Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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And now they’re even starting to look a bit like ornaments… as I just did some stamping & trimmed off of the “stump.” Next I need to handbuild caps & rings to hang them from!!!

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These little cuties got even cuter (if that’s even possible)
with mini stamps & tiny accents of colored slip!

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Apparently it’s all about small plates & dishes today?!…
otherwise those berry bowls & flower pots would just leak all over the place?!
And that would be no bueno!

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Berry bowls here we come!!!
And who doesn’t want to play with power tools in the studio? The quicker & cleaner way to drill holes in bowls is with an actual power drill. Go figure!

So I start by marking where the holes will go with my MKM Decorating Disks. They help even space out the holes so you know where to drill. Then you just let it rip!!!

The clay will fly up and leave behind some burrs which are easy to brush off after they dry a bit. A couple minutes and a stiff paintbrush… and maybe a bit of smoothing.

With a little brushing & smoothing, your berry bowls will be done in no time! So much faster & easier than cutting them out by hand. So much so… that this power drill tip was actually featured in Ceramics Monthly!!! Click here to see the article!




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Time to do a bit of refinement on the bottoms of these bowls…
trimming a clean foortring setting the stage for some holes soon to come!

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Making mugs… adding some color slip accents & details…
all posing for another Mugshot Monday!

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Throwing some bowls… with the plan of turning them into berry bowls somewhere along the way! Spring is coming… and then so are fresh fruits. The timing will be perfect!

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Adding handles. Making mugs… one of a kind one at a time!
A quick baker’s dozen… plus one!

Can’t think of a clever phrase for fourteen of something. Can you?


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If you recall the bowl demo from last week… you may remember one of the bowl & rim alterations when we did a split rim, pinched it together and then pulled it out to an oval. Just a refresher… there was an audible gasp when I pulled the edges out making it UN-round!!! Heaven forbid that I make a round bowl UN-round on purpose!!!

But the plan was to make it into a basket…. which I think makes it make a lot more sense!
Maybe my students will re-gasp when they see the basket version of the UN-round bowl?!

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Wedged balls of clay…

So much potential in each one. Especially when starting up studio production again.
I’ve been looking at my calendar trying to schedule art fairs, summer camps, bike rides, races and more!!! And a slight wave of panic washed over me… so it’s back in the studio! Full steam ahead!!!