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Did a little glazing tonight… and kinda loving how the sprayed glazes
bead-up so quickly on the pre-waxed bottom!

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Another day of reclaiming my clay scraps & trimmings! They’ve been soaking & slaking down for awhile now, and finally to the right consistency to lay out on my oversized plaster bat. So for the next few days it will be drying out a bit… and then the real fun begins.

LOTS OF WEDGING to come!!!

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And another batch of mugs done! Well, kinda…
still waiting for some clean-up, detailing & accenting
with colored flashing slips for the soda kiln.

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MUG UPDATE: Trimmed, but not handled.
TEST TILES: I got a little side-tracked tonight by starting a new batch of test tiles. A friend gave me a new clay body to try out… and I’ve been wanting to make new test tiles for some of my studio glazes. Apparently tonight was the night to get the project started. Not like I’ve had a couple “free” months to work on this…

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And I always love those days when I can throw the cylinders AND stamp them the same day! I did a bit of trimming & cleaning in between… but I felt very productive today. Hopefully tomorrow I can trim these mugs and add their handles too!!! Wouldn’t that be great… especially if it’s gray & rainy outside again.

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So now I’m focused on my parts of the collaboration projects we have planned for ART IN THE GARDEN. Right now I’m making lids… can’t totally tell you why quite yet… but that’s part of the fun of our collaborations…


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Studio plants still looking good. I gave my jade plant a bit of a trim a few months back… rooted the cuttings… and have now added them back into the same flower pot to make it fuller. So far so good… and the original cut stems are branching out well too!

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Working in the studio this afternoon finishing up a few things, doing a bit of stamping, and making another batch of bowls… while soaking up as much FREE air conditioning as possible!!!