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Just a quick reminder… tomorrow is going to be another MUG-SHOP MONDAY! Check out my Instagram Feed at 12noon CST as I start to post mugs… first person to claim one, gets one! Just search for “firewhenreadypottery” on Instagram and hit FOLLOW… then you’ll get to see all sixteen mugs as I post them!

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Here’s an informal sneak peek at the sixteen mugs that will be going up for sale tomorrow for my second MUG-SHOP MONDAY… only on my Instagram page!!! I’ll start posting mugs on Instagram at 12noon CST – and each one will be first-come, first served. Once they’re claimed, then they’re gone!


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Looks like my friend Tiffany made it outside to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather & some Spring flowers… well, she was still safely “sheltering-at-home” as brought her own flowers out to her front porch. A safe hangout spot with good distance from anyone… and a nice BYOV.

BYOV : Bring Your Own Vase…
which just so happens to have been made by you-know-who!!!

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Just a reminder that today is my first “MUG-SHOP MONDAY” to be posted on Facebook… just one hour away! Yep, I’ll be posting the “official” Photo Album on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook at 10:00am CST. The first person to claim a mug by leaving a comment of “MINE” gets it. And when they’re gone, they’re gone!!! These are just a few more “teaser” photos!

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I’ve kinda lost track of what day it is… but I “think” that it’s another TEXTURE TUESDAY! So here’s a stamped & soda-fired surface… actually just one side of the square vases I’m making these days. Kinda fun as I make sure that each side is a different textured pattern… get tired of one side, just turn the vase around!

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It’s another Texture Tuesday Two-fer!!! One made of clay, one made of bricks… but in my head they kinda go together surprisingly well?!

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with my stamped & soda-fired mug that woulda, coulda, shoulda.

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This past weekend was my 3-Night Soda-Firing Workshop. A quick introduction to the many wonders of soda-firing. We glazed, wadded, loaded, fired, cooled, unloaded, cleaned, admired and potluck’d all in three days! A lot of work… but it all starts with an empty kiln. Perfect for TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

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After the “eventful” firing day Saturday…
and a full cooling day yesterday, it was time to come back and unload the soda kiln with my workshop participants. I stopped in on Sunday to help speed-along the cooling process, as well as early Monday morning pulling a few bricks off the top row.

When the class showed up, we started taking off the kiln door brick. It’s always fun to see the “treasures” inside kind of reveal themselves layer by layer!

Eventually the entire door was off… and they could all see their newly soda-fired pots!!!

We unloaded the kiln, took all of their pots into the classroom while we cleaned the kiln, scraped the shelves and re-kiln washed the shelves. Once all of the busy-work was done, we could enjoy our potluck… and admire our new pots!!!

Cassie’s pots…

Kate’s pots…

Martin’s pots…

Christi’s pots…

Dan’s pots…

Charles’ pots…

Jacob’s pots…

And a couple of my mugs… as a little kiln filler along the way!

All in all, a great firing. Even with the crazy firing “issues’ we had, the work still came out nice. Good amount of soda, lots of flashing, nothing too crazy!!!

I think all-in-all, everyone had a great time in the Soda Workshop. I know three days are not really enough time to “learn” everything about soda-firing… but it was at least a good primer for them. Kind of a quick glance to see if they “like” soda-firing or not… before the addiction truly begins!

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Fresh from the kiln… a few more soda-fired mugs coming out of the kiln tonight to celebrate another Mugshot Monday!