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Early morning mugs!
Playing with porcelain adding handles this morning!

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My latest batch of mugs on this Mugshot Monday… ready to dry, bisque, glaze and soda-fire!

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped

Adding some colored flashing slip accents on my latest batch of mugs on this Mugshot Monday!

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Playing with porcelain. More mugs coming soon!

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I just finished adding handles onto my 27 mugs!!!
And Jacob is still running his 26.2 miles.
Okay… so he’s mere minutes from finishing his first Chicago Marathon.

But I still think I won… not that I’m at all competitive?!

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Just finished pulling my handles. So while one of my pottery students is downtown running his first Chicago Marathon, I’ll be in the studio doing my own little Mug Marathon!!! Attaching handles to mugs as Jacob runs on!!! He’s almost halfway… who will finish their Marathon first??? He’s got twenty-six miles… and I’ve got twenty-seven mugs! Seems fair, right?! Run Jacob Run!!!

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Getting ready to make some mug handles on this early Sunday morning!

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Trying to make a good impression… by doing a bit of stamping on these “soon-to-be-mugs” before going down to teach class tonight.

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Making more mugs, replenishing the inventory…
you know I LOVE making mugs, and I also like to kick-off my Holiday Home Show
with over a hundred mugs!!! Gotta make more…

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New mugs fresh outta the kiln… well, kinda…
I just realized that I never quite posted photos out of my recent soda kiln.
Everything looked good… including this trio!