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I must admit it’s pretty exciting when you find your stamped vase
has been “red dotted” in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex show! Yeah me!!!

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Last night was the Lillstreet Gallery Annex Opening Reception for a vase show featuring the ceramics faculty. So many great vases with different styles & techniques showcasing the teachers at Lillstreet Art Center.

FLOURISH : Lillstreet Ceramics Faculty Showcase
Lillstreet Gallery Annex : March 3 – April 9, 2017

Catherine Tweedie & Lisa Harris

Sharon Hartshorne

Les Orenstein & David Bromley

Sam Hostert

David Todd Trost & Nolan Baumgartner

Corinne D. Peterson & Kyle Johns

Mary Drabik & Susan Messer-McBride

Robin Power

Chris Chaney & Catherine Schwalbe

David Hartshorne

And my blue stamped vase…
next to a vase by Jason Lawfer with some VERY dramatic greenery…

Special thanks to Brian who coordinated this gallery show and furnished the flowers…
and even MORE flowers at the very last minute!!! The show looks great Brian!
Thanks for showcasing the Lillstreet ceramic instructors!!!

Okay, back to me… one more shot of my stamped & soda-fired blue vase…
finished off with some very last minute flowers from Brian – Thanks!

March 3 – April 9, 2017





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A quick glimpse of my stamped vase that will be part of “FLOURISH”
a new gallery show opening tonight in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex from 6:00-8:00pm.
It’s a collection of vases made by several of the Lillstreet ceramics instructors.
Different styles & techniques showcasing the wide range of teachers we have at Lillstreet!

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Gray & gloomy in Chicago today.
Good day to finish up a batch of vases with some stamping & colored flashing slip
accents before teaching class tonight!

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This afternoon I also threw a few other things…
see, I do make things other than mugs!!!

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Painting some colored flashing slip details & accents on a batch of new textured “block” bud vases. Each side of the block has a different textured pattern. These are now drying and waiting for a bisque kiln… destined to make a splash in my next soda kiln. If all goes well, this new design might get “expanded” into a few different sizes & shapes so people can create their own perfect grouping of textured block vases!!!


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Today I finished up my latest batch of miniature vases. Some bud vases with proportionately small stamped details. So today I trimmed the bottoms of them using one of my all-time favorite tools… my Giffin Grip!!!

And yes, even the mini’s are always hand signed!

And then I added some colored flashing slips for colors that will become more vibrant & dynamic during the soda-firing atmosphere.



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Throwing off the hump making some mini vases.
And yes, smaller vases need smaller stamps!!! Go figure.

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So I knew ahead of time that my vase would get smashed.
I knew that it would be on Episode Eight of “EMPIRE” Season Three.
I knew that it was finally going to air last night on Fox TV.
I didn’t know the context, the scene or how it would actually go down.
Who knew that such a sexy vixen would be smashing Lucius’ collection to get his attention… as though her strappy lingerie wouldn’t do it alone?! About 46 minutes into the episode… my vase got its 30 seconds of fame!

Pose… Pontificate… then she let go! SMASH!!!
And it smashed on the floor… and she moved onto the next precious item.

As a reminder… when I last saw my vases, they were freshly thrown and “done”.
Sixteen of them for rehearsals and multiple takes during filming.
The Props Dept. at EMPIRE painted the vases on-site for their own “vision.”

Very fun to see finally on television.
It was a great project to be part of… even it they did smash everything?!!!
Special thanks to my friend Amanda for hooking me up and making it happen!




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Word on the street says that there might “allegedly” be a vase smashing on tomorrow night’s “EMPIRE” episode on Fox TV?! Can’t say too much… but watch for a ceramic vase made by “you know who” that may not survive till the end of the evening! They’ve been painted by the Props Dept. so even I don’t know what my vase might look like before it shatters!

If you see it, I’d love a good “screen grab.” Thanks!!!