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It’s the first day of October… and what better way to celebrate than by making more mugs!!! If I could only make one thing for the rest of my pottery career it would be MUGS… crazy, right?!!! I love making mugs… and therefore also love Mugshot Monday!

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Looks like Gerry & Rosene are kicking back and relaxing on their deck in Peoria…
apparently enjoying their own little Mugshot Monday!

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Last night was only the second class of our new session of wheelthrowing classes at Lillstreet… and my students killed it when they made their first batch of mugs!!! Two classes and they’ve already made MUGS!!! And then we ended class with a little stamp-making too… so maybe their “next” mugs will have some stamped textures??? We can only hope, right?

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So I’m not a huge fan of when pieces get BLASTED in the soda kiln.
I prefer the lighter color, the more subtle flashing, and the smoother finish & sheen.
But sometimes a piece just gets BLASTED… and it’s not so bad!?
I’m kinda digging this one. It’s growing on me!

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A new stamped & soda-fired mug for another Mugshot Monday!

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Another batch. Stamped. Trimmed. Drying…
and racing their way into this weekend’s kiln!

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Love when my mugs are actually being used… and making breakfast even better!
Also love randomly running across this photo on my friend Allison’s Instagram stories this morning!

If you’re posting photos of YOUR breakfast using my pottery?… or lunch.. or dinner…
be sure to tag me @firewhenreadypottery.


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One of the cutest cups I’ve seen in awhile…
warm fuzzies thanks to another adorable Summer Camper!!!

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A simple little mug with a few adorable stamps accentuated with the perfect glaze pooling & breaking in all the fright places… and a surprisingly even ombré fade.

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Just a few more of the mugs that came out of my cone six glaze kiln last night. Loving the colors and how well the glaze pools & breaks on the stamped details. You can see them in person this weekend at the GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR!!!