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After dinner last night… THIS HAPPENED!!!

And yes, it was so exciting to finally be “in the room where it happened.” Such an amazing show!!! So well-crafted, such amazing wordplay, incredible choreography & talented performances!!! Such an amazing way to continue celebrating BIRTHDAY WEEK with my co-birthday buddy Nancy!!!

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Last night was the BEST night ever at Wrigley Field!!!

An amazing concert with P!NK… complete with all of the high-flying theatrics you have come expect from her! Quite possibly my favor concert EVER… and I’ve seen lot of great concerts! More stories, photos & hopefully videos to come!!!

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Tonight was the first night of LES MISERABLES in Chicago! My all-time favorite musical. Plus, this might just be my favorite production of the show… and I’ve seen it “several” times!!! The cast was amazing… their voices INCREDIBLE… piercing right through bringing on goosebumps… and if I’m being totally honest, little tears on more than a few occasions! It’s only here for three weeks… so get tickets right away if you can… you WON’T be disappointed!!! It’s AMAZING… and you’ll see why it’s my favorite!!!

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“Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista”…
Another fun night of musical theater last night. Long-awaited…
as MOULIN ROUGE was one of the biggest shows around when the world shut down about two years ago… just as it was about to arrive in Chicago! When we all did our best to survive the craziness of a worldwide pandemic. So again, it felt GREAT to be back in a theater with a live cast performing on stage.

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room… sure, we had to show proof of vaccine & stay masked the whole time… but I’m still loving it. And yes, the show was well worth the wait!!! Oh yeah, and there REALLY is a big elephant in the room!!!

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”… thank you Lady Marmalade!!!

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Some might argue that the Elvis Christmas Album in the best Christmas album. And what could make it better?… some new renditions of Elvis singing duets with some big country female stars! Yes, many of the Elvis Christmas Classics are now going duet with the likes of Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Amy Grant, LeAnne Rimes, Wynonna & more! Be sure to check it out for the holidays!

And if not Elvis… What is YOUR favorite Christmas song???

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For those of you who still remember when MTV played MUSIC VIDEOS!!!… and not just a lot of bad reality shows! I know I’m showing my age here… but I remember when MTV was a big deal for us! So new. So fresh. So much fun. Remember what a “big deal” it was when “Thriller” came out?… we were all riveted & still get a little sentimental when it shows up again!!!

So here’s a question… What’s YOUR favorite music video???

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Last night I watched the new Tina Turner documentary on HBO Max. It chronicles her life through her amazing talent, her abuse, her strength & celebrates her well-deserved success against the odds. From picking cotton & physical abuse… to Top 10 hits & world wide acclaim. She’s “simply the best, better than all the rest!”

I had the chance to see her live in concert with some of my friends at the Rosemont Horizon shortly after college during her Mad Max period. We were so excited to see her in all of her chain-maille glory from the eighth row center!!! At the time I had no idea of her personal story, I was just a fan of her music & videos! So glad I got to see the living legend… one of the BEST concerts ever!!!

Be sure to catch this documentary while it’s streaming. It tells a very touching story with home movies & vintage footage. Frequently sad showing her struggles behind the scene, not only with Ike, but also with recording studios & executives. Yet also uplifting as you see her climb her way out of the “Nutbush City Limits” with the “River Deep, Mountain High” to become your “Private Dancer” because “We Don’t Need Another Hero”… we’ve already got TINA.

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Just a little something to brighten your rainy day! This is crazy cool… and amazing how LONG this train track must be to make this happen! A Guinness World Record!!! The amount of time & creativity it took to do this is astounding! Looks like the rest of the miniature trains, planes & locations are pretty amazing too!!!

But my real question… what happens when the melody starts to sound a little “flat” from evaporation?… how long do you think it takes top “top ’em off” and do they have a professional water glass tuner on staff???

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So this happened in the studio tonight…
a little bit of CHROMATICA with Lady Gaga OREO’s!!!

Kinda fun… but a little weird if I must say. They’re not a strange flavor, just strange colors… kind of flamingo-pink cookies with an oddly kelly green creme filling??? Pretty much the basic golden-vanilla flavor, yet a bit “thicker & crunchier” than normal OREOs??? I think I expected a little more from these “Little Monsters”!!!

But they did remind me of another great Carpool Karaoke with James Corden & Lady Gaga! Watch the YouTube video for a little Friday Night Dance Party… while driving in a van?!

Click here for the YouTube video!