Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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As I had mentioned, I went to CITY MUSEUM yesterday in St. Louis… and finally worked my way through editing my photos to share! I’ve heard about CITY MUSEUM for years, but really had no idea what to expect… and if I did, it wasn’t this!!!

This might be the CRAZIEST “museum” I’ve ever been to… in the best way possible!!! I LOVED it!!! Such a crazy & amazing collection of stuff… stacked, piled, installed & layered all over the multi-level building. Including stuff on the rooftop and sticking out the side. Tons of slides, ramps, spiral staircases, tubes & crazy ways to get around. Think steampunk meets jungle gym… meets flea market… meets vintage carnival… meets caverns… meets aquarium… and so much MORE!!!

The guy at the Front Desk said that if you feel lost, you’re doing great. So much fun… and yet so eclectic & wild. A definite must-see in St. Louis… but wear your gym clothes if you really want to play!!!

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A beautiful day for a road trip… blue skies… puffy white clouds… just cruisin’ through Chenoa on my way to St. Louis. Always enjoy getting my kicks on Route 66!

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Well, lookey here… yet another one of my ceramic fortune cookies has been found at Illinois Beach State Park. So much fun finding out that they are still being found by random people while out there enjoying the park. Even more impressive that Adam “found me” here on Facebook and shared his story & photos with me!

This from Adam…
“Hi Gary, thank you for the good fortune! My kids and I found a cookie this past Saturday and my mother did the research and found you. Hoping you can view the post about it on my page and the pictures associated with the outing to Illinois Beach State Park. I recently discovered it during the lockdown as well (Sept. 2021), and I’m now there almost every time the weather is favorable. Kids love it too! A lot of joy has come from your kindness. From the thrill of finding the cookie nestled in the root structure of the tree to the people’s reaction from posting about it and finally the excitement in locating the maker! We hope there may be more to find still and will be back again soon. Thank you!!!”

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After sub-teaching another class this morning, it was great to get out for another bike ride this afternoon… as the temps almost made it to 70-degrees!!! It was a bit windy & gusty… but still a great ride with a few souvenirs from the beach. A few more pieces of beach glass for my “covid collection” that I started during the shutdown!

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With Illinois rolling-back the mask mandate today, and people slowly going back to mask-less… I figured it’s time to share my latest collection of photos! Many of you might know that I have a somewhat “weird” affinity for roadkill… don’t ask. But after two years of pandemic issues, my newest collection seems only fitting as these have become the “new” pandemic roadkill.

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Apparently, on “Words With Friends”… they don’t consider OREO to be a valid word?! What?… I know I actually use that word in conversation like four, five, ten times a day!!!

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Okay, so we decided to “celebrate” today’s holiday with an afternoon break to play with some Magic Eye images… I mean, it is NATIONAL HAVE FUN AT WORK DAY after all. Remember the visual fun from the ‘90s where a 3D images appears if you stare at the picture long enough?! I love these!!!It was Scott’s first time trying… and honestly, he wasn’t so good at it. He only saw one! I found them all… but now my eyes feel a little crossed!!!

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And another one finds it’s way out of the frozen cold… and into a warm home! This little fortune cookie was found sitting right on top of the entrance sign to south unit of Illinois Beach State Park.

More fortune cookies still out there…
in both the north & south units of the park!!!

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Looks like the fortune cookie scavenger hunt is well under way. Last weekend I hid twenty-two handmade ceramic fortune cookies throughout Illinois Beach State Park to spread some “good fortune” for 2022. Looks like my friends Allison & Terry have found three of them… which makes nineteen more to find… so maybe today is a good day to head to the beach for a little scavenger hunt fun?!!!

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Think you might need a little help finding some of the fortune cookies at Illinois Beach State Park? Well, here are a few visual clues… one for each of the fortune cookies! Located in both the north & south areas of the park, my textured fortune cookie rattles are waiting to be found to bring “good fortune” to those who can spot them!

Happy New Year 2022… celebrating with 22 fortune cookies!