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This week’s Mug Sale starts in just two hours on my Instagram page. But here’s a quick sneak peek in the same sequence they will be posted for sale… just in case you want to make a plan, choose in advance, get ready to pounce and prepare to snag the mug you want!!! I will start posting them at 12noon CST and will shoot for one every five minutes. So plan accordingly… when a mug is claimed, it’s gone… and no trading later when more come up!!!

When I post them on Instagram tomorrow, I’ll be sharing photos of each side of the mug so you can see the random variations created by soda-firing, as well as a photo of the mug in my hand for a size comparison.

Each mug will go for $55 which includes packing & shipping within the the contiguous US. So get ready… check out the selection & sequence right here. For the fun of MUG-SHOP MONDAY starts in two hours!!!

MUG #1 –

MUG #2 –

MUG #3 –

MUG #4 –

MUG #5 –

MUG #6 –

MUG #7 –

MUG #8 –

MUG #9 –

MUG #10 –

MUG #11 –

MUG #12 –

MUG #13 –

MUG #14 –

MUG #15 –

MUG #16 –

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Okay, so we’re just two hours away from the kick-off of this week’s MUG-SHOP MONDAY! Remember that I’m switching it up this week… and the sale will only be on my Instagram Feed. I’ll start at 12noon CST by posting photos of each mug and the first person who claims it gets it. Easy-peezy… except, do you pounce on the first one you like?… do you wait to see what the next mug will be?… but then you might miss out… or do you just buy them ALL???

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Just a quick reminder… tomorrow is going to be another MUG-SHOP MONDAY! Check out my Instagram Feed at 12noon CST as I start to post mugs… first person to claim one, gets one! Just search for “firewhenreadypottery” on Instagram and hit FOLLOW… then you’ll get to see all sixteen mugs as I post them!

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Working on a new batch of porcelain ovals… trying to stay motivated with the thought that “someday” we might get to play at art fairs again?! I just can’t wait to get outside to play with people again!!! This “solo” stuff is getting old real fast!!!

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Back in the studio for another VERY quiet night alone… stamping some more porcelain patterns! One-by-one. All the way around. So much more fun when there are people around the place to distract me from getting my work done!

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Here’s an informal sneak peek at the sixteen mugs that will be going up for sale tomorrow for my second MUG-SHOP MONDAY… only on my Instagram page!!! I’ll start posting mugs on Instagram at 12noon CST – and each one will be first-come, first served. Once they’re claimed, then they’re gone!


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Looks like my friend Tiffany made it outside to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather & some Spring flowers… well, she was still safely “sheltering-at-home” as brought her own flowers out to her front porch. A safe hangout spot with good distance from anyone… and a nice BYOV.

BYOV : Bring Your Own Vase…
which just so happens to have been made by you-know-who!!!

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Making some porcelain “carrots” before making porcelain handles. I think it’s a god shape to start with… wedged and compressed into this shape before pulling into handle shape.

So I just finished pulling some traditional handle. I just gotta let them set up a bit… and then I can start attaching them to mugs!!! I like to loop then over like this so that they are already most-of-the-way into curved handle shape before they start to set-up. Of course there can be a lot of re-shaping after they’re attached to the mug!

Here we go…
Score… slip… squish… attach… repeat… repeat… repeat…

Just finishing up the latest batch of porcelain mugs on another Mugshot Monday. Handles are attached & under wraps for the night as they start to dry slowly. Tomorrow I will do a little clean-up on them before I unwrap to let them dry completely.

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Just a reminder that today is my first “MUG-SHOP MONDAY” to be posted on Facebook… just one hour away! Yep, I’ll be posting the “official” Photo Album on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook at 10:00am CST. The first person to claim a mug by leaving a comment of “MINE” gets it. And when they’re gone, they’re gone!!! These are just a few more “teaser” photos!

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Ready to get some trimming done tonight. This batch of porcelain mugs are coming together… and giving me something a little more “normal“ to focus on!