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So my latest batch of stamped cylinders are ready to become mugs!
We need some handles first… so I start with some wedged and shaped “carrots” of clay.

I pull my handles separate from the cup. Starting with the wide end of the “carrot” in your fingers tips, I gently slide down the clay with wat hands a bit of fiction. A little more friction and the clay begins to stretch into a handle. I like mine to be more of a strap than a tube. They need to set-up a bit before they can be attached to the mugs. So I carefully prop mine up with a nice “mug handle curve” already established. When they are no longer wet & squishy, I start attaching them.

Score, slip, attach, refine… REPEAT.
Score, slip, attach, refine… REPEAT.
Score, slip, attach, refine… REPEAT… REPEAT… REPEAT…         did I say REPEAT???

Soon enough I’ve got a LOT of mugs!!! My favorite thing to make.

Next up?… some color accents with flashing slips painted on the top portions and in some of the stamps.

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Two dozen cylinders in need of some stamping. Luckily, I have several tool boxes full of stamps… and some time this afternoon to do some texturing. So here we have some cylinders before & after… each destined to become a mug after trimming & handles!



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Starting to wonder if it was smart to throw tonight, or if I should be home relaxing, carbo-loading and preparing for tomorrow’s race?!

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Sure, I could have glazed the bowls… but instead I decided to throw more cylinders for another batch of mugs!!! You know how I LOVE making mugs!!! So much better than glazing!!!


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Did a little glazing & wadding in my studio after camp prepping for this weekend’s Three Day Soda-Firing Workshop. My students should be glazing their work too… I just want to be ready with a few extra pieces for kiln filler. Just in case.


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After a full day in Evanston, I swung by the studio last night to do some last minute throwing. I’m teaching a Soda-Firing Workshop next weekend and I need to make some more pots quick to help fill the kiln… and replenish some of the pieces that went to good homes during the art fair!

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Fresh out of the bisque… and now with a layer of green wax on the bottoms. A few drops of food coloring in the wax makes it so much easier to see!!! Gotta let this dry and the the glazing frenzy can begin! Under a little “time crunch” to get these into a cone six glaze kiln in time for this weekend’s art fair in Evanston.

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Freshly stamped mugs drying in the studio. Getting ready for the Evanston Lakeshore Fine Arts Festival on August 6th & 7th. Got a couple firings to squeeze in before then!!!

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Finishing up some long ovals destined to be olive trays if all goes well.
Although I think I may have made them a smidge too large…
hungry & dreaming of blue cheese stuffed green olives. Yum!!!!

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After camp, it was an OVAL kind of day!
Because some times round is over-rated.