Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The Fall coolness may be in the air today, but that doesn’t mean that the flowers are done showing off. Like these beautiful green hydrangeas that look perfect in a stamped & soda-fired vase!

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Out of the soda kiln & headed to The Garden! Some of these precious pumpkins will be coming to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend to jump-start the Fall season… and more will be headed to ART IN THE BARN in two weeks!! Plenty of pumpkins for both shows!!!

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Fresh out of the soda kiln, these little cuties will be coming to ART IN THE GARDEN and ART IN THE BARN. Not really an “official” addition to The Ghouls Collection… but they would definitely fit right in! A new soda-fired version of my terra cotta classic pumpkins!

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After unloading my soda kiln, I just needed to take a moment to enjoy a few of my new favorite mugs! Fun colors, fun shapes… always stamped!

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Two-thirds of the way through unloading… you get a second “reveal” when you take out the front two layers of shelves… and it reveals the third stack in the back. Again, excited that pots look well coated with soda, with some nice bright colors… and still no blasted grayness!!! Lots of fun new pots to share at my next couple art fairs!

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When the kiln door is finally unbricked, it’s always nice to take a step back, take a deep breath & admire the work for a second. Appreciating that the firing was a success… that I got some good colors throughout the kiln, and NOT a ton of blasted grayness! Enough admiring… now it’s time to start unloading layer by layer, shelf by shelf, pot by pot…

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One of my favorite “unbricking moments” was when I go the door about halfway down… and found a full pumpkin patch sitting right there… ripe for the harvesting! Pretty excited about how they turned out. Can’t wait to bring some to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend… as well as some to ART IN THE BARN at the end of the month!

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It took a couple hours Friday night, but I finally got my pots stacked in the soda kiln. I tried my best and fit “almost” everything in… just a few stragglers that didn’t quite fit in the end. Guess they’ll just have to wait until my next firing in October?!

Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, vases

Apparently a BIG yellow flower needs a special stamped & soda-fired vase of its own!!! Thanks for sharing this beauty Rosene!

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So in the creative world of collaboration projects… I gave these tiny stamped & soda-fired “cutie-patooties” to metalsmith extraordinaire Amy Taylor a little while back… with the anticipation that she’ll do something really cool with them!!! I have a clue… but can’t wait to see them in-person at ART IN THE GARDEN on September 10th & 11th in Glenview!