Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Big sky… big clouds… big photo…
and then the clouds opened up with sprinkles turning into legit rain!!!

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A short morning ride with a beautifully dramatic sunrise… cloudy… breezy… and then the rain came in cutting my ride short with a few miles to pedal home in the rain!

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Two sessions worth of class demo bowls that I finally got around to glazing!
Cleaning, packing & pricing… just in time for this weekend’s art fair in Schaumburg…
and saving some for two weeks later in Hinsdale too!!


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Kicking off my Summer Art Fair season this weekend at the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival… both Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm. You’ll find me in the same corner Booth #53 as usual. Hope to see you there!!!

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Well lookey here.. one of my advanced beginner students Michelle has been working hard to make a nice plate… and by golly, she sure did!!! Of course I LOVE everything about it. Not that I had much “influence” on her… but it sure is a great plate Mish Dish!!!


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Tonight in my Beginning Wheel pottery class, I’m bringing another bag of OREO’s… this time imported from Columbia!!! A former student was traveling there and found these yummies… and “smuggled” them back for us!

Muchas gracias mi amiga Patti.

I’m intrigued by the smaller packages of four cookies inside the larger package…
perhaps Columbia’s way of limiting serving size???

Just means I need to open a few more small packages, right?!

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And now that my reclaim bucket was empty & clean, I decided to smash-up some dried porcelain scraps that I brought back from a potter friend in Minneapolis.

Lots of bags, lots of scraps… and some larger pieces than I would have expected?!
Just gotta break ‘em down a little harder!!!

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After weeks of slaking down, my stoneware scraps reclaim bucket was finally ready
to turn out onto my large plaster bat. You know how much I love FREE CLAY!!!
Can’t wait for this pile to set-up a bit, and then let the wedging begin!!!

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Oh, the things you find at the Flea Market…
cool things, vintage things, dusty things and all the things nightmares are made of!!! Too much fun yesterday at the Third Sunday Flea Market in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Another mug from my last soda kiln for Mugshot Monday…
headed to Schaumburg this weekend for the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival
on Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm.