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It’s Mugshot Monday again…
and by now you should know mugs are MY FAVORITE!!!

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A little late-night glazing last night…
just one last kiln firing for this Saturday’s Holiday Home Show!
Mostly plates & platters coming out in fun cone six colors just in time for the big party!
This Saturday 12/16 at my place from 10:00am-6:00pm! C’mon by!!!



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Playing in the studio making a new batch of medium vases. Just a few thrown…
and then some stamping to make them a bit more exciting!


And now they’re all stamped, under plastic and waiting to be trimmed & slip painted.



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Matching up lots of sets of salt & pepper shakers! All textured. All soda-fired.
They’re code-lettered and banded together for convenience…
and who doesn’t LOVE orange rubber bands?!



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I have a great rolling cart in my studio that my Dad built for me years ago. Turns out that when I fill the cart with glazed work, it pretty much equals a full soda kiln. So when I’m done glazing, I need to take it downstairs on the rickety freight elevator to the kiln room. I like to add bands of masking tape to the outer edges to keep the pots safe on the shelves during transit… kinda like a masking tape “seat belt”!!!

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So, I’m trying to get my act together quickly…
as I still have a LOT of glazing to do…
and I need to load the soda kiln tonight for tomorrow’s firing!

Still inlaying glaze into the stamped textures. Once it dries, I’ll wipe it out so the dark temoku glaze only stays in the stamped recesses. A light glaze over, some wadding, and they’ll all be ready to go. If only it were really that easy?!


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Last minute masks racing towards this weekend’s soda firing. Textures & colored flashing slips should look a lot better after soda-firing. Come see the finished pieces at my Holiday Home Show… always the weekend before Thanksgiving.

A little side-by-side duo action…

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Things are coming together nicely… handles attached… and we now have more MUGS!!!
Next up?… some accents need to be painted on with colored flashing slips.

Categories: mugs, process, production

Wedging clay, making “carrots” and pulling handles.
You know I LOVE making mugs… and tonight they’re all coming together.



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Spinning. Trimming. Make my feet look so much better!
Gotta love that Giffin Grip!