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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Fresh from the kiln. A class demo bottle with a class demo glaze! One of my students had used this glaze combo on a few of his pieces, and Ted was more than willing to share the info. So I figured I would give it a try too!!!

The look is pretty sweet, but if I must say, the “texture” of the blended top section is a little “rougher & scratchier” than I would normally like.

Hey Lillstreeters (besides Ted)… Any guesses what this combo is?!

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I’ve been working lately on some oversized pieces for a special commission project. Adding some colored flashing slip accents that will change color during the soda-firing. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never made “mugs” this large before… but it’s been kinda fun! The challenge was to make them large enough to meet the volume requirement!!! And you know how we all feel when the clay starts to shrink… “Did I make them big enough???” Fingers crossed.

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A very special THANK YOU to those of you who made it to MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this past weekend. I tried my best to pull-out all of the stops in terms of safety protocols, required face masks, limited access, lower capacity, hand sanitizer, single-serving snacks and so much more!

If you would still like to stop by MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW, you can still book an appointment on my website for tonight, Tuesday & Wednesday. After Thanksgiving, there will be even more online opportunities to do some pottery shopping for the holidays. No worries… together we can make it happen!

Click here for more information or to book a socially-distant appointment.

Thanks again… I definitely appreciate your support during these crazy times… and happy MUGSHOT MONDAY!!!

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It’s time to kick-off your holiday shopping… make your list, check it twice and then head over to MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend from 10:00am-6:00pm on Saturday & Sunday. We’re taking all of the proper precautions to keep it safe & socially-distanced for everyone with a limited capacity of six shoppers at one time.

Check here for more details, address & safety precautions!

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Nothing better than when your friends run a candy shop… and bring you more CHOCOLATE FUDGE!!! Homemade & yummy fresh from MAURIE’S in Eureka, Illinois. Gee, I would love to share with my guests today, but that might not be “safe”… so I guess I’ll just have to eat it all myself.

Oh shucks.

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We’re open today for Day Two of MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW from 10:00am-6:00pm. Yesterday went well with plenty of social-distancing… limited access, full face masks, hand sanitizer, contactless check-out & sanitizing spray!!! I know these are tough times… but I’m doing everything I can to keep it safe for everyone who “needs” a little pottery shopping therapy!

Remember, you can still sign-up for socially-distant time slot appointments this coming Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings. Click here for complete details!

For the rest of you safely staying home… I will be adding a LOT more pottery & ornaments to my assortment online very soon!!!

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Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s in store for those who make it over to MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend. All set-up and decorated for the holidays! And this is just the living room… there’s MORE in the other rooms too!!! Remember, we’re “open” for limited access shopping from 10:00am-6:00pm tomorrow & Sunday.

Click here for more information, details & safety precautions!

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Thank you for understanding that crazy times call for crazy measures.
So we’re doing Pottery With Precautions this holiday season!!!

Click HERE for full details and to book an appointment.
There’s a LOT of information & changes, so please read carefully. Thank you.

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Always great to see these four letters… one last kiln load fired & complete… fresh pots just in time for MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! It wasn’t quite cool enough to unload when I arrived, but hopefully it will be cooler after teaching class tonight!Don’t forget, you can still sign-up for a socially-distant & sanitized appointment time slots on my website.

Click here for full HOLIDAY HOME SHOW details & appointment times!

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It’s been a crazy year 2020…
so why not expect a crazy HOLIDAY HOME SHOW too?!

It’s traditionally my biggest, best & favorite art fair of the year. But this year is going to have to be a LOT different. It’s time to start making your gift list & checking it twice… as I have a LOT of pottery with precautions! More details coming soon on how we’re all going to stay safe & stay healthy this year!!!