Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just a few quick pieces with some reclaimed porcelain!

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Finely woven spider web on my front porch catching a glimmer of the evening sun.

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Spent some time tonight trimming my stamped cylinders… with my favorite trimming tool. THE GIFFIN GRIP. It’s a brilliant contraption that instantly centers things and makes my trimming life so much easier in the studio!!! Love it.

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So I spent the evening doing a bit of stamping. I had a few cylinders that were on the wetter-side of leatherhard… perfect for stamping! So here’s a quick tour of the cylinder before & after AND the stamps that did the magic!!! Some are stoneware reclaim, and others are porcelain. Now all stamped, patterned & textured!!!

Next up?….
A bit more drying under plastic, then trimming… and then HANDLES!!!



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It started out very dark & windy this morning. When I got to the lakefront you could hear the waves crashing before you could see them. Dark & gloomy until the sun came piercing through… even if just for a few minutes before the clouds took over for the day!


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Same mug shape. Same mug stamping. Just none of the color or flashing from a soda firing.
Porcelain with a thin white glaze in a cone 10 reduction firing.
This one is definitely “Quite White.”



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Clear skies. Calm waters. Beautiful reflections.


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More cylinders. More mugs. More FUN!!!

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Spent the afternoon making some more FREE clay. My reclaim was turned out onto a large plaster bat a few days ago. The gooey clay has firmed up a bit… so it was a day full of “fast-drying” with slices in front of the fan, and a LOT of wedging!!! But still… five bags of FREE CLAY!!! And you know how I like free clay!



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Started a little gloomy, but turned out to be a beautiful day
with some more beautiful flowers in the garden!