Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Concentric cone six circles. Some smooth, some stamped. All a beautiful shade of green!

Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, textures, vases

And oh, but wait there’s more…
Sure there are larger soda-fired square vases… but adorable small ones too!
These have a different pattern on each side as well. Turn them, flip them, switch it up!
Perfect for a smaller bunch of flowers, or just a few stems.

Fun eryngium flowers… also known as blue sea thistle.



Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, vases

Some new textured & soda-fired vases ready for this weekend’s Holiday Home Show. Especially when each side of the vase has a different pattern. Get tired of one pattern, just flip it around to the other. Like two vases for the price of one!

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Another fully stamped platter fresh out of the kiln. Cone six glazed with a new honey amber glaze that I recently mixed up. I’m loving how it is breaking & pooling all of the right places!

Categories: bowls, stamped, textures

Stamped, trimmed, accented with colored flashing slips and now drying. Not bad for bowls that were thrown less then 24 hours ago! This is what happens when racing for a soda-kiln loading in just a few days!!!

Categories: bowls, stamped

Early morning detailing with a dab of colored flashing slip on every stamp.

Categories: stamped, textures, tiles

Making more textured tiles for another wall installation. Not quite so many tiles this time. Slightly larger tiles, therefore, “fewer” tiles to make. Let’s hope the colored flashing slips “pop” a bit more after soda-firing this weekend.


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Okay, so I don’t drink coffee… or even tea…
so I’m always looking for new ways to use my mugs. So here’s a fun floral alternative.


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Spent the nigh stamping mugs in the studio. I threw the cylinders yesterday and kept them covered overnight. They were still a smidge too wet… but I unwrapped them today and gave them a few more minutes to set up before stamping.

Categories: bowls, soda-fired, stamped

Small bowl stamped & soda-fired. Ready to fill with ice cream & hot fudge!!!