Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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New mugs fresh outta the kiln… well, kinda…
I just realized that I never quite posted photos out of my recent soda kiln.
Everything looked good… including this trio!

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A lot of people ask me how I fire my wheelthrown ornaments. Well, I also make little tripods for them to e propped up on in the soda kiln. I dip the tips in kiln wash so they don’t stick to the ornament too much after firing. This way, I can get some nice soda flashings on all sides of the ornament…. and not really see where the prop points were. And yes, I make new tripods for every firing!

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Special thanks to my Dad & niece Taylor who helped out all weekend in my art fair booth. So much easier, and so much more fun, having people there to help with chatting, restocking, selling, wrapping… and for eating all of the chocolate chip cookies… and for taking cool pictures like this one by Taylor!

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So my soda kiln firing seemed to go well yesterday. Fired very smoothly without any problem. So much fun to see it when the kiln is in reduction at the top temperatures and you’re adding the soda mixtures to create this fiery “explosion” shooting out everywhere!!! A magical moment… hopefully creating its own magic on my pots inside!!!

We’ll find out tomorrow night when I unload the kiln!!!
And so the waiting begins…

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With ART IN THE BARN next weekend, I tried my best to pack the kiln full of new pots that will be headed out to Barrington!!! Packed tight with a LOT of pots!!! It’s gonna be a long firing to “push” the soda through all of the pots. I’ll be soda-firing all day tomorrow… “plenty of time” before the art fair!

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Lots of pots packed in already… and this is only the back stack of the kiln!
I love when the pots fit in tight all the way to the top and hug the curve of the kiln ceiling.

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It’s always encouraging to see that people are actually out there USING the pottery that I make. All too often I hear that people save it, show it off, or that it’s just “too nice to use.” Well, my pottery is meant to be used!!! And I love seeing a dish drainer full of soda-fired pots drying off! Thanks Rosene for sharing your dish drainer!!

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Textured porcelain buttons up-close & personal…
can’t wait to see what Jill does with them and her beautiful Hooey Batiks!!!
Some glazed, some soda-fired, lots of colors & textures!
ART IN THE GARDEN coming soon!!!

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With ART IN THE GARDEN getting closer & closer… we have just under two weeks to complete all of our collaborations! These little pottery pocket pieces were “designed” by metalsmith Amy Taylor as she already had a “plan” for them. So I made a bunch, stamped & soda-fired them… and now I can’t wait to see what Amy has planned for them?! She’s being kinda secretive about it… but hinted that it “might not” include any metal?!!! Crazy, right?… as she’s known for her amazing metal work & hinges!!!


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Looks like Rick’s African violet garden is growing nicely… handmade flower pots with some young violets adapting to their new homes. Soon enough they’ll be filling out, flowering and ready to propagate some more cuttings! Thanks for sharing your pics!!!