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Scraping my table.
Spraying some pots.
Magical moments.

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It’s a new day.
It’s a new clay!

Finished up my latest batch of reclaim clay with a bit of wedging & bagging today. Sure, it still needs more wedging when I go to actually use it… but for now it’s back to being real clay… real FREE CLAY!!!

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And now that my reclaim bucket is empty… it’s time to start filling it up again! A little while back one of my students was cleaning off her shelves and brought me her bag of porcelain scraps asking if I wanted them to reclaim. Of course the answer is ALWAYS yes!!! Even better, her last class was a print-on-clay class, so all of her reclaim had already been rolled out into thin slabs. So I just broke them up, spread them out and I’ll let them dry out overnight.

Then I’ll crush them down to small little pieces with a rolling pin and into the reclaim bin they go. Thanks Katie for kickin’ off my next batch of FREE CLAY!!!

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Another New Year tradition in my studio is pulling out the latest batch of reclaim clay. I figure it’s been slaking down all through the holidays and is now good & ready! Goopey, sloppy & messy… and my favorite FREE CLAY for the NEW YEAR!!!

And yes, if you look closely, there are a couple different kinds of clay mixed up in there. I don’t really care too much what goes in my reclaim bin… as long as it’s CLAY!!!… and a high-fire clay body. I figure it will all mix up to be some kinda good clay… and best of all FREE!!!

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So the first mug “snagged” from today’s MUGSHOT MONDAY STUDIO SALE was “The Grinch” mug! And then the new owner got home to find a gift of macarons & tea waiting for her… and her heart grew three sizes that day!

A quick reminder that the MUGSHOT MONDAY SALE continues until 7:00pm in my studio. Lots of great mugs still looking for the forever homes!

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Happy Mugshot Monday!!! Don’t forget we’re celebrating today with a grab & go MUGSHOT MONDAY STUDIO SALE!!! The perfect chance to pick-up that last minute gift. Swing by my studio to shop from 130 mugs on the shelves!!!

I’m on the second floor of Lillstreet Art Center at 4401 North Ravenswood in Chicago! I’ll be here selling mugs from noon to 7:00pm… and of course, face masks are required, along with all other safety protocols!

Finish your holiday shopping…
and grab a mug for yourself all at the same time!!!

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A quick reminder that tomorrow from 12:00noon to 7:00pm CST is my MUGSHOT MONDAY STUDIO SALE!!! One last grab-n-go holiday sale for my local Chicago area friends & fans starting with a HUNDRED MUGS! The perfect chance to pick up that last-minute gift for that special someone… or even yourself?! With special holiday pricing… the more you buy, the bigger the discounts!

Hope to see you tomorrow with all the safety precautions in place!
My studio is located on the second floor of Lillstreet Art Center at
4401 North Ravenswood – Studio 205 West.
We’re on the corner of Montrose & Ravenswood…
and remember MASKS ARE REQUIRED!!!

And these are just a FEW of the mugs I’ll have ready to go at NOON tomorrow!

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Well, the online orders are all shipped out to my “far-away fans”… so now it’s time for a little last-minute shopping for my Chicago area peeps! This Monday, I’ll be celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with an in-studio, grab-n-go Mug Sale from 12:00noon-7:00pm. About a hundred mugs in my studio all ready for the pickin’! No dibs. No packing. No shipping.

Feel free to stop by (with your mask on) to grab a couple mugs for gifts… or for yourself! With special holiday discounts… the more you buy, the bigger the discount!

Here’s my studio address in case you can make it…
4401 North Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60640.
I’m on the second floor of Lillstreet Art Center on the northeast corner of Montrose & Ravenswood – Studio 205 West halfway down the hall on the right. C’mon up, we’ll be staying safe, distanced & hand-sanitized all day!

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I got an early start in the studio this morning… trying to get a lot of glazing done today! I started by adding some inlaid glaze to the stamped textures… next to wipe them off. Another collection of pieces in the works!

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Bright & sunny outside… but I’m trying my best to stay focused & productive inside! The sun is streaming in through the studio windows and creating some cool shadows as my platters continue to dry.

Okay… truth be told… MY studio has no windows! But my friend & studio-neighbor Karen has windows and plenty of unused table space! Well, “unused” until I needed to spread out just a bit. Thanks Karen… we miss you!