Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With ART IN THE BARN next weekend, I tried my best to pack the kiln full of new pots that will be headed out to Barrington!!! Packed tight with a LOT of pots!!! It’s gonna be a long firing to “push” the soda through all of the pots. I’ll be soda-firing all day tomorrow… “plenty of time” before the art fair!

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Lots of pots packed in already… and this is only the back stack of the kiln!
I love when the pots fit in tight all the way to the top and hug the curve of the kiln ceiling.

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Just finishing up another batch of stamped vases… some porcelain, some stoneware. All complete with colored flashing slip accents… and trying to dry ‘em a bit quicker on an elevated plastic grid for better air-flow on all sides! Gotta get these babies into a bisque kiln quick… deadline approaching faster than I’d like…



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Just dropped off some new olive oil pourers at the cutest little olive oil boutique on Clark Street – CITY OLIVE!!! Stop by for amazing olive oils from around the world in all different flavors. You can even taste-test a few of them while you’re there! Then buy a bottle, some gourmet foods or put together an amazing gift basket with products from City Olive… 5644 North Clark, Chicago.

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It’s always encouraging to see that people are actually out there USING the pottery that I make. All too often I hear that people save it, show it off, or that it’s just “too nice to use.” Well, my pottery is meant to be used!!! And I love seeing a dish drainer full of soda-fired pots drying off! Thanks Rosene for sharing your dish drainer!!

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For the end of this summer session, my Tuesday night pottery students have been challenged to make two matching mugs to trade on our last night of class. Of course, I’ve got to make mine too… so I threw the cylinders in class showing them how to make “matching” pieces… and then I did a bit of stamping and now adding handles! I’m making two sets… just in case something goes “wrong” along the way!!! Just hedging my bets….

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Huge thanks to everyone who came out this weekend for the
HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL. We had surprisingly great weather both days,
met quite a few fun people and a LOT of pots & mugs found their way off to new homes.
Thanks again!!!


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Waiting for someone to snatch ‘em up today at the HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL.
We are now officially open for the day. Giddy-up!!!

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If that first batch of larger lidded jars was pretty sweet,
then these even smaller ones are even SWEETER ones!!!
Especially when you fill them with M&M’s!!!

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Fresh from my soda kiln… a fun batch of lidded jars destined for my next two art fairs in Schaumburg & Hinsdale! Some fun colors & flashing effects… just showing that soda-fired pottery doesn’t always have to be crusty-brown or blasted-gray!!!