Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just in case you haven’t heard the rumor by now… this weekend is my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!! With pottery in every room of my condo all decorated for Christmas… wit festive food & drink in the kitchen. Plus, the “Tired Of Shlepping Sale” is on the back porch with tons of discounted & clearance priced pottery. It’s the perfect chance to start your holiday shopping! So make your list… check it twice… then stop by this weekend Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-6:00pm!

And bring a friend… or five!!!

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Down the street there’s a beautiful hydrangea bush with these big, beautiful flower clusters. Luckily, I cut off a couple stems before the big Halloween snowfall… and now they’ve dried perfectly & maintained their green color. A perfect addition to my green stamped & soda-fired vase!

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Tonight was the last class for my Beginning Wheelthrowing class… celebrating again with a potluck & a “trading-stealing-exchanging” game. Category for the trade was a “not-so-basic bowl”. While the theme for our potluck was “Dips And The Vehicle To Get Them In Your Mouth .”

I decided to up-my-game, and yet stay brand loyal… with Hot Cocoa OREO’s and a fluffy Hot Cocoa Dip!!! A double whammy of yummy goodness!!!

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Stamping & trimming. Another set of bowls in the works… this time a bit wider & shallower than normal. Just hoping to get these done & glazed in time for my Holiday Home Show!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with some stamped & soda-fired textures! I love how the soda kiln help accentuate all of the textures kinda randomly… and yet I can still get the fun colors to POP!!! Not every soda-fired piece of pottery has to be dark gray, white or brown!!! Just sayin’…

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Handles attached & mugs are done for today! For now they’re under wraps for the night so they can “rest” and let the moisture levels even out before I open them up to dry fully. Then it’s into a bisque kiln… and then a glaze kiln… and then to my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW in less than two weeks! Giddy-up!

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Same clay, same day, much like many other days…
doing a bit of decorative stamping with my handmade clay stamps!

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Yes, the snow did them in… the plants are completely frozen, sagging, mushy & dead! However, I did “save” two flowers for a quick ikebana vase! The last two for this season… and hoping to “up my game” for next year with even more & bigger dahlias!

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Here’s the TRICK… have a great day, play in your costume, collect a lot of candy & fill your plate with some wonderful TREATS!!!

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While we do get some pottery done in my classes, we do like our sweet treats too! And last night Jen brought a huge bag of “freshly-picked-that-morning” apples to class for all of us! Heirloom & organic from her family’s farm… two varieties… and so many we all left with a bag full! So nice, so yummy… thanks Jen!!! They might just wash down some of the cookies & candies we’ve been eating in class lately! HA!