Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Hard to believe another year has come to an end… one last night, one last holiday! Here’s hoping everyone has a fun New Year’s Eve tonight! Have fun & stay safe!!!

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Another holiday get-together… and another opportunity for another cheesecake! You know I love making them, decorating them & sharing them… oh yeah, and eating them!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Categories: food, holiday, platters, stamped

A little post-Christmas get-together with friends… a large platter of cookies, a couple hours, a couple games, a lot of laughs… and whoops, the cookies are almost gone! … burp.

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Another gray gloomy day, although a bit warmer… so I think it might be a good day to start taking down the Holiday Home Show AND my Christmas decorations! But first… a little hot chocolate pick-me-up with a large handmade marshmallow!

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Keeping the festivities going… another holiday evening of illuminated fun at the EAST PEORIA FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. So much fun to seeing creativity on display & lit-up to continue brightening the days after Christmas!

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We’ve been saying for awhile that their orchid would be happier in a handmade ceramic flower pot. Kristy & Matt have killed every orchid prior… so we figure it “must” be the pot, right?!!! Unfortunately, I think they’re going to need a larger flower pot! That little cutie-patootie just isn’t going to do it!!! HA!!!

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According to Amy, she “bought up some brussel sprouts to offset the leftover brisket and mac & cheese.” Looks like a healthy & colorful meal after all the holiday sweets! Glad my stamped green bowl could be part of Amy’s yummy meal!

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I just LOVE when a plan comes together! Especially when a husband can do some “secret” pottery shopping to surprise his wife on Christmas Day! So happy to be part of the surprise… and even better to see the look on Diane’s face when she opened her pottery presents!

Adding more pottery to her collection & building a set of dinnerware that’s not so matchy-matchy! Well done Jim!!!

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Okay, so maybe Dad took a little siesta in the middle of the day?… but he was a trooper putting up with all of our silly reindeer games!!!

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I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day with your family & friends… sharing time together & making new memories. The best gift ever!