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Working on a new batch of porcelain ovals… trying to stay motivated with the thought that “someday” we might get to play at art fairs again?! I just can’t wait to get outside to play with people again!!! This “solo” stuff is getting old real fast!!!

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Back in the studio for another VERY quiet night alone… stamping some more porcelain patterns! One-by-one. All the way around. So much more fun when there are people around the place to distract me from getting my work done!

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Stamped, trimmed and drying!
Not too shabby after a good afternoon “socially-distant” solo bike ride!!!

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Sure, I still have some spoon rests in inventory…
Who knew everyone would be cooking so much at home these days??? All day. Every day. But had I somehow known about all of this COVID-19 craziness in advance & made a plan… I would have started making more spoon rests a lot sooner than tonight!!!

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Making some porcelain “carrots” before making porcelain handles. I think it’s a god shape to start with… wedged and compressed into this shape before pulling into handle shape.

So I just finished pulling some traditional handle. I just gotta let them set up a bit… and then I can start attaching them to mugs!!! I like to loop then over like this so that they are already most-of-the-way into curved handle shape before they start to set-up. Of course there can be a lot of re-shaping after they’re attached to the mug!

Here we go…
Score… slip… squish… attach… repeat… repeat… repeat…

Just finishing up the latest batch of porcelain mugs on another Mugshot Monday. Handles are attached & under wraps for the night as they start to dry slowly. Tomorrow I will do a little clean-up on them before I unwrap to let them dry completely.

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Tonight I got to do a little stamping here & there… and there… and there… just a few more porcelain cylinders working their towards becoming more mugs!!!

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Playing with a bit of porcelain while working in my ever-so-quiet & isolated studio. Not a single person to chat with… which I guess is good as we need to stay safe. But I also need some human face time… even if it is from a safe distance! But still… no one!!!

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My original plan was to have these sgraffito platters ready for my first art fair in April. Well, that’s been cancelled… but I’m still trying to stay on top of things. So here’s some of my latest sgraffito fun in the studio. Working on a few platters using my favorite DiamondCore carving tools!

Platter #1

Platter #2

Platter #3

Platter #4

Platter #5

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Getting ready for a little geometric sgraffito carving session… made so much easier with my DiamondCore carving tools. Gotta get these plates decorated before they dry out too much! And who knows what the next couple days might bring?

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When I first started making this batch of ornaments, I thought I was getting a headstart. Now I fear with everything getting cancelled… that I might be right on schedule for the next art fairs that “might be” running!??? This is just plain WEIRD!!!