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I frequently get asked what my studio looks like…. well, here it is as I was working at my wedging table this afternoon. A lot of pegboard. A lot of tools. A lot of handles to be attached to mugs!!! And one of my favorites on the TV… any guesses?





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Felt great to be back in the studio prepping for a full day of throwing. It seems like it’s been far too long… but you know how tough it is sometimes to get started up again in the New Year?! Especially when the studio is clean and there are no projects drying under plastic that need my attention. But after today there will be…

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Kicking off the New Year with a new batch of stamps! Just some rolled clay coils with carved patterns on both ends.. A quick bisque firing and then they’ll be good to go! Can’t wait to see what kinds of patterns these will make?! I hope they’re good ones!!!


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Look, I’ve got another new tray to fill with new stamps!!!
Guess I’ve got to start making MORE.

Because the six full trays I have already just are not enough apparently?!

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What better way to end out the year than with some studio cleaning, de-decorating
and turning out one last batch of reclaim clay?! Here’s to “free” clay in the New Year!!!

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It was a very productive day in the studio. And I’ve got a muddy mess to show for it!!!

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So I received a package in my studio today. It was a little beat up so I was concerned…
but it seemed okay when I opened it up.

I was excited to find a collection of new tools from CI Products.
Some pretty groovy carving tools, a diamond grinding disc, and more!
I can’t wait to give them a try in my studio. More to come…



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My reclaim bucket was full of slaked down porcelain scraps. Pulverized porcelain scraps soaked in water, and then evaporated until it was gooey, but not puddley. So I thought today would be a good day to glop it all out onto a large plaster bat to get it to start setting up. After a few days of drying, I will be able to start wedging. You gotta love free clay!!! Especially when it’s porcelain… Thanks again Emily!


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Did a little glazing & wadding in my studio after camp prepping for this weekend’s Three Day Soda-Firing Workshop. My students should be glazing their work too… I just want to be ready with a few extra pieces for kiln filler. Just in case.


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After camp, it was an OVAL kind of day!
Because some times round is over-rated.