Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Packing up some of my handmade beads to send off to Kristin & Lynda! They’re both going to work their “magic” by somehow incorporating them into their work. It’s always so much fun to see how these collaborations come together for ART IN THE GARDENI can’t wait to see what they do!!!

Categories: art fair, collaborations, soda-fired

Digging through my inventory of handmade & soda-fired beads… thinking their might be a “collaboration” or two in here??? ART IN THE GARDEN is coming quick… gotta get my act together so my friends have time to get their parts done too!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with an orange two-fer!
Sticking with my favorite color… one soda-fired & one draped in my living room windows!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with this stamped & soda-fired mug… which now resides in Minneapolis with my good friend Sarah!!! She was enamored by the amount of soda flashing effects on this one… so the mug made its way up north to celebrate her birthday!

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So remember that stray ornament that jumped off the shelf and into the firebox during my last soda firing?! Well, I had just taken it a set it on a table in my studio. Kinda forgot about it. But since then, the crusty residue has disintegrated and fallen off into a powder. And now we can see more of the ornament… and just how much of it was “eaten-away” by the excessive soda mixture & flames hitting it in the fire box. The walls are now super-thin… and actually see-through in a couple places!!!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with these stamped & soda-fired pieces! Loving the color, the soda “orange peel” finish… oh yeah, and the shadow!!!

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Always fun to see people using my pottery in their homes… growing beautiful African violets! In fact, this white African violet comes from the same original plant as the African white violet that has been blooming forever in my dining room. One of my pottery fans gave me an African violet plant he grew from a cutting in one of my flower pots! I got it last Fall… and mine hasn’t stopped blooming since!!! Thank you Rick… for the plant and the photos!

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Such a cute little succulent garden… it never really crossed my mind to turn one of my small oval pieces into a flower pot for succulents. But now that’s all I want to do… make some of these for myself!!! Thanks for sharing my green-thumbed fans!

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When the fruit trees start making fruit, you’ve got to grab them when you can before the birds get ’em… and hopefully there’s plenty to make PIE!!! My cousin Kim grabbed a full bounty of cherries from her yard and made this beautiful cherry pie! It looks AMAZING… and I’m sure it tasted even better!!! Thanks for sharing your photos Kimberley Sue… but next time, let’s share the pie too!!!

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Sweet little jar sitting in the kitchen. Love the combination of cinnamon sticks & cutlery! Nice combo… thanks for sharing your photos! Keep sending them in. I love seeing my pottery actually being used in people’s homes!!!