Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Big equipment outside of Lillstreet… working on the Metra train line and taking up a LOT of much-needed parking spaces!!!

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An empty soda kiln filled with potential & possibility.
Gotta love the patina, colors & textures created by soda build-up & residue
from the frequent firings in the Lillstreet soda kiln.

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Looks like the Wheel C classroom is coming along nicely with brand new shelving for the students… can’t wait to see everyone filing them up!!! My new class starts next Tuesday night!!! Just hoping it’s not a crazy, mad-dash-rush to get the good ones… although we all know it will be!

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And it looks like someone else had been busy too… new shelves are already going up in the Wheel C classroom… looks like we’ll actually have new shelves ready when the new class session starts next week at Lillstreet!

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Looks like Lillstreet is getting a small make-over! Well, at least in the Wheel C classroom…
where there “used to be” shelves there against that wall?! I know they’re working hard
to make new shelves before our classes start up again next week!

But look how nice & spacious it appears without the shelves… just sayin’…

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Last night in my pottery class, my students pulled out all the stops with possibly the biggest potluck feast ever!!! We had a theme… retro flashback childhood favorites! I of course had to make my traditional birthday cake… “Mississippi Mud”… a decadent concoction that my Mom used to make every year for my birthday! Chocolate cake with coconut, a layer of marshmallow fluff and then a layer of fudge swirled on top!!!

And YES, I do have the palate of a four year old!!!

And for the record… the leftover cupcakes went to my Summer Campers today…
and the leftover cookies will come with me to camp tomorrow!!! Lucky kids!

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This week my little Summer Campers have been working hard building large sculptures… photos to come! Tomorrow we finish painting them in the morning and set-up a gallery show for the afternoon. If you’re around town and looking for a fun art experience… c’mon by for the kid’s Sculpture Art Gallery Show at Lillstreet from 3:00-3:30pm in the Kid’s Rooms!

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If Rene Magritte were a potter…
he would have seen the humor as well. Strange pieces found in the clay reclaim buckets
by the Lillstreet Claymakers!

And a bit of Magritte inspiration…


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Yesterday when I came in early for Summer Camp… I found that one of the adult students had already set-up their “stuff” at one of the pottery wheels. Wow, that’s early… considering it was at last an hour before Lillstreet even opens!!! But imagine “their” surprise when they find out that every wheel in this room (all fourteen of them) were soon going to be taken by a bunch of shall-we-say “energetic” early-teens… with a LOT of terra cotta flying about!!!

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Last night we kicked-off the Lillstreet Summer session of pottery classes with my Tuesday night Beginning & Advanced Beginning Wheelthrowing class. Once again I have a great group… can’t wait to see where the next ten weeks takes us… and of course we had to kick it off with some yummy chocolate goodness!

Good thing I pedaled BEFORE class…