Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After weeks of slaking down, my stoneware scraps reclaim bucket was finally ready
to turn out onto my large plaster bat. You know how much I love FREE CLAY!!!
Can’t wait for this pile to set-up a bit, and then let the wedging begin!!!

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A little more “fun” in the studio making my set of class demo bowls a “little less basic.”
You had to know I couldn’t just leave them alone, right?! After all… MORE IS MORE!!!

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Wedged balls of clay… filled with potential… oh, what to make???
Ummm… something other than mugs maybe???

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Today I finally sent a “deadline” email to my studio landlord…
and looky-there… just a couple hours later... it’s all FIXED?! Well, kinda.

I’m excited to have light again. But I was confused as the new LED fixture that had been jury-rigged to the old fixture was gone… along with all the extra cords… and now I have some “bonus” fluorescent bulbs on my wedging table?! Turns out all he did was switch out the bulbs to new LED tubes… left the old ones on my table… and called it done?!

Disregard the fact that the fixture still does NOT turn on or off…
he said since it’s now LED I can “just leave it on since it doesn’t use much electricity!”

I guess I should have sent a “demanding” e-mail a few months back
if I knew it would just take an hour for him to fix it?!

And I use the term “fix” fairly loosely…

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The extension cord & mega-power strip that disappeared some time yesterday from my studio lighting fiasco “mysteriously” returned today. I may not be an electrician, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s not going to do much good sitting on a clay box like this?! Another great remedy!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with another batch of mugs. This time with some dramatic light & shadows… “thanks” again to my ongoing studio lighting dilemma!

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Another lighting update… but I think we’re going in the wrong direction? When I got into the studio tonight, my new light was still hanging on its jaunty angle… but the huge power strip was gone… just gone… and the power cord from the new light is just dangling right above my wheel. No note. No explanation. Just a dangling cord.


I mean really… how hard is it to just hard-wire the light fixture
into the ceiling power box just inches away?

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And so the lighting saga continues…
Tonight when I made it into my studio, my new light fixture had been “installed”… and I use that term VERY loosely. It has been hung from the old light fixture still with the glass tubes in it… on a very jaunty angle… with the new pull cord directly above my wheel… a huge extension cord draped through the air above my wedging table… and a bonus HUGE surge protector on the corner of my table. I would say it’s a LOT more-than I expected… but none of what I had hoped for. Silly me was expecting a bit more of a safe & professional installation?!

Maybe this was a “quick” jury rigged solution???… there was no note…
so I will definitely be sharing my “expectations” tomorrow with my landlord.

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STUDIO LIGHTING UPDATE as of last night…
New light fixture still turned on.
Still plugged into the power strip on the leg my wedging table.
Yet someone has moved it about 4-inches to the right.

Still not quite functional as a “ceiling” light fixture… go figure.

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And so the saga continues… when I got into my studio last night before class, my “new light fixture” was still sitting on the floor propped up against a shelf… but someone had left it turned on??? Not installed. Not in the right place? Just ON!!! Not quite sure what that means… after class, still ON!!! So it’s not like someone was currently working on installing it.

It was just ON?!!!