Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating another Mugshot Monday… with a purple mug & these sweet words from my long-time friend Kelly…

“This is how you and I hold hands… sometimes over a warm cup of hot tea, this morning coffee.” so sweet Kelly!!!

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Looks like Kim & Don have cooked-up a little “hot dish” tuna casserole for a chilly Saturday evening’s meal. Although from what I’ve heard… it’s mostly for Don, as Kim is not a big fan of “hot tuna fish.” And yes, I’m kinda right there with ya’ Kim!!!

But the casserole dish looks great!!!

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Who knew that I could feed my Thin Mint “addiction” even when the Girl Scouts aren’t in cookie selling mode?! NOT ME!!!

At least until I received this great “care package” Christmas gift from my cousins in Minnesota! They knew it would be a hit… as their daughter Caroline used to be my “Thin Mint Hook-up” back when she was still a Girl Scout!

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I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day with your family & friends… sharing time together & making new memories. The best gift ever!

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Well, all of the ornaments have made it onto the tree… twenty-four days of adding ornaments to my Christmas Advent Calendar.

A beautiful heirloom created by my Grandma Kitty… stitched together one sequin at a time! Always full of fond family memories as Christmas draws closer through the month of December! And it’s finally here…

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Sure, we had pumpkin pie & my cheesecake for dessert yesterday… but who doesn’t want some chocolate brownies too?! My niece Taylor made a batch of brownies to add to the celebration yesterday… just one more yummy platter on the table!

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After years… literally YEARS… of trying to get Don to give up his jumbo Pyrex measuring cup for his tea cup… yes, he drank his tea out of a measuring cup!!!… my cousin Kim bought her boyfriend a large mug of mine today! And it looks like he might just be willing to “convert” to pottery! Sure, it was supposed to be a surprise Christmas gift for Don… but I guess Kim couldn’t keep her own secret?!!!

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Looks my cousin David’s anthurium is enjoying its new home in a pretty stamped & purple flower pot! David surprised me at ART IN THE GARDEN by coming to the show with his Mom & Sister… my Aunt Marilyn & cousin Kim… even though he lives in Ohio!!! SURPRISE!!!

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Celebrating all the Moms out there…
cherish your time with them, and the memories without them.

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Looks like “shared-birthdate-buddy” Allyn is enjoying her mornings a bit more with her new handmade mugs!!! A perfect way to celebrate another Mugshot Monday!