Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Gotta love these two little volunteer petunias popping up… finding a little cement crevice to call their own… welcoming another new week of Summer Campers to Lillstreet! Here we go again…

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So yesterday afternoon, there “may” have been a strange sighting outside of Lillstreet Art Center. There was “rumor” of a giraffe standing out on the corner of Montrose & Ravenswood!!! In Chicago?… Shocking, right?! Well, not so shocking for one of my Summer Campers this week who made his life-sized baby giraffe in Sculpture Camp! Murray worked hard on his giraffe… so we just had to show him off to the world!!!

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Cuteness in the reclaim buckets…
so many fun things popping up around Lillstreet these days!

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So now that we’re in between class sessions at Lillstreet… looks like our clay monitors have some catching up to do! The class reclaim buckets are overflowing… in the best way possible! I love the precarious balance of that big pile.

You know my Summer Camp kids would never allow this to happen… as pressing the chunks through the metal grid lid is one of their favorite projects!

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Another wonderful season of the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN!!!
I know I had a wonderful time teaching this class again, and I’m pretty darn sure they all had a great time too! So much fun to push them out of their comfort zones, to encourage them to try new projects & to watch them succeed week after week! We all had so much fun… I thought they all deserved prize ribbons to commemorate our time together!!! Well played team!!!

Too bad Will had to miss out on the final festivities… but he still got a ribbon too!!!

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winner of the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN Season Four!!!

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You know that every good competition needs a good trophy, right?! And that totally holds true for the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN!!! So I “may have” made a special trophy for the winner… as they’ve been accumulating points throughout the session for their challenges, projects & contests! It’s been a great session… can’t wait to see who wins this glittering trophy!!!

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I have the most fantastic students!

Last night, Davis brought me this package of the brand NEW Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches as a “Thank You” for another great pottery session! Since we’re still under a “no-potluck-zone” at Lillstreet, I put them in the freezer and said “Thank You so much Davis… can’t wait to try them later!”

When I went just now to get them out of the Lillstreet freezer clearly marked “LILLSTREET STAFF ONLY”… not even 24 hours later… the box had been ripped open and half of them are already gone!!! Keep in mind, I was there until 11:00pm last night and no one else was there. Lillstreet opens at 10:00am in the morning… so that’s NOT EVEN NINE HOURS in the freezer when people were around… and they’ve already been plundered!!!


So just when your AMAZING students continue to redeem your faith in Humanity… “someone” else has to bring you back down to Reality!!!


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This morning I subbed for an intermediate wheelthrowing class. We talked & laughed… and then I did a couple demos. We started with throwing a large platter. And then, with a little “Julia Child kitchen switch-out magic” I switched to a platter that I had thrown a couple days ago and did a fun stamping demo for them. I think I may have won them over?…

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At the end of the night, and a jam-packed three hours of LILLSTREET THROWDOWN fun, we finally tabulated the rankings for the teams.

And as the Olympics theme song played in the background, my handmade Olympic medals were awarded to my talented & exhausted students. Kudos to them for playing along with my silly Pottery Olympics games!!! So much fun for all of us!!!

Gold Medal WINNERS – Will & Helen

Silver Medal WINNERS – Melanie & Clara

Bronze Medal WINNERS – Claire & Tracy