Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a bunch of new stamped & soda-fired mugs! There’s a whole new batch to prep, price & pack for next weekend at the HINSDALE FINE ART FAIR.

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While the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival was washed out today, at least my booth flowers still look good! And as things would have it, about an hour after I got home, the rain stopped & the sun came out with blue skies & fluffy white clouds!!!

Categories: art fair, mugs, soda-fired, stamped

Prepping, pricing & packing a new selection of stamped & soda-fired mugs in the basement. Fresh mugs for this weekend’s art fair in Hinsdale… hope to see you there!

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Last week with my SURFACE DECORATION class, we discussed a lot of glazing techniques & tried to rectify some bad habits. Then I challenged them to “play” a bit more with their glazing… and to try some new techniques on the stamped cylinders I provided for them. I was hoping that they would be more free with their glazing if it wasn’t on one of their own “precious” pots. They all took good step-by-step notes… so now we’re just anxiously waiting for them to get fired in the cone 10 glaze kiln. Fingers crossed for some fun glaze results!!!

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So they started as a class demo for my Intermediate Wheel class… throwing parts & pieces for making teapots. But then they “lived under plastic” for quite awhile… with a few spritz’s of water now & again. And lookey here… I just got around to finally assembling them!

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With a gray & gloomy start to the day… instead of biking, here’s some “sunrise stamping” to kick-off my morning. One handmade clay stamp… pressed in over & over & over again. Racing a deadline to get these done… seems I work best under pressure?! HA!!!

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Another flash of color with some pretty flowers in one of my stamped & soda-fired vases. Just “fulfilling the destiny” of any good vase on another Floral Friday!

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I’m pretty sure it’s not pear season in Chicago… but I was still happy to find some on sale at the grocery store! Just waiting for them to ripen… hoping that it’s not all on the same day!!!

Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, vases

I hate when I come home and find broken flowers in my front garden… presumably from someone, or someone’s kids, or someone’s dog…. trouncing through the flowers I’m trying to grow out there. Luckily, I have plenty of mini vases to give them a little “extra life” after being broken off the plant.

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So after Tuesday night’s “bowls-bowls-bowls” demo… I took my class demo bowls up to my studio. And there “just might have been” a bit more stamping & detailing done tonight. Just making my not-so-basic bowls even more not-so-basic-er!!! Allegedly…