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Also in my soda kiln, was this sweet “family” of vases that one of my students made quite awhile back… and never quite knew how she should glaze them. So we finally threw them in my soda kiln… and I think she’s going to LOVE THEM!!! Well done Katie… I’m glad you waited!!!

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Working on glazing some stamped vases. Starting with some tenmoku glaze inlay into my stamped impressions. I slather it on, and then wipe off the top layer so it only stays in the indentations. And then I’ve added a liner glaze of tenmoku to tie it all together. Some of these might get some colored glaze accents, while others will go “raw” into the soda kiln. The atmosphere in the kiln will “glaze” the pieces and change the colors of the flashing slips all at the same time!


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Stamped porcelain with some colored flashing slip accents on the top portion and in each stamp. After soda-firing, this slip should turn mustard yellow with random flashing marks from the flames & soda atmosphere.

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Just finishing up another batch of stamped vases… some porcelain, some stoneware. All complete with colored flashing slip accents… and trying to dry ‘em a bit quicker on an elevated plastic grid for better air-flow on all sides! Gotta get these babies into a bisque kiln quick… deadline approaching faster than I’d like…



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Oh yeah, and there “may have been” a few serving bowls in the production mix today as well! Gotta make, make, make…

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All stamped & done for the night… for tomorrow I’ll trim and add some colored flashing slip accents. Getting a little tight in my deadline to get everything ready for next weekend’s soda kiln firing! Tick, tock…

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Porcelain vases thrown this morning & already moving on to the stamping phase.
I love a good productive day in the studio!

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Also threw a new batch of round discs tonight…
soon to be stamped, slip painted and soda-fired. If all goes well,
these will be ready for ART IN THE BARN as ikebana flower vases!

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Another productive night in the studio… finishing up a batch of stamped vases by adding some colored flashing slip accents. When these are fired in the soda-kiln, the slip accents will change colors and react in cool ways to the soda atmosphere in the kiln. Fingers crossed.

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So fun to see my students actually using their own pottery!
Here’s Patty showing off her version of round sphere bud vases…
as inspired by the Tulipiere Challenge!

Her black spheres have holes pierced through for the water & flowers to be inserted.
Beautiful with these colorful round blooms!