Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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You know they’re my favorite thing to make… so of course I’ll have PLENTY of stamped & soda-fired mugs at ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend. Guaranteed to make your morning coffee or tea taste so much better!

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While some of you may have missed it in last night’s ikebana post… it was indeed PURPLE!!! And yes, that means I have a new glaze in my pottery repertoire!!! It’s nice shade of purple that highlights my stamping textures. ART IN THE GARDEN will be the “big debut” of my new purple glaze… and it might just be a small batch, limited quantities situation. We’ll see how it’s received at the art fair?!

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After unloading my soda kiln, I just needed to take a moment to enjoy a few of my new favorite mugs! Fun colors, fun shapes… always stamped!

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My summer campers just left for the day… so now it’s back to glazing & wadding more mugs! Yes, it’s the last week of summer camp… and I’m trying to glaze & finish a full soda kiln at the same time. Days with the kids, nights in my studio!

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Suddenly a batch of porcelain mug forms have shown up in my studio… next up?… stamping, trimming, handles & colored flashing slip accents… in that order!

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All handles attached & a full batch of mugs finished before class tonight!!! It was a bit of a marathon… with a short sprint at the end. Lots of mugs finished though. I’ll keep the mugs under plastic overnight so the moisture levels can even out a bit more, and then I’ll let them start drying tomorrow!

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Handles pulled & looped over. I always pull my handles by hand, and loop them over to stand them up like this. They will set-up like this a bit before I start attaching them to the mug cylinders. This way, they are already 90% set to their eventual curve… so I won’t need to bend them too much after they stiffen up more.

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Another Mugshot Monday… celebrating another mug that found its own happy home from the GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR! So excited that Marium is enjoying her new mug!!!

According to Marium… “Kashmiri chai in my new matka mug with gajar waffle and cream. Thanks again!”

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Spinning fast… trimming bottoms… loving my DiamondCore Tools for smooth trimming! A perfect combination when used with my Giffin Grip to help center & hold the mug down for easier trimming!

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I’ve been working on another batch of mugs after the Glenview art fair… thrown, stamped & leatherhard… and getting ready to trim the bottoms this afternoon. Ready to use my trimming tools from DiamondCore Tools for clean & smooth trimmings!