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YEAH!!! The lids all fit… as you can now hear me exhale!

Throwing lidded jars in porcelain with lids that fit is not an easy task. A lot of caliper measuring & hoping for the best. My biggest piece of advice?… throw a lot of extra lids. Because inevitably a “few” of them are not going to fit the way you want them too!

Categories: collaborations, porcelain, pottery, process, production, stamped

Part two of my production today… the bottom jars to go with the new lids!!! The jar bottoms are a little further ahead as I just finished stamping them! Just hope the lids fit?… always said with fingers crossed.

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A striking sunflower from the Farmer’s Market in a large green stamped stoneware bowl. Most people would think of serving food in a large bowl… but Sally went for a beautiful floating effect in her new bowl.

Thanks for sharing your idea Sally… I LOVE IT!!!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with an orange two-fer!
Sticking with my favorite color… one soda-fired & one draped in my living room windows!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with this stamped & soda-fired mug… which now resides in Minneapolis with my good friend Sarah!!! She was enamored by the amount of soda flashing effects on this one… so the mug made its way up north to celebrate her birthday!

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A handmade pie plate never looked quite so healthy… of course I’d prefer PIE!!! Who wouldn’t?! But these fresh veggies look pretty darn tasty too… of course I accredit that to the pottery, not that healthy stuff!

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Sweet little stamped vase with some sweet little flowers!
Thanks Rosene for this little retro-feeling vignette photo!

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While I was at it tonight… I also stamped a larger flower pot… which was my “demo-on-demand” demo request Tuesday night before we did the bowls!!! Thanks Christy!

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Some friends up in Wisconsin sent me this photo
showing off their beautiful blue bowls.
I hadn’t planned on them as stacking or nesting… but it looks good!

And then I also told them that they would look even better
with ICE CREAM in them!!!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with these stamped & soda-fired pieces! Loving the color, the soda “orange peel” finish… oh yeah, and the shadow!!!