Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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We’re just 24 hours away from the kick-off of my
Happy December Online Sale.
Monday, December 1st at 7:00pm Central time.

Twenty mugs going quick – first-come, first served.
Don’t miss out.

The sale goes LIVE on my Facebook page at 7:00pm Central time tomorrow.
Click here to go to my Facebook page … and then click LIKE.

Set a timer… set a reminder… it’s coming soon.
As is December!!!

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Last weekend at my Holiday Home Show, my cousin’s wife Anna brought their three kids all the way down from Minneapolis for a weekend visit, and a trip to my place! My cousin Kim came along with the Minnesota Foursome for some quality family time. Anna has been “threatening” to come for many years… and finally made it in to the city while her husband (my cousin Michael) was out-of-town for business. Thanks Anna for sharing your photos!

Bundled up outside my place like good Minnesotans… Christopher, Mitchell & Caroline.

Upstairs with cousin Kim…

They also loved my back porch and playing in my back courtyard area.
Not quite so pretty once all of the plants die-back for the Winter, huh?!

Which includes a “tilting” totem pole that needs to be straightened in the Spring…
and my Capt. America PEZ Dispenser sculpture that will be looking for a new home soon.

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So here’s the “shopping list” of pieces that I’m going to offer up
for my “Happy December Online Sale.”

DO NOT use this list to try and purchase any of these mugs.
At 7:00pm Central time tomorrow, I will post the same pieces on my Facebook page.
Click here for the Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page… and click LIKE.

We’re doing a first come, first served, old-school style “sale.” Keeping it simple.
The first person to “claim” the piece by leaving a Facebook Comment on the photo gets it.
NOT a Comment on the entire photo album, but each individual piece.
NOT by a Comment on this blog post.

So use these photos as a “sneak peek”… to create your “Wish List”…
and then watch for the official launch of the Sale on my Facebook Page
at 7:00pm Central time tomorrow night – Monday, December 1st!!!

MUG A – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG B – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG C – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG D – cone 10 soda-fired B-Clay stoneware.

MUG E – cone 10 soda-fired B-Clay stoneware.

MUG F – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG G – cone 10 glazed reduction B-Clay stoneware.

MUG H – cone 10 soda-fired porcelain.

MUG I – cone 10 soda-fired porcelain.

MUG J – cone 10 soda-fired porcelain.

MUG K – cone 10 soda-fired B-Clay stoneware.

MUG L – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG M – cone 10 soda-fired B-Clay stoneware.

MUG N – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG O – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG P – cone 10 soda-fired porcelain.

MUG Q – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG R – cone 10 soda-fired B-Clay stoneware.

MUG S – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

MUG T – cone 10 soda-fired stoneware.

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Remember, there’s a very good chance you are not seeing all of my Facebook posts in your News Feed. My understanding is the more Posts you “Like”, or the more Comments you leave, the more of my posts will make it into your Facebook News Feed. Plus, you can always go directly to my Facebook Page to see everything!!! Don’t miss any of the good stuff… like my annual online sale coming very soon!

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And for those of you who can’t quite make it to my Holiday Home Shows… you may still have a chance to scoop up a Fire When Ready Pottery handmade mug in time for the holidays! December 1st is right around the corner… more details to come!!!

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Two weeks from today… a second Holiday Home Show at my place.
Mud & Metal : A Collaborative Holiday Show.

Make your list, check it twice, then mark your calendar for December 13th.
The perfect chance to finish off your holiday shopping… handmade pottery
AND wonderful jewelry by my friend Amy Taylor!!!

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What a difference about 10-degrees can make.
It was a bit warmer this morning, and I had too many layers on. The red sky
gave way to gray clouds as the sun never quite got the chance to break through.

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Thank you to
In this fun series of photos titled Thanksgiving Special, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein imagines Thanksgiving dinners as plated by famous artists throughout history. Gravy, corn, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, and even the plate itself is used as a medium for edible artworks in the style of Jackson Pollock, Georges Seurat, Vincent van Gogh and more!

Vincent van Gogh

Piet Mondrian

Pablo Picasso

Jackson Pollock

Rene Magritte

Georges Seurat

Andy Warhol

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In the category of “Things To Be Thankful For” today…
my niece Taylor is definitely in that category. She did a school project,
and apparently I’ve made quite the impression!

To quote little Taylor… HILARIOUS!!!

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And speaking of desserts… my pumpkin pies just came out of the oven, and I just finished up my cheesecake with chocolate fudge topping! Plus, I realized this morning that these are my first pumpkin pies EVER! My Mom & Aunt are always the pie makers. I hope mine turned out okay?!… thus the little taste-tester dish in the middle.