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Now here’s MY version of a Super Bowl. Just sayin’…

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Unbeknownst to many, one of my “other jobs” is the Creative Director for a special events company in Chicago. And the real “reason” I went to Frankfurt, Germany was to attend the ChristmasWorld Trade Show to scope out new, cool, over-the-top trends & ideas we can bring back to Chicago! Great fun with overwhelming amounts of glitter & twinkling lights.

“What?… Christmas again?… already?… didn’t we just get through with that???”

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Okay, so I may be a little late to the game..
but here’s my INSTAGRAM BEST NINE posts for 2018.

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And the blog posts are always “real photos” and longer stories!

THANK YOU to those of you who have already been following on Instagram.


Fun to see that one of my favorite tools from DiamondCore Tools showed up…
as well as my favorite Christmas gift to myself from Airtight Artwork!!!

It was a great year for me… hope yours was too!


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What do you get when you put together over a million translucent balls?…
THE BEACH… an interactive new art installation now at Navy Pier!

As the snow came down and made the City white yesterday, it was so much fun to play at THE BEACHwhich was coincidentally also WHITE?!!! So much fun playing with my “Elves” with a sneak peek before it opened to the public. Over a million balls of fun – now at Navy Pier through February 3rd... and it’ s FREE!!!

For more information about THE BEACH at Navy Pier… click here!



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We had a wonderful day Saturday at Six Flags Great America for their first-ever
“Holiday In The Park.”

Sure, it might have been a bit chilly when flying on the high-speed roller coasters, but great with enough layers & freshly-toasted s’mores!!! It was remarkably empty during the daytime hours so there were no lines for any rides! Plus a beautiful sunset. It wasn’t until the sun went down and the place lit up with crazy cool Christmas lights everywhere – many LED displays synchronized to the music!!! Such a great way to kick-off the holiday weekend!!!


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We’re just 20 minutes away from the kick-off of
MUD & METAL : The Second Holiday Home Show!

And to celebrate today… anyone who takes a screen shot of this post
and presents it to me TODAY 12/15/18 at the Holiday Home Show
will get a FREE mug when the buy another one! BOGO limit one.

Special thanks to my friend Donnalee who shared this picture
of her own new mug in Alabama!!! Enjoy!!!

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Two days of fun & holiday shopping! Stop by my place this weekend to play with me and Amy Taylor… whether you’re shopping or just hangin’ out on my sofa?!!! We have wonderful gift ideas in every room of my condo, food & drink, and the ever-popular Tired Of Shlepping Sale replenished on my back porch! It’s my last holiday show of the year! Giddy-up!!!

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STARTING TOMORROW AT 7:00PM Central time!!!


So the plan is much like the last online sale…
I’m posting photos of all twenty mugs here on my blog. Both sides of each mug for comparison. Some are the same on both sides, while others have some dramatic flashing effects from the soda-kiln firing!

Then tomorrow Thursday, December 6th at 7:00pm CST, I will post the “official” Photo Album on my Facebook pottery page. Once posted on Facebook, it’s gonna be a first come, first served race to the end. The first person to post a “MINE” Comment on a photo in the Facebook Photo Album will “claim” their prize. The online sale will continue until midnight Friday, December 14th.

Feel free to post comments here on the mugs, but keep in mind that ONLY the first person to Comment on Facebook will get the mug! Use this blog posting as your “window shopping” opportunity before the store opens!

Each mug is priced at $50 which includes shipping & handling (within the contiguous US please.) And remember, that all mugs are handmade and one-of-a-kind. As well as food-safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe… just not gravity-safe!

Click here to go to my pottery Facebook page. Be sure to click LIKE so you’re ready for the big sale this Thursday!

Mug #1

Mug #2

Mug #3

Mug #4

Mug #5

Mug #6

Mug #7

Mug #8

Mug #9

Mug #10

Mug #11

Mug #12

Mug #13

Mug #14

Mug #15

Mug #16

Mug #17

Mug #18

Mug #19

Mug #20




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Here’s a quick peek at the mugs that will be going up for sale this Thursday, December 6th to celebrate St. Nick’s Day. I will post better photos here on my blog tonight so you can see both sides of each mug. But then tomorrow night at 7:00pm Central I will open up the sale on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page. It will be first-come, first-claimed. Feel free to comment on these photos, but don’t even try to claim them ahead of time. Have fun looking, choose your favorites, and then shop on Facebook Thursday evening to snatch-up your mug.

So remember, there’s no pre-sale calling of dibs. No “claiming” of the mugs ahead of time here on the website. Only the Facebook Comments to claim them starting Thursday evening after I place the official sale kick-off on Facebook,

More details to come… but in the meantime, click here for my Facebook page and hit FOLLOW… so you’re all ready to go TOMORROW!!!