Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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My flag is flying high at ART IN THE GARDEN again today… and it looks like another gorgeous day! We’re safely in a friend’s backyard garden right along the river with plenty of space & social-distancing in Glenview!

C’mon by to share in the fun & artwork until 5:00pm…
I have LOTS of talented friends!!!

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Not to be outdone, or out-bling’d…
here’s a little sneak peek at what Retta Hentschel did with the three lidded jars I sent her to play with. Such an amazing assemblage of colors, textures & bling on each of them. Stop by ART IN THE GARDEN to see them all… before they’re gone!

Categories: art fair, artists, collaborations, porcelain, soda-fired, stamped

Another glimpse into some of the collaborations we’ve been working on for this weekend. Months ago I soda-fired some porcelain lidded jars and then “challenged” some of my fellow ART IN THE GARDEN artists to add a knob to the lid. Here’s what metalsmith Amy Taylor did with the three jars I sent her. A beautiful addition to my pottery.

Collaboration projects like these are part of what makes ART IN THE GARDEN so special.

For more information, click here.

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Hard to believe it is already the end of August?!!!…
how & when did THAT happen?

But more importantly, that means this weekend is ART IN THE GARDEN. A wonderful grassroots art fair with nine talented friends working together & creating together. Lots of wonderful artwork & fun collaboration projects in a safe garden setting with plenty of social distancing. We would love to have you join us in Glenview… with your mask!

For more info, click here for the website.
Or click here for our Facebook page.

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The best four letters to see when you get to the studio. Just hoping that everything inside looks “ghoulishly amazing”!!! Still too hot right now… but hopefully I can unload it later today after Summer Camp! And if all goes as planned… the newest member of THE GHOULS COLLECTION will be headed to Glenview this weekend for ART IN THE GARDEN!!!

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Looks like my buddy Allison is serving up a yummy breakfast this morning before her high school classes start remotely this morning! Also enjoying some handmade pottery for her morning ritual… and looking forward to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!!

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Looks like Cory has one last batch of colorful fun to wash with underglazes, glaze & fire quickly for this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. I’ve been enamored with Cory McCrory, her work, her textures & her whimsy ever since we met at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair several years ago… and we’ve been fast friends ever since! So much fun to have talented friends!!!

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So it was a VERY late night in my studio last night as I was underglazing colors & dots all over the sugar skulls long after Summer Camp. And then a very early return to the studio as I needed to get all of them glazed in the spray booth with a low-fire clear glaze and load them into the kiln BEFORE Summer Camp started this morning! Accomplished with just minutes to spare.

So for now, the kiln is on and my fingers are crossed… as I hope they all turn out great and make a big splash this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview.

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Introducing the newest addition to THE GHOULS COLLECTION. Traditionally making their appearance at Art In The Barn in September. But instead, this year they’re coming to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!! They’re a limited edition of forty pieces… and when they’re gone, they’re gone!!! Colorful & festive with plenty of personality. Each one different from the next.

Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos with a colorful smirk and a smile!!!

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Once the interiors were painted, it was time to tackle the faces of my newest addition to The Ghouls Collection… aka Calaveras de Azucar!!! Lots of details, lots of colors… lots of time!!! It was a very long evening after a full day of Summer Camp! If all goes as planned, these will be making their “Big Debut” at ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!!