Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just adding some colored slip accents to my mugs. Once these are glazed and go into the soda kiln… these flashing slip accents should turn bright colors and show the dramatic flashing effects of the soda environment!

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped

Working on another batch of mugs for another MUGSHOT MONDAY!
Handles are now attached… just need to do a little detailing & slip painting before I can set them off to drying!

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Pulling a few new handles to turn some stamped cylinders into stamped MUGS!!!
You know they’re my favorite thing to make!

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Especially when it’s the bottoms of “mugs-to-be” and using two of my favorite tools…
a Bison Trimming Tool and my ever-spinning Giffin Grip!!!
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Finished up the latest batch of flower pots with some trimming, slip painting of accents and drilling drainage holes. So for now they dry before firing, glaze, and then fire again!

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Spring is going to get here eventually…
so I’m making sure that I’ll have some flower pots ready to go!
More throwing… more stamping… making homes for more plants!!!

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And it wasn’t just one kiln… there were a couple kilns leading up to the holidays. Here’s another bisque kiln that I fired prior to my last soda kiln firing. A lot of mugs, bowls & sgraffito pieces… as well as lots of ornaments, both mine and my student Christine’s!

Christine’s ornaments even got their own shelf!!!…
with a little barricade to keep them from rolling off.

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Okay, so I’ve been a little busy… so busy that I never really had the time to post pictures of my bisque kilns prior to my Holiday Home Shows. So I’m just sharing the memories… as many of these posts have already found their forever homes! Not my tightest kiln pack, but I was rushing to get things fired before the deadlines… and a few things were still a bit damp!

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After a couple hours of “Pottery Tetris”… I finally got my soda kiln filled to the brim last night. Lots of pots & ornaments that will be coming out just in time for next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

The Back Stack…

The Front Stack…

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My studio cart works especially well when I’m glazing & wadding for a soda kiln. When my cart is full… it pretty much equals a full kiln. So then I put these masking tape “seat belts” on the shelves so no pots can jump off during their ride down the rickety freight elevator to the kiln room.