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Always fun to finish another commission project… even if you “forget” to post pictures of it?! I loved how this set of side plates turned out… each with a different stamp pattern… half of them smooth, half of them with a groovy spiral. Thanks Chris for this fun project… so glad you loved them all. Can’t wait to get started our your new dinner plates now!!!

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All handles attached & a full batch of mugs finished before class tonight!!! It was a bit of a marathon… with a short sprint at the end. Lots of mugs finished though. I’ll keep the mugs under plastic overnight so the moisture levels can even out a bit more, and then I’ll let them start drying tomorrow!

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This weekend is the GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR… in a new location at Attea Middle School. It’s a nice art fair with lots of local artists, each very talented in their own media. Hope you have time to stop by to chat, see some art & to support local artists.

Attea Middle School
2500 Chestnut Avenue, Glenview from 11:00am-5:00pm.

There will also be another art fair going on at The Glen…
however it’s a large “conglomerate” art fair of artists brought in from all over the country. A “stable” of artists that travel in a group kinda like Corporate America doing an art fair. I’m sure their work is beautiful too… but if you need to make a choice, please SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS.

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Making grooves… pressing stamps… making frames… playing with textures on another Texture Tuesday!

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It seems like I’m ALWAYS making mugs… as they are my all-time favorite thing to make!!! Also pulling some more together for the GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR in two weeks… and celebrating another Mugshot Monday at the same time!

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After this week’s “bowls om purpose, not a cylinder gone bad” demo… I was left with fifteen bowls to finish up. Sure, I “coulda” left them the way they were. But, you know I co e from the school of MORE IS MORE!!! So here’s a few shots of what I’ve done with them since class!

So for now they’re all stamped & detailed… just waiting to be trimmed!

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Okay, so I know that this little “mug-orange-mug trio” is the result of a little kiln incident where they got fused together during our Lillstreet Throwdown class… so sorry Tracy!

But I will say… it makes me so happy to see them still on Tracy’s shelves at Lillstreet. And the number of people who stop by and actually touch the orange to see if it’s real… only to find out it was made out of clay… and then the surprise when the two mugs lift up with it when they grab the orange!!! So funny!!!

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Lots of stamping done… before I can trim & add handles tomorrow!

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So I’ve been doing a little stamping today… making more mugs with a bunch more stamping!!! So I thought it might be fun to show-off the before & after… and the stamps that did most of the work!

MUG #1 –

MUG #2 –

MUG #3 –

MUG #4 –

MUG #5 –

MUG #6 –

MUG #7 –

MUG #8 –

MUG #9 –

MUG #10 –

MUG #11 –

MUG #12 –

MUG #13 –

MUG #14 –

So for now, they’re wrapped up under plastic… waiting to be trimmed & handled on another day!

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Looks like my friend Rhonda is brightening her weekend with a beautiful floral arrangement in one of my stamped & soda-fired square vases! Those yellow calla lilies look great in there! Thanks for sharing Rhonda… it’s always great to see your work “living” in someone else’s home!