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Stamped & soda-fired for Mugshot Monday.

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Kicking back enjoying a quiet, white, snowy day for another Mugshot Monday!
Looks like I might need to make some hot chocolate while my new Roomba
is making its maiden voyage around my place! Just a little Christmas Gift to myself…
as I had completely worked my previous Roomba to death!!!

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HAPPY MUGSHOT MONDAY… with Instagram greetings from friends in Colorado who were apparently snuggling down on a cold Winter’s night with a mug of something frothy & yummy! Thanks for sharing Kristin & Camden!

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‘Twas the night before Christmas…
and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…
except this “yahoo” who is still frantically wrapping presents!

Like this mug duo with a hint of a “chocolate mint” theme!
Guess this is what happens when “someone” plays a bit too much leading up to Christmas?!

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Happy Mugshot Monday… with what looks like an early Christmas gift for Beckie’s Mom!!!
I’m sure her coffee will taste much better now, right?!!!



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The ST. NICK’S DAY ONLINE MUG SALE is almost over!
There are only two mugs left to be claimed!!! Thanks to everyone who has already found their mug… but if you still want to claim one of these two, scroll back about three Facebook posts on my page, find these mugs #3 & #18, and then leave a comment of “MINE” on the mug you want. First come, first served! Only two left in this online sale!!!

Mug #18

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Just THREE HOURS until the official kick-off of my ST. NICK’S DAY ONLINE MUG SALE!!! Be sure to come back to my Facebook page to see the “official” Photo Album at 8:00pm tonight. The first person to leave a Comment on each photo that says “Mine” will get a great mug! First come, first served… and when they’re gone they’re gone!!!

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Subtle soda flashings on porcelain with a blush of turquoise glaze on Mug #20
coming up for sale tonight at 8:00pm central here on my pottery Facebook page!
Just over three hours until the sale goes LIVE!!!

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A super-smooth greenish-blue glaze with subtle variations from the soda-firing on Mug #19
coming up for sale tonight at 8:00pm central only on my Facebook page!

Categories: mugs, soda-fired, stamped

Subtle matte flashing variations on Mug #18 coming up for sale tonight at 8:00pm
central only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!