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Looks like my friend Rosene has been in the kitchen again…
using her stamped & glazed pie plate… this time for MEATLOAF!!!

And I quote…“Yep, meatloaf… with some new light orange squash… yummy… I really don’t like to cook!!!! But I love playing with my pottery!”

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A couple new ceramic spoon rests on a pretty impressive stovetop. Now I really want to see what Joanne cooks here… and still keeps the stove this clean at the same time?!!! Thanks for sharing a bit of your kitchen Joanne!

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Apparently the bananas went a couple more days… by then successfully made a nice banana “bread-cake-pie?” baked in one of my handmade pie plates! Thanks for the photos Rosene.. looks YUMMY!!!

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Okay, so it’s been a hot minute… a couple weeks since… a couple holidays in between… but I’m finally getting around to showing off Christine’s beautiful pieces that came out of her VERY FIRST kiln firing!!!

Christine has been in my pottery classes for several sessions now… Beginning, Intermediate, Throwdown, Surface Decorations, etc. She’s always been on a quest to gather as much information as she can. She’s like a sponge in class trying to soak everything in. She’s been experimenting with everything she can get her hands on… lots of test tiles, underglazes, overglazes, hi-fire, low-fire. etc. She’s been getting a wide range of results – some beautiful, some not-so-much. So we’ve been discussing some other “options” for glazing of her work… particularly some of the stamped platters & bowls still unglazed from our Surface Decoration class almost a year ago!

One of the options we were discussing was Cone Six glazes. I’ve been doing some cone six firings myself with my work, and she’s liked the effects. So she expressed interest in trying that option… except Lillstreet doesn’t offer Cone Six firings to the students. So I worked with her independently as a friend & mentor instead of as her “teacher.” She glazed up her pieces with some commercial glazes she had purchased online… a group of “celadons” from Amaco. Loaded & fired… and now for the BIG REVEAL!!!…. sorry for the delay…

Here we go…
She started unloading the kiln… her first kiln ever! She had to learn how to load a kiln, stack the shelves, use the posts, etc. And now the excitement of her first kiln unloading!!! Shelf-by-shelf… revealing the treasures inside!

It was SO MUCH FOR ME to see the sheer joy & excitement on Christine’s face… or at least her forehead… every time she pulled out another piece! Large platters with a lot of handpainted underglaze details…

Or my favorite… surprise, surprise… this amazing stamped platter from our Surface Decoration class last Spring.

And a few more stamped beauties…

Followed by the bottom shelf with a lot of great colors! And especially intrigued by how the celadons from Amaco are making all of her textures & details really POP!!!

Plus, there were some wonderful “retro” mugs in her handpainted collection… so vibrant & fun when fired at Cone 6.

And some great “ombre” gradation mugs with sprayed glazes making the blend!

And again… my favorite stamped platter!!! Well done Christine!
I can’t wait to see where the success of this latest “test” by Christine takes her down her pottery path… as I’ll see her again in my class in the next session!

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Looks like these bananas might be one-step away from becoming banana bread?! I wonder if you could bake it in a stamped pie dish instead of a bread pan??? I mean, they’re already in there, right?

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Except I don’t have Channel 4…
and I’m not in the United Kingdom…
so I don’t get to watch tonight!!!

We Americans need to wait for it to come “across the pond”
for us to watch on HBO Max… soon I hope?!

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Last night I helped one of my students load her very FIRST KILN!

Christine has been testing every underglaze & clear glaze in class… and has been wanting to test the commercial celadons in cone six. So she saved some of her stamped work from class, spray-glazed them up with commercial glazes… and soon enough we should have some beautiful pots to show off! Can’t wait to see your results Christine!!!

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So I’ve been trying to grow some of my own bittersweet over the past few years. First on a trellis in my back yard…. err, cement courtyard in a large pot. A few years later I moved it to my front yard garden to grow up a street lamp. I’ve always gotten pretty good leaves… but this year was the first time I’ve ever found the flowers & berries on my plant! Very exciting… as it’s completely growing up & taking over the lamp post!!!

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A very special THANK YOU to everyone who came out to my second Holiday Home Show MUD & METAL this weekend. We had a lot of fun this weekend helping people with their holiday shopping… whether for those on their list… or for themselves!!!

And if you’re local & missed out on the fun, you can still come over to do some holiday shopping if you shoot me an email to set-up a time!

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Tomorrow’s the big day! The kick-off of this weekend’s MUD & METAL Holiday Home Show! We’re open Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-6:00pm with plenty of pottery & jewelry for everyone on your holiday gift list. Swing by to do a little holiday shopping, to enjoy some holiday cheer… or to just sit on my comfy sofa to hang out with us for awhile! Remember, we’re staying safe with face masks & social-distancing even if you’re vaccinated!