Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Last night I watched the second episode of THE GREAT POTTERY THROW DOWN
season three… and loved watching as the creative Brits were challenged to make ceramic chess sets.

Click here to watch the second episode on YouTube!



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And what perfect timing… as we’ve just started our own version with The Great Lillstreet Throwdown…the third season of THE GREAT POTTERY THROW DOWN is back!!! After a four-year hiatus, apparently the show was picked-up by a different TV station across the pond. So now it’s returned with a new host, a new judge… and the same ever-emotionally crying critic Keith Brymer Jones!

I don’t know if you can watch it here on American TV anywhere…
but you can click here to see Season Three Episode One on YouTube!!!

And don’t forget… if you’ve missed Seasons One & Two… I’m pretty sure you can binge watch them all om YouTube as well. So start from the beginning…and enjoy the journey!!!

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Still have a few people on your holiday gift list?…
Well, I’m hosting one last HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm. Lots of pottery in every room… replenished & restocked for round two!!! And even better?… my good friend & amazing metalsmith Amy Taylor will be joining me as my special Guest Artist with all of her amazing jewelry!!! Stop by this Saturday to finish up your holiday shopping… or just to say HELLO!!!



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Huge THANKS to everyone who came out this weekend for my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. So much fun to kick-off the holiday season with so many friendly faces sharing stories, sharing yummies & sharing our love for pottery!!! More holiday fun to come…

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Early morning Day Two!!! The sun is shining and I’m restocking shelves for another fun day at my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. We’re open from 10:00-6:00 today with lots of pots looking to become someone’s favorite holiday gift!!!

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A very successful Day One for the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!! Very festive. Very fun.
Looking forward to another great day tomorrow from 10:00am-6:00pm… c’mon by… c’mon buy!!!

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Well, here it is… my fired soda kiln last night waiting to be unloaded.
So much fun taking it apart shelf by shelf, brick-by-brick… finding tons of treasures
along the way! To see everything that was inside, you’ll need to come
to my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend!!!

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Hard to believe that my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW is already next weekend!!!
Kilns are cooling… shelves going up… halls are being decked… and you’re all invited!!!
Next Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-6:00pm with pots in every room of my condo,
treats in the kitchen and the “Tired Of Shlepping Sale” on the back porch!

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After a couple hours of “Pottery Tetris”… I finally got my soda kiln filled to the brim last night. Lots of pots & ornaments that will be coming out just in time for next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

The Back Stack…

The Front Stack…

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With ART IN THE BARN next weekend, I tried my best to pack the kiln full of new pots that will be headed out to Barrington!!! Packed tight with a LOT of pots!!! It’s gonna be a long firing to “push” the soda through all of the pots. I’ll be soda-firing all day tomorrow… “plenty of time” before the art fair!