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There’s been a LOT of glazing going on in my studio lately.
Getting ready to load my next soda kiln. Getting ready for ART IN THE GARDEN.
Lots of liner glazes. Lots of glaze inlay. Lots of wiping clean.
Lots of “tricks” to help make the textures pop more after soda firing!

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And I’ve been glazing mine too… with some tenmoku glaze inlay in the stamped textures. These will all be going into the soda kiln… so the colors will definitely change when inside the soda kiln! Also separating them by which kind of clay they are made out of – hoping that might help when I’m loading the kiln. B-Clay towards the back, soda clay towards the front & top.




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Last night in the studio I did some “follow-up” detailing on the class demo bowls that I made last Tuesday. They’ve been under plastic waiting for some decoration. So I did some stamping, texturing, dotting and more! Each one a little more special than they were before!

And this one, I peeled off the “impromptu” loop handles that we added during the class demo. Remember the cut-outs that I scooped out of the splash pan and stuck on?! Well, I peeled them off so that I can add some better ones back in their place later…. tomorrow???

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Painting some accents with colored flashing slips on my latest batch of stamped mugs.
Stamp by stamp, indent by indent.

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You know how I LOVE making mugs. So many people hate making & adding handles… I kinda dig it… like I got a good “grip on it.”

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Spinning… Trimming… and Trimming some more!!!
And I love my Giffin Grip!!!

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Another batch of mugs in the making… thrown & stamped.
Next up?… trimming & handles!

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Oh, what to make?… what to make?…
More MUGS of course!!! You know it’s my favorite go-to!

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Holy balls of wedged potential Batman!

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After scooping out another huge batch of hydrated reclaim clay, I just finished pulverizing another batch of dry clay to start the process all over again!