Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A little last-minute Halloween fun… thanks to Ellen DeGeneres!
With quite possibly the best Haunted House video ever.
I can’t get through it without laughing out loud!!!
I love the ever-macho Executive Producer Andy who is there to “protect” show-writer Amy.
With such classic phrases like “Stop it.”… and “I’m protecting you.”

Click here for the “Andy & Amy Haunted House” video on YouTube.

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After stamping & trimming, I frequently add some colored slip accents to my pots. These colors will show up a lot more in the soda firing. And the atmospheric firing will “kiss” the pot and leave behind some wonderful flashing results on the pieces.

By the end of this evening, I had added colored accents to quite a few pots. They’re drying overnight… and will hopefully be dry tomorrow so I can put them to the side to make room to make more pieces!!!

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Sometimes your bucket of “colored” slip doesn’t seem to be so colorful?!

And sometimes it seems as though your “colored” slip matches your clay body. Which really makes it tough to see what you’re painting… and what you’ve already painted. So why not make it easier to see?

I like to add a few drops of food coloring into my slip bucket. Not only does it look REALLY COOL when it hits & spreads… but then it sort of fans out in really cool trickles. Then when you stir it all together, your colored slip will have some more color to it. And it will be much easier to see as you’re painting on your slip accents. When you’re firing, any residual food coloring will burn away well before the slip starts to set.

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Today we had a crazy amount of “weather” going on around.
Some scary stuff for this Halloween!!!

Drastic drop in temperature. Gusty winds. Rain. Sleet. A bit of snow.
And some huge waves along the Chicago Lakefront. So much so that they had to close down part of northbound Lake Shore Drive!!! Look closely at the top photo, from left to right, southbound lanes, northbound lanes, bike trail with waves over them, crashing waves, lake!!! Yep – been there… on that stretch of bike trail many a morning!!!

More crashing waves. Sadly, I was busy working this afternoon so I didn’t get a chance to go out and play in the storm. I would have loved to get some photos of my own. Although I’m sure my Mom is breathing a sigh of relief that these are someone else’s photos!!!

Looks like THAT curve of the bike path is a bit more treacherous than normal?!!!
Good thing they posted the signs… I’m sure there are still some people trying to get through!

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Kinda looks like a frozen tundra out there… say it isn’t so…
but really, it’s still only October!!!

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It was a bit spooky this Halloween morning along the lakefront. Very few people out there. Chillier than normal. And windy!!! The ride south was great… the ride back home, not so much. The winds were gusting everywhere. And with the drop in temperature and strong winds, I don’t expect many of the beautiful Fall leaves to be on the trees after today. Especially after pedaling through a few snowflakes on the way home!!!

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No trick, just a treat…

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Have a wonderfully spooky day!
With lots of tricks, and even more TREATS!!!

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Big sky. Big beauty.
Love the orange in a sky of blue.
Kind of a traditional sunrise.