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Big thanks to everyone who came out tonight for the Lillstreet Holiday Open House Party. Fun to meet a lot of new people, chat with old friends… and see some pots head off to their new homes! Thanks for appreciating handmade & supporting local artisans.

We all appreciate it

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Seven Days & Seven Photos in black & white of your everyday life.
No explanation, no people. Challenge a friend to join everyday.

Day 3 of 7.
I was challenged by my friends Barb Duro & Pammy Walden.
Today I challenge Kelly Green Krenz.

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I have a great rolling cart in my studio that my Dad built for me years ago. Turns out that when I fill the cart with glazed work, it pretty much equals a full soda kiln. So when I’m done glazing, I need to take it downstairs on the rickety freight elevator to the kiln room. I like to add bands of masking tape to the outer edges to keep the pots safe on the shelves during transit… kinda like a masking tape “seat belt”!!!

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So many stamps, so little time…
and never enough pots to use them all.
This is less than a third of my stamp collection.

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So satisfying to finish another wareboard filled with trimmed & signed pots. And in case you’re wondering, my studio wareboards are actually plastic cutting boards from the flea market!



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There’s something so satisfying about trimming pots. I LOVE TRIMMING!!!
Especially when using my Giffin Grip which take the “fun” of re-centering your pot out of the equation.




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After another fun day at summer camp, I spent the afternoon wedging & bagging up
my latest batch of reclaimed clay. A little “muscle” and now I’ve got a LOT of free clay!!!
Another good day.




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With another art fair in the books, it’s time to clean my studio, pull out a big batch of clay to reclaim… and start back in on production for my next big art fair!

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There’s been a LOT of glazing going on in my studio lately.
Getting ready to load my next soda kiln. Getting ready for ART IN THE GARDEN.
Lots of liner glazes. Lots of glaze inlay. Lots of wiping clean.
Lots of “tricks” to help make the textures pop more after soda firing!

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The “original plan” was to make 30 shakers each. But have you met me? I just couldn’t help myself. Once I got started I was kinda on a roll. One more lead to another… and soon enough I had NINETY!!!