Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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Still glazing LOTS of pots for tomorrow’s soda kiln firing.
Just goes to show that small pots need small stamps!!!

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Another long night of glazing. I’m inlaying temoku glaze into the stamped impressions.
So I brush the glaze on top & into the stamps.

Then I wipe off the top layer leaving it only in the stamps.

Next up will be some quick liner glazes… some accent colors… and then wadding.




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And while one kiln cools…
it’s time to start glazing the pieces from last week’s bisque kiln.
Starting with my favorite… mugs, mugs and MORE MUGS!!!


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SOMETHING NEW!!! Citrus juicers “quick drying” for tonight’s bisque firing. Hopefully the elevated plastic grid will help speed along the process with air now on all sides!

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Some lidded jars… stamped, detailed and drying for tonight’s bisque firing.

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Did some good trimming tonight and added colored flashing slip accents. I like to add colored slip to the top flange and a dab of color in the center of every stamp. A little obsessive-compulsive… but, well…¬† that’s just how I roll!!!





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So many pots. Cranking out as much as I can getting ready for ART IN THE BARN. It’s two weeks from today and I still have so much work to do. Including a couple more kiln firings. My plan is to get all of these pieces into glaze kilns next week. I have a full soda kiln scheduled for net Saturday. So even though I’m in “the middle” of ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend, I still had to go into the studio to unload this bisque kiln. No rest for the weary.

Kiln Layer #1 – Mugs. Mugs. Mugs… ALL MUGS!!! My favorite!

Kiln Layer #2 – My mostly porcelain layer. Mugs, cups and a couple bowls.

Kiln Layer #3 – Stars. Stars. And more stars!!! And a few bowls, ovals & cups!

Kiln Layer #3.5 – Stamped platter, spoon rests… and some fortune cookies!

Kiln Layer #4 – Bowls, mugs, ornaments and a LOT of tiles!!!

And you know how I like to get close to the top…

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My friend Donna Sauers is apparently working late into the night to make just a few more beauties for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN. Pack it in & go to bed Donna… we open tomorrow at 10:00am!!!


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Looks like someone has some trimming to do tonight…

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Making more. Making stuff. ART IN THE BARN is coming up quick… and I’ve got a soda kiln to fill & fire before then. So it’s the perfect chance to try something new. I made one of these for my class as a “demo on demand” and decided that I should make more! After some carving & detailing, these will become citrus juicers.