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So fun to see some of the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN projects coming out of the kiln… like this incredible “creamer” from the Beatles Sugar & Creamer challenge! Well done Jon!!!… everyone needs an adorable yellow submarine in their life!


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HAPPY MUGSHOT MONDAY… with another fun surprise
seeing one of my stamped mugs featured in a friend’s Instagram Story!
Thanks Allison for sharing YOUR good energy!!!

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After last week’s POTTERY THROWDOWN class where they decorated tiles and a cylinder using that one tool… their “homework” was to throw another cylinder at least 9-inches tall… and then decorate that new one with that same one tool. Looking to see how the design transformed from the two-dimensional tile, to a smaller cylinder… and then even larger where there was even more “canvas” to decorate. This time, they had to use THAT ONE TOOL as their primary decorating tool, but they could also embellish with other surface decoration techniques as well.

Unfortunately… Teresa, Jon & Patti missed the class the week before…
so they didn’t have a tile or a cylinder to work from.
All they had was their homework assignment… and ONE TOOL.




And now back to the original challenge… with tiles, cylinders and their new vases!








And now our TOP TWO WINNERS…

Ryan who carved out all of the areas with the dull metal part that was inside his tool.. and then applied each cut-out to the vase to make it even more dimensional.

Donna who started with a simple heart design on her nine tiles, then extrapolated one tile of the heart into the five dots and one hexagon for the cylinder… and then came back and combined them all back together for her heart-themed vase… still with the dots and hexagons!



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After posting a photo last night about my Bowl Demo…. the one where Stacey challenged me to do a triple split rim which people quickly referred to as “the churros bowl”… look who started following me on INSTAGRAM. Ha!!!

A quick refresher… here’s “the churros bowl” again…


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A bit of history. A bit of reality. Across the street from the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is a placard commemorating an apartment where Oskar Schindler once lived.

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Unbeknownst to many, one of my “other jobs” is the Creative Director for a special events company in Chicago. And the real “reason” I went to Frankfurt, Germany was to attend the ChristmasWorld Trade Show to scope out new, cool, over-the-top trends & ideas we can bring back to Chicago! Great fun with overwhelming amounts of glitter & twinkling lights.

“What?… Christmas again?… already?… didn’t we just get through with that???”

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“Don’t lose your old self”…
thin 2D wire sculpture flying high from a power line on Damen & North in Bucktown.

So much better than the sadly more typical pair of hanging shoes!


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Here’s to PAGE ONE!!! Make it a great one!

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While most people would use it as a spoon rest…
looks like this bearded dragon prefers it as a BED?!!!

So good to know that my pottery is so multi-functional. Ha!!!
Thanks for sharing Chrissy-Chick!

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Great patterns & reliefs on pressed ceiling tiles in the theater lobby at Drury Lane. Might need to make some new stamps now???