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Just doing a little stamping in the studio on another gray Saturday. Working on a new batch of ikebana flower vases… thrown, stamped & ready to trim! Just getting ready for Spring flowers ‘cuz I’m already done with this Winter grayness!

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Celebrating TEXTURE TUESDAY with another stamped & soda-fired vase from my most recent firing. Another one making its “big debut” next weekend at my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

Categories: soda-fired, stamped, textures, vases

Another sweet oval vase from my recent soda-firing. A little “before” shot with a tenmoku glaze inlaid into the stamped impressions. And then a couple “after” shots… after some sprayed green glaze… even better after a great soda-firing!

Categories: soda-fired, stamped, surface decoration, vases

Stamped & soda-fired… a great example of how the soda kiln atmosphere affects the sides of the pot. Chemically altering the colored slip accents on each stamp… as they all started out the same. Also creating a great “orange-peel” effect on the sides of this oval vase. Just a reminder… there is no glaze on the outside of this pot other than the tenmoku inlay. All of the “shine” & “glaze” comes from the soda-firing process.

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Sad, but true... I think this is the final dahlia of the season! I saw it blooming yesterday out in my garden. But when I saw a few little snowflakes this evening, I thought I would bring it inside to enjoy it a little longer. Perfect as a single bloom in one of my stamped & soda-fired ikebana vases!

Categories: soda-fired, stamped, vases

Just another “teaser” of what you’ll find at next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! Another stamped & soda-fired vase from my last firing. This one… and a LOT more will all be available & ready to make the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list… including yourself!!!

Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, vases

Looks like some last minute flowers are being pulled in from the chilly nights up north… filling some small stamped & soda-fired bud vases. Even the cat seems to be liking them!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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I’ve always know it was bound to happen… finding one of my older pieces in a local Thrift Shop! Well, kinda. I didn’t find it… but one of my Facebook Followers found this in a local shop and checked in to see if I could confirm that it was indeed one of mine! And it was… so I hope she swooped back to snatch it up!!! Thanks for fulfilling one of my “dreams” Marsha!

I “kinda” want to know how much it was priced in the Thrift Store???… but then again, kinda not too!!!

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Cute little flower arrangement in one of my ikebana vases. Beautiful colors & textures celebrating the least of the Fall flowers. Thanks for showing off your garden & floral arranging skills Kristy!

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All stamped & detailed with colored flashing slip. Set aside for the night as they start to dry… for an upcoming bisque kiln! Meanwhile, freshly thrown pots cover my work table hoping that they stiffen up enough overnight so I can stamp them tomorrow!