Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like Rachel has been making a yummy pot of warm soup and a chilly & damp Sunday afternoon. Luckily, she has a new stamped & soda-fired spoon rest to keep her stove clean!

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And yes, if the dishes on Chris’s Thanksgiving table look familiar… that’s because she just picked up her special order dinner plates the night before Thanksgiving! Just in time for the big holiday feast! She requested a set of dinner plates that are all different… different stamps, different squiggles, different coloring… but at the same time would still “read” together as a group.

Remember, your pottery collection does not need to be all matchy-matchy…

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Here’s hoping everyone is celebrating the day with plenty of family, friends & pumpkin pie! Relaxing, making memories, and gearing up for the festive holiday season to come! Special THANKS to everyone who has been so supportive & encouraging over the years! You are all very much appreciated. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you & yours!

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Fresh from the kiln… one beautiful purple platter for this weekend’ HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! Full stamped with a beautiful aubergine purple glaze. There’s only one… and it might go fast?! No dibs… just first come, first served!!! Good luck…

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Celebrating TEXTURE TUESDAY with another stamped & soda-fired vase from my most recent firing. Another one making its “big debut” next weekend at my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

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Another sweet oval vase from my recent soda-firing. A little “before” shot with a tenmoku glaze inlaid into the stamped impressions. And then a couple “after” shots… after some sprayed green glaze… even better after a great soda-firing!

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Stamped & soda-fired… a great example of how the soda kiln atmosphere affects the sides of the pot. Chemically altering the colored slip accents on each stamp… as they all started out the same. Also creating a great “orange-peel” effect on the sides of this oval vase. Just a reminder… there is no glaze on the outside of this pot other than the tenmoku inlay. All of the “shine” & “glaze” comes from the soda-firing process.

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While setting up my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW for next weekend… I realized that I never quite shared enough photos from my kiln unloading. So here are a few more freshly soda-fired pots still in the kiln! I mean, they’re not “now”… ‘cuz they’re already on some display shelves waiting to go to their forever homes!

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Sad, but true... I think this is the final dahlia of the season! I saw it blooming yesterday out in my garden. But when I saw a few little snowflakes this evening, I thought I would bring it inside to enjoy it a little longer. Perfect as a single bloom in one of my stamped & soda-fired ikebana vases!

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Just another “teaser” of what you’ll find at next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! Another stamped & soda-fired vase from my last firing. This one… and a LOT more will all be available & ready to make the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list… including yourself!!!