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I know we’re all anxiously hoping to get back to a little bit of “normal” this year. Like biking, road-trip traveling & sharing adventures with friends! Heck, just seeing friends face-to-face!!!

But until then, it’s good to see that Kermit & Fozzie are staying safe in their own little ZOOM World… just like the rest of us! There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, but we all need to stay diligent until then!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Wear your mask.
And keep ZOOMIN’ right along… dig-a-ding, dig-a-ding…

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With a weird 2020 socially-distant Christmas upon us…
I know we all have the same sentiments.

What I want for Christmas is a little bit of “normal” back…
but all I REALLY want is to spend time with YOU!!!… in person, without a mask!!! Looking forward to 2021…

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Tonight’s the night… and Santa Claus is comin’ to town!!! So why not celebrate with some sweet treats and a little Christmas Caroling?! Feel free to sing-along… ahhh, remember road-trips back when you could still drive in the car with friends???

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Okay, just one more. I promise. Darn rabbit hole!!! Another musical diversion. Gotta love me some Adele… and some another fun Carpool Karaoke!!! Now I need to get back to work… really!!! I swear… no more diversions… eyes on the prize!

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And while I’m sliding down that proverbial slippery slope, here’s another fun musical diversion for the “HAMILTON” fans out there… okay, really for any of you missing live musical theater these days!!! Such a great flashback to better times… and be sure to wait for that final note!!!

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Anyone looking for a little mid-afternoon musical holiday diversion?!
Any “HAMILTON” fans out there… if so, you’ll LOVE this one!!!
Brilliantly written. Perfectly performed.

Now I really want to see the entire show “Hamilton-ized.”
Maybe some of the “Island of Misfit Toys” can become the Schuyler Sisters??? Hermey as Thomas Jefferson… or even better, the Abominable Snowman as Aaron Burr?… or would that be Aaron BRRR…!!!

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One more reason to hurry up and get this year over!!! OREO just announced a collaboration with Lady Gaga… with new pink & green cookies to celebrate her latest album “Chromatica.” They don’t come out until next year… so we just need to finally get though 2020 – luckily now we have something good to look forward to!!!

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Here we go… first by kicking off my TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS POTTERY SALE with a little musical interlude. The “official” Photo Album to shop from will be posted next on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!!! Just getting ready for a little holiday fun… and the perfect chance for you to get some holiday gift sopping done!!!

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After a long day at the art fair Saturday, I met my sister Jen & niece Taylor for dinner… and then we went to see HAMILTON!! Our friend Tracy has started hosting “Movie Night” in her backyard every Saturday night. Sure, I was kind of exhausted after a long art fair day… but who can pass up a good dinner with family, a great movie musical and time with King George & The Schuyler Sisters?!!! Not me… I’m in!!!

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We celebrated the Fourth of July on the sofa watching HAMILTON on the TV with my niece Taylor & family. With all of the craziness going on in the world, it just seemed “safer” and oddly “appropriate” to be watching HAMILTON to learn a bit of history on The Fourth… and not dealing with the crowds celebrating everywhere without masks or social distancing!!!

And for the record… it was my first time seeing HAMILTON. I know, how did that happen?!… or NOT happen in this case?!

But THIS time… I WAS in the room where it happened!!!

And to make the evening even more “fun”… I decided to bring a little childhood flashback memory to the party. Mostly because it made me giggle every time I thought about it… and the fact that it was now referred to as SPAMILTON.

Yes, we had Spam Loaf for dinner!!!
Basically slices of SPAM alternated with slices of mozzerella cheese, and then topped with tomato sauce and baked. It was better in my memory of when Mom made it for us… but Taylor made it this time and it was good for the joke! And that was about it. Not too tasty… a little slimy… and still very SPAMmy!!!