Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Making dinner on CYBER MONDAY?… making a mess of the stove? Maybe you need a handmade ceramic spoon rest? Or maybe some other pottery for the perfect handmade gifts for friends & family!

Check out my online selection and CYBER MONDAY FREEBIES by clicking the link here…

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Just a few of the stamped bowls currently available during my CYBER MONDAY Online Pottery Sale! Plenty of bowls, mugs, vases, spoon rests, ovals, ornaments & more for the holidays! Do some shopping today and you might get some CYBER MONDAY FREEBIES too!!!

Click here to see my online pottery selection to do some CYBER MONDAY shopping!!! –

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Well it’s a big day…
a combo of Cyber Monday & Mugshot Monday!

So of course, I’ve got MUGS!!! And lots of them… all on my website for today’s Cyber Monday Online Event. Click on this link to see the full selection remaining, shipping info and Cyber Monday Freebies!!! –

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Just a few of the stamped vases that are part of today’s CYBER MONDAY online pottery event! They’re all ready to be packed up, shipped and put under your Christmas tree for that special someone! Just click the link for the full assortment, purchasing details & today’s CYBER MONDAY freebie offers!!! Click here…

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Time to start shopping online… stay safe & shop from home!!!

Just click in the top-right corner to see all of the pottery in “My Online Pottery Shop.” If you see something you want, just “claim it” by sending me an e-mail saying which pieces you want. I will respond to confirm, send more details and take it off the website so no else can try to snag it! First to e-mail, first to get it. We’re going kinda old-school here… and I will try my darndest to keep everything as current as possible.

Also, CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL OFFERS for any purchase over $100…
or even better for $200 or more! Ornaments for everybody!!!

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My online pottery event will be going live at 5:00am CST tomorrow morning for those early-risers! It’s the perfect chance to do some holiday shopping safe from home, cross a few people off your gift list… and maybe get pottery and a FREE ORNAMENT for yourself too!

Check back here after 5:00am CST for full details!!!

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Three dozen wheelthrown & soda-fired ornaments will also be part of tomorrow’s CYBER MONDAY online event! I love making them… and tomorrow will be the very first time they’re available to purchase online!

But there will only 36 of them…
so grab ’em while you can tomorrow during CYBER MONDAY.
Full details to come…

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Just a few of the mugs that will be available tomorrow
for my first CYBER MONDAY online event!

Yep, we’re going virtual tomorrow with a ton of pottery available for the taking… including 50 mugs… perfect for the holiday gift-giving!!! These are just a few to whet your whistle… and then come back tomorrow to start shopping. They’re all one-of-a-kind handmade mugs… and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

More details & CYBER MONDAY special offers to come!!!

And sorry… but don’t think you can “call dibs”, or “pre-claim” these mugs from this post! You’ve got to wait with everyone else until they’re all posted online tomorrow!!!

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Still playing & photographing a LOT of pottery today… getting ready for tomorrow’s big CYBER MONDAY online pottery event!!! I’ll be posting over a hundred pieces online perfect for holiday gift giving… to friends, family or yourself!!! It’s been a tough year… we all deserve a few gifts, right?!

Watch for more details coming soon!!!

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A little “cement graffiti” as seen this morning along the lakefront carved into one of the cement boulders of the retaining walls.