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Yep, it’s been a BUSY day… and all went well in the studio this afternoon.
All pitchers stamped, trimmed & handles attached. Under plastic for the night,
as I still want to add a layer of colored flashing slip accents on them all tomorrow!

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Freshly thrown, just off the wheel… a batch of pitchers-to-be!
Tomorrow they’ll be stamped… and if all goes well, trimmed & handled too?!!!
Fingers crossed.

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Now that all of the berry bowls are stamped, trimmed and drilled with holes…
now they need drip plates to catch the water after washing your berries!
Here we go… giddy-up!

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But they still need to be fired & glazed before adding BERRIES!!!

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A bowl is just a bowl… until it gets HOLES.. . and becomes a Berry Bowl.
So I start with my MKM Decorating Disk to help divide the spacing evenly.
I stick my needle tool through the holes on the disk to mark the bottom of the bowl.

And then I pull out the POWER TOOLS!!!
A power drill makes the holes so much faster & cleaner than trying to punch them out by hand. And having a few different sizes of drill bits on hand helps with the design.

Plus… I’m hoping that the clay shrinkage will help close up those big holes…
don’t want to lose any blueberries!

And then after drilling all of the holes, there’s a just a little bot of clean-up om the inside.
These little burrs are very easy to wipe off with my fingers…
but look how clean those holes are!!!

And then



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Lotsa bowls… LOTSA trimming!!!
Good thing I love trimming… almost as much as I love stamping!

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I just found two bowls that I made “awhile” back, and painted the interior with colored slip. I wrapped them up in plastic… and then apparently forgot about them. And it’s been “quite’ awhile… so they were harder & drier than I would like them to be. But with my one of my extra-sharp DiamondCore Tools they still carved like a dream!

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You know how I love making mugs… but I figure Spring has got to get here
at some point, so I better be ready with some Berry Bowls! So I threw my first batch…
of something “other than” mugs!!! Ha!!!

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Wedged balls of clay… filled with potential… oh, what to make???
Ummm… something other than mugs maybe???

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Just finishing another batch of mugs for MUGSHOT MONDAY…
adding some colored flashing slip accents! If all goes as planned, these slip colors
will change dramatically during the soda-firing!