Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like our mosaic artist is up to something cool. I sent Kristin Conneely a bunch of my soda-fired beads to play with… and she is!!! I can’t wait to see what kind of final collaboration pieces she comes up with for ART IN THE GARDEN! These collaborations are one of the things that makes ART IN THE GARDEN so much fun… and there are several different ones in the works! Can’t wait to see them all in person the last weekend of August in Glenview!

Please disregard the missing word on Kristin’s post…
too many beads, not enough words… HA!!!!

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Well, apparently today was “small plate day”!!! Lots of bats. Lots of small plates. Just getting one step closer to ART IN THE GARDEN… still working on my collaboration project with my “cohort” Cory McCrory!

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Looks like Retta Hentschel is getting ready to have some fun with my lidded jars! Making magic happen as only she can… getting ready for ART IN THE GARDEN. These unique collaboration projects are one of the many things that make this art fair so special… August 29th & 30th in Glenview!

For more information… and some more pretty pictures…

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Such a beautiful color to start your day!!! That purple is practically GLOWING from the center out… morning “glory” indeed!!!

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A fresh harvest in a pretty yellow bowl for the newly-dubbed Cherry Tomato Tuesday!!! Thanks for sharing Rosene!

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SO MANY TREES… hundreds & hundreds of trees torn apart, pulled out of the ground, twisted & ripped to shreds. Crazy!!! Last night’s devastating storm sure tore apart the lakefront. I was amazed at the sheer quantity & randomness of the destruction. They’re not saying it was a tornado… but it must have been pretty darn close. I’m sure it could have been a lot worse… and at least now the City will have plenty of FREE MULCH?!!!

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Sometimes you just need a bigger photo to capture the morning’s sky show!

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After yesterday’s crazy storm that blew right through The Windy City… I knew that there would be some trees & branches down this morning along the lakefront bike trail. But I had no idea just how bad it would be! The sunrise was a nice distraction from all of the natural destruction!

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Celebrating a little MUGSHOT MONDAY after the storm!
Huge winds & heavy rain blew right through The Windy City taking down trees, power lines and so much more! I hope that everyone is safe after this crazy weather incident. I know we have trees down, branches & leaves everywhere… but still safe & healthy! All good here.

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During class last Saturday, I showed my students how to throw dinner plates. My demo piece has been under plastic in my studio… and it was finally time to do a bit of stamping!!!

I also showed my Saturday students how to throw a larger platter… which gives you more space to decorate! More space, MORE STAMPING!!!…

And you know my motto… more is more!!!