Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Don’t think that ART IN THE BARN will be “just” Red Devil Ghouls!!!… I will also have plenty of mugs, bowls, vases & all of my other functional work! No worries… I’ve been stamping, soda-firing & glazing regular pottery for this weekend too!!! It’s not just about the little red devils!

Categories: friends, mugs, soda-fired, stamped, textures

I’ll also have a selection of my new “hybrid mugs”… the combined wheelthrown & handbuilt mugs with textured pattern all the way around. So be sure to come to ART IN THE BARN to grab yourself a new mug… crying kid not included!!!

Thanks for the photo Nancy… looks like little Teagan wants to “get out” of that huge mug!

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Beautiful roses for a beautiful birthday present for my friend Kelly. Her Mom gave her the stunning flowers… and Kelly put them in one of my stamped & soda-fired vases. Gorgeous roses… but methinks Kelly might need a bigger vase soon???

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So Kate thought it as time to give her aloe vera plant a little more room to grow. She separated the “babies” from the mother plant and gave them each their own stamped & soda-fired flower pot. After a long afternoon of re-potting… it’s good to see that Kate is also kicking back and enjoying the new mug she picked up at ART IN THE GARDEN.

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Looks like someone is celebrating a little MUGSHOT MONDAY with one of my “hybrid mugs”! A combination with wheelthrown & handbuilt parts… a groovy texture with a fun soda-fired finish!

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So excited that this custom order was “delivered” during ART IN THE GARDEN last weekend. Molly has one of my large ClayQuilts hanging on her wall… a wall hanging of smaller stamped & soda-fired handmade tiles. She thought it would be even better with three larger tiles hanging off to the side. So I made a few for her to choose from, and she chose these three to hang along with her original tile wall piece. I can’t wait for her to share the photos after they have been installed together! Hint, hint Molly!

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Okay, just one final “teaser” about my part of the collaboration I’m doing with Cory McCrory. Well, all of my water carafes have now been soda-fired… and they’re looking pretty darn sweet... even if I do say so myself. I’m very pleased with the results… and eager to show them off this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview!

So now I have a water carafe…
if only I had “something or two” to pour the water into?!
If only… oh, wait…

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I mean, who doesn’t like some beautiful “glamour shots” of a good soda-firing?! Even if they are just one more “teaser” for my part of the collaboration project I’m doing with my pal Cory McCrory for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN. I’m completely enamored with the glazes, the flashing slips, the stamped impressions… and the way they’re all working together so nicely!

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Always great to see one of your stamped & soda-fired mugs being used & loved… making someone’s day brighter! Thanks for sharing your morning brew with us Jan!

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Here’s a close-up…
perfect for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!