Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Oh yeah, and there “may have been” a few serving bowls in the production mix today as well! Gotta make, make, make…

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All stamped & done for the night… for tomorrow I’ll trim and add some colored flashing slip accents. Getting a little tight in my deadline to get everything ready for next weekend’s soda kiln firing! Tick, tock…

Categories: porcelain, process, production, vases, wheelthrowing

Porcelain vases thrown this morning & already moving on to the stamping phase.
I love a good productive day in the studio!

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After a bit of detailing with colored flashing slips, these ornaments are now drying
and ready for a bisque kiln. They will then be carefully propped-up on a little
handmade tripods in the soda kiln.

Categories: production, wheelthrowing

Not bad for a little early morning production!

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Cory’s pulling it all together and making things happen!!! One step closer
to our collaboration coming together for ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!!

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Looks like Cory McCrory has yet another trick up her sleeve… as if she weren’t busy enough… she’s “upping” the cute factor of our collaboration project and pushing it over the top!!! Can’t wait to see where this takes us…

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And now it looks like I have some more trimming to do… a LOT of trimming…
but that’s the easy part. For after trimming… comes handles!!!

Categories: ornaments, process, production

Finished trimming & assembling another batch of ornaments…
now just need to do a little more detailing with colored flashing slips
before they get soda-fired!

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped

HAPPY LABOR DAY! Anyone else already “laboring” in their studio today??? I’ve already done a bit of stamping… shocking, I know!!! But trying to get a lot done quickly… so I can get outside to play on my bike… again… this afternoon!!!