Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Yesterday my cousin Kim was hunkering down for another April snowstorm…
bringing in a few early bloomers before the snow got the best of them!
Thanks for sharing Kim!!!

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Another wonderful day with beautiful blue skies
as far as the eye could see. Happy Sunny Sunday pedal on!!!

Followed later in the day with ice cream with my sister Jen and niece Taylor!
First you work it off… and then…



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So much fun last night with the Krenz clan playing with the clay & getting all muddy at the studio last night. As always, some were better than others… but all of them had a great time!

Suddenly not as easy as it looks…

“Maybe if I watch him doing it… it might make more sense?”

Uh… Kel’s bowl is flopping… save it… save it…

But it looks “someone” found the Mystery OREO’s a bit more enticing than throwing on the wheel.




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Here’s to hoping that you’re headed towards a wonderful holiday
filled with family & friends. Be nice, give gifts, be gracious and have FUN!

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Seven Days & Seven Photos in black & white of your everyday life.
No explanation, no people. Challenge a friend to join everyday.

Day 7 of 7. I was challenged by my friends Barb Duro & Pam Walden.
Today I challenge Scott Hayner on Facebook… and Taylor Hayner on Instagram!

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A little congratulatory “whew-another-show-down” frozen custard treat with my Mom & Dad at one of my favorites tonight…. LICKETY SPLIT. This time it was pumpkin flavored frozen custard blended with an actual piece of pumpkin pie!!! Yes, please… again!!!


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A little post-show INSTAGRAM lesson with my Mom.
I keep telling her the more she does it the easier it gets. Right?

I’m not sure she’s buying it.

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My niece Taylor came out to help at ART IN THE BARN both days.
She’s a great booth assistant, and apparently a blossoming “marketing director” in the making… with her own Instagram collage post to her friends & followers.
Always thinking, always helping.





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While I sadly consider the “berry season” pretty much over at this point, it is good to know that cherry tomatoes need to be rinsed as well. Thanks to my Cousin David for sharing his bountiful harvest in one of my handmade berry bowls.

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So my Mom has added two more new Handmade Pottery Aprons into her inventory. If you’re interested in seeing the available patterns and full purchase details, click here… or go to the Page on the website in the top right corner for Handmade Pottery Aprons!¬† They’re always first come, first served. And they’re one-of-a-kind, so when they’re gone they’re gone! To claim your apron, go to the blog link and follow the purchasing instructions there.

For a quick peek at the two new ones.
A beautiful striped one of blues, browns & whites…

And an eclectic mix of lime & blue patterns materials… I LOVE this one… so fun!!!