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Here we go… the first stamp is always the toughest. Once you press that first one in, you’ve kinda committed to doing it all. And it’s difficult to stamp with my fingers crossed! HA!!!

Categories: platters, process, production, stamps

Another night in the studio… tackling a class demo platter. Sure, I could leave it smooth & plain, but what fun is that? So instead… time to pick “the right” stamp!!!

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All forty Ghouls painted with underglaze… and ready for a quick layer of clear glaze. Pushing the deadline… but you know I work best under a tight deadline!!!

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Let the detailing begin… it’s an assembly line of painting the Ghouls with colored underglazes. Making some colorful choices & changes along the way!

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Textured terra cotta is pretty sweet.. . but even more fun when some of the details & accents are hand-painted with colorful underglazes! So… time to paint some hats before finishing the Ghouls! I could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers, consulting with the rain… while painting the hats!

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Well, here they are… forty terra cotta cylinders waiting to be trimmed… and then GHOUL-ized!!! I have a plan, I have a doodle… but I’ll feel much better after I make the first new Ghoul to make sure it lives up to my vision.

And just to make my job harder, this year I’m going for another two-parter! Yep, twice as many pieces to make… forty of this & forty of that… and I have about a week to get them all done!!! YIKES!!!

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So here they are… the beginnings of this year’s new Ghoul. The first batch… and the fresh batch still on the bats. I’m making another “limited edition” of forty Ghouls for ART IN THE BARN on September 23rd & 24th. Starting to feel the pressure…

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Well, after all of the process posts… it’s finally time to show off our birdhouse collaborations for ART IN THE GARDEN. And I will say, I think this might be my favorite “Cory Collaboration” of all time!!! We’ve generally done separate parts & pieces that then go together or assemble later. This is the first time that we’ve actually “worked” on the exact same pieces passing them off part way through the process. I built all of the textured birdhouse.. and then Cory added on her pieces of whimsy!!! And I think that this “tighter” collaboration has really paid off. I can’t wait for people to see them this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. There are only ten of them… first come, first served… and sorry, no dibs ahead of time!

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We’re SO close to the end of these collaboration birdhouses!!! Cory has added some clear glaze… yes, green now turns clear in the kiln. The roofs are glazed for weather protection… as well as some of the whimsical add-ons just to make them even more fun!!! Beautifully done Cory.

Oh great… now I want mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!

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What a difference the underglaze wash makes, right?! The way Cory leaves it in all of the recesses just makes all of the textures & colors really POP!!! These birdhouses are getting SO close to being done. Which is good… they need to be done by Saturday morning when the show starts at 10:00am. So who knows?… they might still be warm from the kiln???