Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just finishing up another batch of stamped oval vases quickly before the Chi Tri tomorrow. Hoping these dry while I’m outside sweating tomorrow so they can make it into my bisque kiln Monday, and my next soda kiln on Friday!!!

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With this being the hottest weekend of the summer, I’m tagged & ready for another Chicago Triathlon tomorrow! It’s going to be a sweaty race… as I’m currently in the studio sweating & racing to finish a new batch of oval vases. We’ve had no air conditioning on the second floor of Lillstreet for over a week now!!! Not good during the heat wave hitting Chicago this week! Just trying to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…

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Fresh flowers in one of my stamped & soda-fired square vases. Looks like Rhonda’s latest visit to the Farmer’s Market has helped fulfill the destiny of this two-sided vase! Thanks for sharing Rhonda… and for brightening our day!

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After a little stamping & detailing with colored flashing slips…
these cutie-patooties are going into a kiln soon. Just trying to get them done quickly so they can move along in the process… as there’s a “very good chance” they might just be a part of a collaboration project for ART IN THE GARDEN!

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Making some more mini’s while “throwing off the hump” with my class last week. There’s a pretty good chance these might just make it into some sort of “collaboration situation” with ART IN THE GARDEN coming up pretty soon!

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My “back porch neighbors” are gone for a few days and left me in charge of watering their plants… and they left a little floral surprise on the back porch for me! The best part was their “assumption” that I might have a better vessel to put the flowers in… better than the Gatorade bottle they left them in! And I did… a little stamped & soda-fired vase to make the flowers look a little happier!

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Looks like another FLORAL FRIDAY!
Beautiful homegrown zinnias in one of my “quite white” stamped porcelain vases. Kinda loving how the crisp “whiteness” really makes the colors of the flowers pop!!! Thanks for sharing the flowers from your garden Mary! They look great… and I think I may need to make more of these all-white pots?!!!

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Colorful coleus in a stamped & soda-fired vase. Love the splash of color contrasting with the stamped & soda-fired texture of the vase. Thanks for sharing your beauties Rosene!

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Enjoying a quiet moment on my back porch while doing laundry this morning. A quiet little spot to sit & enjoy the plants… and flowers still going strong after last weekend’s art fair! Loving the oval vase that helps spread the flowers out for a “wider” display of floral beauty. The stamping & soda-fired effects aren’t too shabby either… as the B-Clay gets such a nice shiny & smooth surface with great flashing colors.

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A simple single white rose…
nestled on top of a stamped & soda-fired ikebana vase.