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Just finishing up another batch of mugs before teaching class tonight. These are the new mugs with the NEW STAMPS!!! Pretty excited to move them along through the process so I can see them glazed & finished. Not sure I can wait… so there’s a “pretty good chance” I’ll be making more before we see these results!

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped, stamps

I started the New Year by making a batch of new stamps…
much like every New Year! Kind of a New Year ritual for me!!!
It’s always fun to have a few new patterns to use as I start ramping up production in the studio. Gotta start getting ready for the Summer Art Fair Season!!! Gotta make more mugs, more bowls, more vases, more… more… more…

Oh wait…

I guess we still don’t even know if there will even BE art fairs this summer or not??? Fingers crossed…

Anyway… moving forward regardless… here are some new mugs-to-be after stamping the cylinders with some of my new stamps!!

Mug #1 –

Mug #2 –

Mug #3 –

Mug #4 –

Mug #5 –

Mug #6 –

Mug #7 –

Mug #8

Mug #9 –

Mug #10 –

Mug #11 –

Mug #12 –

Mug #13 –

Mug #14 –

And for now they’re back under plastic waiting for me to come back to trim the bottoms and add some handles! Overall, I’m pretty pleased with most of the new stamps… there are still more that I didn’t get to test in this round. Maybe next time?!…

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Repeat…. repeat… REPEAT.
Attaching handles and making mugs!!!

And now that they’re all done, they’re going back under plastic for the night. I like to think that the moisture levels between the mug and the handles can even out a bit before I unwrap them to let them start drying. I also want to add some colored flashing slip accents to a few of them for an upcoming soda kiln firing!

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The second large bowl from yesterday’s demo had a flared-out rim just screaming for some decoration. “HEY, DECORATE ME!!!”

So here’s the bowl after some stamping…
and a glimpse at the stamp that did all of the work!

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One of the bowls from yesterday’s class demo was a basic round bowl desperately in need of some decorating. Today I stamped the exterior of the bowl, leaving fingerprint indentations on the inside. Sure, I could have stopped there… but instead continued with a small stamp for added details inside & out, and a little extra fluting along the rim!

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My large bowls from yesterday’s class demo are now stamped… shocking, right?! I always tell my students that the wheel makes the bowls round, but it’s up to them to make the bowls SPECIAL! I choose to stamp textures & patterns… but I encourage my students to follow their own path and to decorate their bowls to make them their own creations!!!

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Adding a few “details & accents” to the bowls that I made Monday night as part of our class demo. The goal is to turn these into berry bowls in class next week. But before I can do that… I just HAD TO add a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to them!!!

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Still playing with some new mug shapes for the New Year. Looked up and saw this sweet little one sitting on a shelf in my studio. Must have slipped by from one of my last holiday kilns?! I think I’ll have to re-visit this shape… I’m kinda diggin’ it!!!

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Looks like Kristy is settling in for a warm Winter’s night! Good things happen when two different Christmas gifts come together at the same time. A time she may or may not “remember” in the morning!!!

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Showing off the last of my “surprise” Christmas gifts. All have been delivered, all surprises done! Apparently it was a year for making PLATES!!! These stamped plates turned put pretty sweet, and FLAT! I think I re-learned a valuable lesson. Plates don’t always stay flat in the soda kiln. Much easier to glaze them and fire them on flat kiln shelves.