Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So if a handbuilding classroom suddenly gets a couple pottery wheels… is it still called a HANDBUILDING room?! More changes happening at Lillstreet as we prepare for more social-distancing when we re-open soon!

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So good to see all of these hand sanitizer dispensers “popping up” in every classroom at Lillstreet Art Center as we prepare to re-open in a couple weeks!!! So excited to go back, to start teaching again, to see everyone again… and to see that we’re going to be following all of the guidelines to keep everyone safe!!!

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And here’s a view of the “original” Wheel C classroom… now spaced out with “alternating” wheels for “social-distancing” when we get back to pottery classes at Lillstreet. It’s so weird to see so few wheels in there… I’m accustomed to teaching in there with eighteen wheels all going at the same time!!! It’s going to take some getting used to this… and I hope we make it back to the full eighteen wheels & eighteen students some time real soon?!

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Things are coming along nicely in the new Wheelthrowing B classroom at Lillstreet. With some special “socially-distant-bench-dividers” between the wheels, lots of new shelving… and quite possibly the cleanest & tightest canvased tabletops ever!!!

Looking forward to seeing students back at Lillstreet when we finally get to open again… the “new” Summer Session is currently scheduled to begin July 6th!!!

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So we just got done with a ZOOM Meeting with several of the ceramics teachers at Lillstreet Art Center. Talking about the new changes, the new procedures, the new “normal” and how we’re all working together to make the Summer Session of classes come together safely as Lillstreet prepares to open to the public in early July. It was very informative, and great to see everyone again… even if only on my laptop for now!

But what did I learn from ZOOM?… that apparently it’s a LOT easier for everyone to share their cat at the end than it was for me to share my OREO’s?!!!

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Dramatic sunset effects drifting above Lillstreet… sometimes it pays off to look away… and to see what’s behind you even when a stunning sunset is in front of you!

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Looks like the remodeling at Lillstreet is coming along nicely… gradually preparing to open again to the public for classes starting in July! Hopefully. Of course we all know a LOT can happen between now & then… but they’re trying their best to make it safer & healthier for everyone when classes start again!

And look at all those new shelves waiting to be filled with pots!!!

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While everyone was quarantined during this corona-craziness, Lillstreet Art Center created a page on their website to help some of their artists during the tough times. Knowing that many of us were facing cancelled art fairs, loss of teaching gigs and no workshops… they created MADE AT LILLSTREET. An online gallery featuring several of their “in-house” artists, teachers & studio members. Please feel free to click on this link to see my current offerings through the Lillstreet Gallery.

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There is still a lot of activity & remodeling going on at Lillstreet Art Center as they prepare for us to resume classes very soon. They’re trying their best to keep us all safe & healthy… and yet get back to the friends & community we love!

And to that point…
looks like there’s a new wheelthrowing classroom coming together too!

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Well, not quite as much fun as teaching face-to-face, but it did feel good to “teach” again as I just finished teaching my first “official” ceramics workshop on ZOOM for Lillstreet Art Center! It was a one-hour workshop on making clay stamps… from my studio. A little jittery at times as I tilted by laptop screen up & down for demos… but I’m sure these ZOOM classes will get smoother if we need to keep doing them for much longer!