Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Plants on trees… now made possible with a trio of ceramic wall pockets made with drainage holes! A sweet little collection enjoying the morning sun. Thanks for sharing Kimberley Sue!!!

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It would have been my Mom’s 81st birthday…
and to “celebrate” my Dad moved from his home in Elgin to a new place in Schaumburg. He’s very excited to be moving onto the next chapter of his life… and looking forward to getting back to the art fair circuit whenever they let us! Oh yeah… and you may have noticed he grew a “shelter-in-place” beard. For the record… I’ve NEVER seen him with facial hair before this pandemic. So much has changed over the past year.

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Apparently it’s Monochromatic Monday!!! Who knew?! Yummy red cherries in a red glazed berry bowl. Great combo. Thanks Braxton for sharing!

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So then THIS happened!!!
I was in the middle of a ZOOM chat with my sister & niece Taylor. They were waiting forever in line waiting for carry-out food while brainstorming for Taylor’s homework assignment. I was doing some trimming and then moved on to adding a pedestal to the bottom. I had even turned the camera around so that they could watch. A little pottery demo for them while they waited!

So I had explained trimming, scored & slipped & added a lump of clay to the bottom and was throwing a pedestal foot on the bottom. We even talked about my Giffin Grip and how well it held everything in place. We were chatting. Talking… and I couldn’t find my small red rib to smooth it out?! So I stood up to reach across my table to grab a new rib from the tool wall. You can see it coming, right?…

Well, the wheel was still spinning. I stood up. My shorts got caught on the wet & sticky freshly-thrown pedestal, stuck on and spun around a few times… effectively yanking the whole piece right out of the Giffin Grip… hurling it to the floor!!! With Jen & Taylor still on the ZOOM!!! ugh.

Luckily, the piece is part of a commission and I had made an extra one!!! But I didn’t feel quite safe “giving up” on the extra one so soon in the process… so I threw another one just in case. Just gotta stamp it, trim it, add a pedestal… and hope that the original lid might possibly still fit?!!! Fingers crossed… and another great ZOOM story!!! Eventually I’ll figure it out…

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Yesterday, my niece Taylor & sister Jen tackled a plain gray wall in their basement… with some painter’s tape and paint… and made this amazing mural on the wall of their new “office & art area.” Who knew that that chalk drawing was just the beginning! I love it… as these desperate times call for creative measures!

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About a week or so ago… it’s all blurring together, right... my niece Taylor and her mom Jen (my sister) made a beautiful geometric chalk drawing on their driveway. Oh, how this quarantine time is making us all get a little more creative!

And the big questions was “how long will this last with rain coming tonight?”… and then we found out the next morning.

Answer is… better than expected!!!

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Looks like my cousin Kim is starting her day off right with a fresh-squeezed sip of orange juice… made easier with a handmade citrus juicer!


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And what goes well with cookies?… well, hot chocolate made with cookies of course!!! Another great gift from my sister & family!

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So nice when people “get you” and then get you the perfect gift!
Who’da thought that OREO cookies could be so fancy?!
Thanks Michael & Anna… you know me too well !!!

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Roller coasters, yummy s’mores, festive lights & so much more! Another great night playing in the park with my sister Jen, niece Taylor and cousin Kim. Holiday fun for everyone last night at Six Flags Great America!

Of course we had to stop off to toast some marshmallows and make s’mores…
who doesn’t like ooey, gooey, yummy toasted marshmallows on a chilly winter night?!

Huge displays of LED covered walls showing festive images with holiday music!

Holiday lights everywhere you look!

And Ugly Christmas Sweaters for everyone!!!

My niece Taylor & sister Jen waiting for the X-FLIGHT roller coaster…
and yes, we went on it THREE times!!!

And who doesn’t love spinning in tight circles while revolving in bigger circles?!
The joy & hilarity of the Spinning Teacups!!!

Kim loved it…

Taylor loved it…

My sister Jen… not so much.
Amused, but just trying to keep her stomach down.

Kim playing in a dramatic gobo light pattern.

More LED displays with images & songs moving & playing all around the building.

Had to laugh at this display of “pharmacy” health-aides… just in case.
None for me thanks… but my sister “may have” had a bit of the Dramamine!!!

And my favorite…
Nothing says Christmas like a DANGER sign all lit up with festive lights!!!