Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It’s always fun to take the front door brick off the kiln. Too finally see what happened during the soda firing. Hoping to find some new treasures inside the kiln… and from the looks of the front stack… I’m pretty confident there’s more inside!!!

Categories: kiln firing, soda-fired

Kiln firing going smoothly. Just taking a peek through the peep to see a soft cone 8
starting to bend. Gonna start adding the soda mixture soon.

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What’s better than a stamped & soda-fired oval vase???
One that has fulfilled its destiny and has beautiful FLOWERS!!!


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I started off my day today putting together a few last minute ClayQuilts to bring to the art fair this weekend. Sure, I already had enough made… but I couldn’t help myself! More is more!!! So I spent the morning arranging & assembling hundreds of handmade textured tiles to make these wall pieces look “perfectly random.” Just in time so they could dry while I went out to Barrington to set-up my booth!

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So Cheryl Holz has been narrowing it down. Finalizing the pairings of her multi-media paintings with my stamped & soda-fired frames. Once she decides, and stops second-guessing herself, they will be adhered to the picture frame. Then they will all be making their way to ART IN THE BARN this weekend. We will reveal the collaboration in both of our booths… she’ll have half of them upstairs, and I’ll have the other half downstairs in The Barn.

Be sure to stop by… quantities are very limited!


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So MY part of the collaboration is done! Now it’s up to Cheryl to match-up her paintings to go with my soda-fired picture frames. I can’t wait to see how she pairs them up. I love her paintings… and I hope they “play well” with my frames! We’ll each be selling collaborations in our booths at ART IN THE BARN.

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So I’m not a huge fan of when pieces get BLASTED in the soda kiln.
I prefer the lighter color, the more subtle flashing, and the smoother finish & sheen.
But sometimes a piece just gets BLASTED… and it’s not so bad!?
I’m kinda digging this one. It’s growing on me!

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A new stamped & soda-fired mug for another Mugshot Monday!

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Everyone asked to see the masks after the soda-firing… so here they are fresh out of the kiln! Pretty excited about them. Still a bit warm in these photos… and now I need to add “dangling eyeballs” and wires to hang them on the backside!

Coming soon to ART IN THE BARN in Barrington…
three weeks on September 22nd & 23rd!

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Fired, cooled and door bricks removed… everything looks good so far!!!
Can’t wait to see all of the “treasures” hidden inside.
And yes, all of the flat pieces that I was concerned about look GREAT!!!