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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A quick trio for MUGSHOT MONDAY…
stamped, soda-fired and just hanging out on my back porch before the rain! With a quick reminder that there are always mugs & other pots available on my blog.

If you want to “class-up” your morning coffee… click here!

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Just loving how those cherry tomatoes are making the bright blue glaze really POP!!! A nice blue set being used in the kitchen… berry bowl & spoon rest! Thanks Jeannine for the photo… glad your Mom is diggin’ her new pottery!!!

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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a roadtrip… so I decided to head south for a pottery delivery from my last online Facebook sale! Sure, I could have shipped it… but if I did that I wouldn’t get MORE FUDGE!!! My friends Keith & Julie opened MAURIE’S CANDY in Eureka, Illinois so I thought it would be fun to surprise them with their new pottery! Surprise on me… they weren’t there!!!

But two of their employees Rob & Tracy were eager to accept the package, and sell me some more FUDGE!!! We had a great visit… but as I was leaving I thought I overheard them say something about “splitting it”??? Not sure what that means?!!!

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So after playing hooky all day on my bike while it was gorgeous outside…
I finally made it into the studio for a very productive evening!
Throwing LOTS of parts & pieces for another big project!

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Another day of packing & shipping out some pots…
before going outside to play!!!

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Just one hour left… I’m starting to assemble the “official” POP-UP POTTERY SALE Photo Album that I’ll post only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page at 7:00pm CST.

Once it’s LIVE… the first person to comment with “MINE” in the Comment Section of a single photo gets that pot! It’s first come, first serve… and a bit old-school. But it seems to work for me… as everyone can see what’s been claimed already, and what is still available.

You’ve seen a lot of previews today…
we’ve got just about an hour until the shopping begins! WHOO-HOO!!!

Click HERE to go right to my Facebook page!!!

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Just seven hours away… the kick-off of my POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!!! Come back at 7:00pm CST to see the official Photo Album when I post it. The first person to claim a piece on the photo in that album gets it! Easy-peezy…

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Lots of holes means lots of drainage for these colorful BERRY BOWLS!!! These will also be part of my pop-up pottery sale online on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page starting tomorrow night at 7:00pm CST… Sunday 6/7/20.

Limited quantities… available ONLY on my Facebook page… grab ’em quick!!!

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Just a few “teaser shots” of the mugs that will be up for sale in my POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page tomorrow night. You can only claim them online when I post the official Facebook Photo Album at 7:00pm CST on Sunday 6/7/20. Set a reminder for yourself, do a little window shopping now so you can swoop-in and grab your favorite tomorrow night on my Facebook page!

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As this weekend was “supposed to be” the Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival… which was “pandemic-postponed” until the middle of August with fingers crossed… I’ve decided to host a little pop-up sale on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page with some of the bright & colorful new pieces I’ve been working on. Pottery which would have been on display this weekend in Hinsdale… but instead, we’re going to go online! Check my Facebook page tomorrow evening at 7:00pm CST for the kick-off – Sunday 6/7/20!

And sure, looks like we have PERFECT WEATHER this weekend… when does that ever happen for an outdoor art fair?! Really?! I can’t wait until we can really get together for a “real” art fair again… I miss seeing everyone!!!