Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Finally a morning without rain… sadly, almost without a sunrise too.
Cloudy, gray & breezy… with some beautifully flooded beaches along the way!

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Sure doesn’t hurt any when your afternoon ends with a trio of ice cream flavors from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams! I went with Texas Sheet Cake, Buttermilk Biscuits & Sweet Peach Jam and for my third Salted Peanut Butter with Strawberry Jelly. Each one better than the next!!!

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A beautiful afternoon hanging out at the park on a non-game day. The sun was out, the weather was great… and it looks like they’re building my new “favorite spot” inside the park?!

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For the final pottery class of every session, I challenge my students to make a certain item during the class, finish and bring it in for our “trading-stealing-exchanging” game. This time we went with flowerpots with a plant in it… and they were all great… okay, so there were two that didn’t quite make it through the final glaze kiln… but a GREAT GAME and a GREAT SHOWING from my class. A wonderful ending to another session of wheelthrowing classes!

Here’s Jen’s flower pot… and the one I cam home with after the game! LOVE IT!!!

Okay, so two of them didn’t quite make the deadline…
and didn’t make it through glaze kiln in time for our exchange game.
So now I guess it’s a DIY flowerpot… after the fact.

My partial TA Claire’s flower pot…

My regular TA Susan’s flower pot…

And here’s MY contribution to the game…
wheelthrown, stamped & glazed now with a Sago Palm taking residence.



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Last night in my pottery class, we celebrated our last class with a potluck… this time with a THEME!!! They decided since we made chip & dip bowls at one point, we should do an ALL DIPS potluck… with a twist. The challenge was that your dip had to start with the first letter of your first name. So I went with a “Gooey Ghiradelli & Grahams” combo!!!

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Special thanks to everyone who came out to the SCHAUMBURG PRAIRIE ARTS FESTIVAL this weekend. It was so good to see everyone. Plus a special Mugshot Monday for these two mugs… and the many others that found new homes at the art fair!!!

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So excited to see that one of my pottery students made it onto the “Show-Off Shelves” at Lillstreet with her beautiful sgraffito platter! Well done Katie – it turned out GREAT!!!


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Beautiful Spring flowers this morning along the bike trail.
Striking flower spikes blossoming on the red horse chestnut trees.

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After a long weekend in Schaumburg “trapped” in my art fair booth, it sure felt good to get out on my bike again this morning. We had surprisingly great weather for the art fair, and it continued this morning… but it sounds like the storm is headed towards us later today. So enjoy it while you can, right?!!!


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Not a bad way to start a quiet Sunday morning in the park…
with another art fair prize ribbon!!! WHOO-HOO… it’s a two-fer weekend!!!