Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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One last reminder! Hope to see some of you this weekend in Hinsdale!!! Even if it rains… as pottery looks even better when it’s wet!!! HA!!!

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So I decided to drive out to Hinsdale tonight to set-up my tent & shelves. Hoping to make tomorrow morning a bit less hectic when I bring all of the pottery!!! Beautiful sunset evening in Burlington Park… hoping for some good weather this weekend?! Fingers crossed…

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Just enjoying a little FLORAL FRIDAY with a fun arrangement in a stamped & soda-fired oval vase. I do get a lot of questions at art fairs as to what you can use an “oval” vase for?! My answer is “pretty much anything!” But I do enjoy how an oval vase makes the flowers spread out a bit more from side-to-side so you can see them better… instead of all squished together as some taller round vases do!

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Prepping, pricing & packing a new selection of stamped & soda-fired mugs in the basement. Fresh mugs for this weekend’s art fair in Hinsdale… hope to see you there!

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And since we had a lot of “extra” ribbons of colored slabs… a few of my SURFACE DECORATION students continued on in different directions… yes please… by all means PLAY WITH YOUR CLAY!!!

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So we were kinda “quilting” with ribbons of clay slabs last night in my SURFACE DECORATION class to make handbuilt bowls. Everyone mixed it up to get different pattern & color combinations by sharing & using each other’s slabs. I think everyone was a little apprehensive at first… doubting that this would work. But I think they were all duly impressed in the end.

Huge thanks to everyone we Follow on Instagram who inspire us to play with our clay more. In this case, we did our own version of the wonderful & far more colorful bowls of Stephen Biggerstaff… be sure to Follow him on Instagram… @stepbigg_clay

Categories: bowls, classes, surface decoration

Last night in my SURFACE DECORATION class, we tackled some colorful handbuilding projects using textured & colorized slabs. Everyone set out to hand-throw their slabs & add colored slips. Then we all got to use everyone’s slabs to “randomize” our quilt-like projects!

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Fresh from the soda kiln… just in time for this weekend’s HINSDALE FINE ARTS FAIR. Sweet little oval vases for flowers, pens on your desk, utensils in your kitchen or even to hold your remote controls!!! So many uses… but a limited quantity, so come early!

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Come join me this weekend in Burlington Park for the HINSDALE FINE ARTS SHOW. I will once again be in my same location in Booth 69. Plenty of pottery for everyone!!!

Hopefully the weather will be better in Hinsdale than it was in Schaumburg last weekend?!

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Just a little early morning glazing to start the day! These flower pots won’t quite be done in time for Hinsdale this weekend… but will definitely be ready for the Northern Illinois Pottery Tour on June 8th & 9th.