Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After the turkey… looks like my “second family” friends down in Chenoa had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday while using some of their pottery collection. From the looks of it, the turkey was great… and the pie looks yummy!

I was invited, but decided it was best to stay home & stay safe! Thanks for sharing your photos Kelly… and thanks again for the invite. I just wish I could have joined you all.

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So this all started with an ongoing thread of text messages. With the virus ramping up again as predicted, many people are taking their temperatures throughout the day. Just checking to make sure everything is still good. But the question apparently is… “WHERE do I store my thermometer?!”

In some Gary Pottery apparently…

And then the “trend” seemed to be catching on…
and showing up on the text thread…

But then the question was… Where are the apples???
Oh, right there next to the mini vase… now called a thermometer holder!

And some people seemed to have too many apples… which look yummy...
so they needed an additional “apple bowl”

And then another entry in the mix…
not quite sure that thermometer will tell you if you have the flu or not… but it will tell you if you’re poultry, lamb or smoked ham!!!

But again the question… Where are the apples?!

Apparently this time… not “quite” an apple, or at least not a natural apple… but the faux apple does look pretty great on this large green stamped platter!

As the trend of apples & Gary Pottery seemed to be catching on… another entry of an Apple with “one of Gary’s rare cat steins.” Well played…

To which I quickly responded… “That cat stein is SO RARE that I’d be lying… err, make that fe-lyin’… to say that I’ve ever made one of those.”

Matthew’s response was… “But how do you explain this?”

Apparently I had “signed” the bottom of this??? HA!!!
I had just forgotten & blocked this one out of my memory!!!

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My cousin Kim likes to grow them, but doesn’t like to eat them!
So this is where I come in… enjoying the fruits of her labors!
Loving how much homegrown vegetables taste so much better than store-bought… and EVEN BETTER when stored in a beautiful bowl?!!! Just sayin’…

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After a long day at the art fair Saturday, I met my sister Jen & niece Taylor for dinner… and then we went to see HAMILTON!! Our friend Tracy has started hosting “Movie Night” in her backyard every Saturday night. Sure, I was kind of exhausted after a long art fair day… but who can pass up a good dinner with family, a great movie musical and time with King George & The Schuyler Sisters?!!! Not me… I’m in!!!

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Not only was it AMAZING to see so many loyal customers, fans, followers & art fair patrons this past weekend… but I also had a few wonderful surprise visits as well.

Molly & Jacob stopped by with little Benjamin! Just three weeks old and only five pounds tiny!!! A bit of a preemie making huge gains and growing quickly. Also known as “Team Lavender” to many Lillstreeters… Molly & Jacob have been in several of my classes including two “seasons” of The Great Lillstreet Throwdown! You may remember… we helped them make all of the vases for the wedding reception during “Season One”. And then made surprise baby blocks for them during “Season Two!”

At one point I had another visitor to my booth who stopped by and quietly looed around… and then left. He looked familiar, but hard to identify with mask, sunglasses & bald head. When he stepped back in a minute later, he said “You didn’t recognize me, did you?” It was only when I heard his voice that I realized it was my older cousin David… who lives in Ohio!!! I had no idea he would be coming… he’s never been to one of my art fairs… and it was AMAZING and slightly confusing to see him there!!!

Later in the day, I was busy helping someone else… and then when I looked up I saw another familiar face!!! And there before my very eyes was my good friend Anna from high school… her husband, her sister with husband & daughter, and Anna’s Mom!!! Now keep in mind, I haven’t seen Anna since maybe a couple years after college graduation?! She now lives in St. Louis… so imagine my surprise now to have the entire family standing there in my art fair booth!!! CRAZY!!! Sadly, I was so shocked to see them all there in my booth… that I totally forgot to take any pictures!!! But Anna did bring me a little handmade souvenir… showing off her own crafty handiwork!

And then on Sunday, I was surprised by my friend Alison and her daughter Kasey. I haven’t seen Alison for a couple years… ever since they cancelled out Step Classes. Yes, we did Step Class together at the health club for YEARS!!! I love it… and still hope it will make a resurgence! Anyway, they popped into my booth and it was so good to see them. Especially after talking with Kasey who is now a news reporter up in Milwaukee. She had some amazing stories of what she’s had to cover in the field during these crazy times & the riots in Kenosha. Amazing… and more than a bit scary. Kudos for Kasey for stepping it up and reporting the news on camera to make sure the stories get told.

Towards the end of Sunday, I had another little visitor… adorable little Teagan who stopped bu with her Mom Nancy… one of my IRONMAN biking friends. Teagan was so cute walking around and being so thoughtful & cautious around all of the pottery.

Teagan seemed to really enjoy her first art fair… almost as much as she enjoys her morning oatmeal in her own little handmade & personalized cereal bowls!!!

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My globe thistle is finally blooming… sure, maybe smaller than I had hoped for, and only TWO globe blooms. But this is my first season with them… thanks to my cousin Kimberley Sue who shared a cutting from her HUGE mother plant. So I know what to expected… in a few years!!!

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Looks like one of my stamped & soda-fired mugs is off in the wilderness having a wonderful time camping & exploring the Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir in Colorado! Looks amazing out there… have a great trip Kristin & Camden!!! Thanks for taking “me” along with you on a vicarious vacation!!!

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When the fruit trees start making fruit, you’ve got to grab them when you can before the birds get ’em… and hopefully there’s plenty to make PIE!!! My cousin Kim grabbed a full bounty of cherries from her yard and made this beautiful cherry pie! It looks AMAZING… and I’m sure it tasted even better!!! Thanks for sharing your photos Kimberley Sue… but next time, let’s share the pie too!!!

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We celebrated the Fourth of July on the sofa watching HAMILTON on the TV with my niece Taylor & family. With all of the craziness going on in the world, it just seemed “safer” and oddly “appropriate” to be watching HAMILTON to learn a bit of history on The Fourth… and not dealing with the crowds celebrating everywhere without masks or social distancing!!!

And for the record… it was my first time seeing HAMILTON. I know, how did that happen?!… or NOT happen in this case?!

But THIS time… I WAS in the room where it happened!!!

And to make the evening even more “fun”… I decided to bring a little childhood flashback memory to the party. Mostly because it made me giggle every time I thought about it… and the fact that it was now referred to as SPAMILTON.

Yes, we had Spam Loaf for dinner!!!
Basically slices of SPAM alternated with slices of mozzerella cheese, and then topped with tomato sauce and baked. It was better in my memory of when Mom made it for us… but Taylor made it this time and it was good for the joke! And that was about it. Not too tasty… a little slimy… and still very SPAMmy!!!

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Plants on trees… now made possible with a trio of ceramic wall pockets made with drainage holes! A sweet little collection enjoying the morning sun. Thanks for sharing Kimberley Sue!!!