Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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And another batch of mugs done! Well, kinda…
still waiting for some clean-up, detailing & accenting
with colored flashing slips for the soda kiln.

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When Rosene sent me this picture of her grocery produce “harvest” on some of my pottery… it looked a little too much like she was setting up a still life to do a painting!!!

So I went ahead and made it for her!!!

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Looks like another mini vase found a great use at a good home.
So fun to see these cutie-patooties making their way out into the world! If you think you might “need” one or two… I just uploaded a bunch of them into My Online Pottery Store on my blog. Here’s the link…

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Looks like Sarah and I are not the only ones doing a little re-planting… Diane bought a terra cotta flower pot at ART IN THE GARDEN specifically for her eucalyptus plant. Looks great, looks happy in its new home… but I must admit, I don’t know that I’ve EVER seen a living eucalyptus plant.

Odd… they’re always dried bundles?!

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When I was re-planting the larger succulent, this little guy was kinda wedged in under the other one! So I separated them to give this one a little more breathing room! Loving the little red tips & accents… maybe they’ll get more prominent now that it’s out of the shadow of the bigger one???

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Inspired by Sarah’s recent “non-collaboration” succulent plantings… I decided to replant a new succulent for my window too! Luckily, I had a large flower pot all ready to go. Can’t wait for this new one to grow into its pot!

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A sweet little morning moment… my friend Allison starting her morning in her new house! Celebrating with a little pottery to kick-off her day. Before the unpacking continues…

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Who knew that one little piece of pottery could draw out such creative wackiness?! Whether it’s a horn-holder on top of a watermelon?… or a kitten spittle-catcher?… or a zucchini bread holder???

Looks like he might be going a little “covid-quarantine-crazy”… but I LOVE It… and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do with larger pieces of pottery?!!! Bring it on Matthew!!!

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Now we’re talking… fudge-covered mint OREO’s in a perfectly coordinated “mint green” bowl. Thanks for the photo Rosene… although MINE never make to a bowl??? Straight from package to mouth! No need to “dirty” the pottery!!!

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Part two of my production today… the bottom jars to go with the new lids!!! The jar bottoms are a little further ahead as I just finished stamping them! Just hope the lids fit?… always said with fingers crossed.