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A little closer detail of tonight’s quickie bowl stamping session.
The four bowls stamped… and the stamps that did the work!





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Score, slip, attach… repeat, repeat, repeat! You know by now that making mugs is my favorite thing to do in the studio! So today was another good day with another batch assembled.

Categories: mugs, process, production

Handles pulled, looped over & standing tall so they can stiffen up with the curve already established. I’ll let them set for a few minutes before I start attaching them to the cylinder mugs-to-be!

Categories: mugs, process, production

Got my clay wedges ready… kinda like ClayHenge…
ready to start pulling some handles for the latest batch of mugs!

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Have I mentioned lately how much I love trimming?! It’s a great time to “refine” the bottom of every piece… to clean-up the googly random messiness that is typically on the bottom after removing pieces from the wheel.

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Now with handles attached, these “wheelthrown-handbuilt-combo” mugs needed a bit of color. So I dipped the top portion of them into a thin colored flashing slip. I held them upside-down by the footring & dipped them in the bucket… and then “floated” them on kiln bricks so they could drip-dry!

The slip does a really good job of “filling” any of the little cracks & imperfections… as well as adding color. These flashing slips will change colors & add some flashing drama when fired in the soda kiln!

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So I’ve just finished stamping the newest batch of cylinders… getting one step closer to becoming mugs! Stamping each of the cylinders with my own handmade stamps… one stamped impression at a time… again, and again, and again…

MUG 1 –

MUG 2 –

MUG 3 –

MUG 4 –

MUG 5 –

MUG 6 –

MUG 7 –

MUG 8 –

MUG 9 –

MUG 10 –

So now they’re back under plastic for the night…
as I’m hoping to trim the bottoms tomorrow.

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Stamping patterns one indentation at a time… over & over again… to get a repetitive textured pattern all the way around the mug. I like to make my own clay stamps with my own patterns… better than buying someone else’s designs! I don’t sell my stamps… but I do teach my students how to make them & encourage everyone to try.

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY! Adding some accents of colored flashing slip onto each stamp. This slip color will change to shades of orange when soda-fired!!!

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Getting ready to start trimming a bunch of small saucers… pretty much a little mindless production task. Luckily I love trimming… always have… especially now with my DiamondCore Trimming Tools!