And in the studio for a little pre-race “porcelain therapy” before the big race weekend.