Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Last night in class, we finished off Part Two of last week’s lidded jars demo. Tackling the knobs on the lids… with two knobs created while trimming (closest to the jars) and the other two with cute little finials wheelthrown onto the lids from an attached nugget of clay. Always good to have options!

Categories: lidded jars, pottery, soda-fired, stamped

A few more pieces that came out of my recent soda kiln. These lidded jars & more will be available during my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this coming weekend! I’ve been making a lot of work getting ready for this big annual event! My favorite pottery sale of the year!

Categories: classes, lidded jars, process, production, stamped

Just finished stamping, trimming & adding colored slip details to the lidded jars I started as part of a demo for my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class last week. Always feels good when everything fits together… and you set them aside to start drying!

Categories: kiln firing, lidded jars, soda-fired, stamped

The first layer… the first shelf… the first lidded jar… SO EXCITED!!!