Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Good soda flashing & “glaze” build-up on Mug #3…
coming up for sale tonight at 8:00pm central only on my Facebook page!

Categories: mugs, soda-fired, stamped

Mug #2 with a beautiful runny teal soda-fired glaze
coming up for sale tonight at 8:00pm central only on my Facebook page!

Categories: mugs, soda-fired, stamped

Tomorrow night I will be kicking off my annual ST. NICK’S DAY MUG SALE!!!
Here’s a preview of the TWENTY mugs that will be going up for sale tomorrow evening at 8:00pm Central… only on my Fire When Ready Facebook Page. So you can see them all here… but you’ll need to wait until tomorrow night to “claim” them on Facebook!!! It’s going to be first-come, first-served… the first person to put MINE in the Comment Section of each mug photo will get it. Remember, it will be the first Comment on each photo, NOT the photo album!!!

They will be $50 each…
which includes packing & shipping within the contiguous United States.

So take a second to peruse the twenty mugs going up for sale and pick your favorites!
Then go to my Facebook page tomorrow at 8:00pm when the sale goes LIVE!!!

Mug #1 -

Mug #2 -

Mug #3 -

Mug #4 -

Mug #5 -

Mug #6 -

Mug #7 -

Mug #8 -

Mug #9 -

Mug #10 -

Mug #11 -

Mug #12

Mug #13 -

Mug #14 -

Mug #15 -

Mug #16 -

Mug #17 -

Mug #18 -

Mug #19 -

Mug #20 -

So here’s another reminder… just in case you haven’t heard yet…
I’m having an ONLINE mug sale!!!

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Coming soon…
another chance to score a FIRE WHEN READY POTTERY mug or two online!!!
Yes, I will soon be hosting an online sale on my Facebook page offering up twenty mugs online for those of you who can’t quite make it to an art fair or my Holiday Home Show! You may have “followed” me for years… and now a chance to get a mug!!! More details coming soon… just in time for St. Nick’s Day!!!

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Huge THANKS to everyone who came out this weekend for my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. So much fun to kick-off the holiday season with so many friendly faces sharing stories, sharing yummies & sharing our love for pottery!!! More holiday fun to come…

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One of my wonderful customers brought me a gift African violet yesterday planted in one of my own flower pots! Apparently Rick propagates & grows these violets off of his mother’s original plants after she passed away. While her plants are now well over fifty years old, the violet’s beauty continues to be shared & spread through Rick’s ever-“growing” tribute. A beautiful combo… and a beautiful gesture. Thank you so much Rick & Nancy! I love it!!!

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Happy faces looking forward to seeing more friendly faces today!
Day Two of MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW is underway… including some things
you’ll never see in my art fair booth as there aren’t walls to hang things!
We’re open from 10:00am-6:00pm today!!!

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Lots of mugs in the dishwasher means we went through a LOT of hot apple cider today!
And that’s a good thing with lots of happy customers! More cider, more fun tomorrow!!!

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Spending the day at home setting up, stocking shelves and climbing the stairs more times than I can count!!! But I am enjoying the good weather and the blue skies streaming in through a top shelf of mugs!!! Just getting everything ready for this weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

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Also in my soda kiln, was this sweet “family” of vases that one of my students made quite awhile back… and never quite knew how she should glaze them. So we finally threw them in my soda kiln… and I think she’s going to LOVE THEM!!! Well done Katie… I’m glad you waited!!!