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Happy Monday. Happy Mugshot.
Another stamped & soda-fired porcelain mug in the mix.


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Another batch of mugs in the making. More B-Clay thrown yesterday, underwraps over night and ready for stamping today. They were all on the “wetter-side” of leatherheard… but no longer sticky, squishy or shiny. So today I did some stamping… and here are the photos to show for it… and the stamp that did most of the work on each mug!!!

Mug A

Mug B

Mug C

Mug D

Mug E

Mug F

Mug G

Mug H

Mug I

Mug J

Mug K

Mug L – okay, so I did so good at taking all of the photos… until this one…
when I somehow forgot to take the photo of the PLAIN cylinder before stamping…
but you get it, right?!

So now they are underwraps again for the evening.
For tomorrow… they each get a trimmed foot & a freshly pulled handle!!!!



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And while my new ovals were setting-up a bit…
I decided to crank out some more kiln filler.
You know how I LOVE KILN FILLER!!!


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With my pottery class all working on their ovals for the “end-of-class-challenge”… I figured I had better get started on mine too!!! So I started a batch of lidded oval casseroles tonight. Hoping to get them done in time for the big class exchange!!!

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Painting some colored flashing slip details & accents on a batch of new textured “block” bud vases. Each side of the block has a different textured pattern. These are now drying and waiting for a bisque kiln… destined to make a splash in my next soda kiln. If all goes well, this new design might get “expanded” into a few different sizes & shapes so people can create their own perfect grouping of textured block vases!!!


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Another Monday. Another mug. Enough said… enjoy.

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Another night of stamping while watching the Grammy’s.
Adding a little texture around the rim of an otherwise “normal” round platter.

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Another platter going from plain to stamped.
I also tried a “new” more-open spiral on this one… kinda liking it so far.

And the stamp that did all of the work…

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Some of my more “advanced” beginning students are tackling a lidded oval casserole challenge this session. And it’s great to see them coming together so nicely… like these beauties by Grace!!! Stamped, slip-painted, handled and drying!!!


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Today I finished up my latest batch of miniature vases. Some bud vases with proportionately small stamped details. So today I trimmed the bottoms of them using one of my all-time favorite tools… my Giffin Grip!!!

And yes, even the mini’s are always hand signed!

And then I added some colored flashing slips for colors that will become more vibrant & dynamic during the soda-firing atmosphere.