Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Score, slip, attach, repeat… repeat… repeat. Mug handles all attached & ready to start drying slowly! Just in time to make it downstairs to teach class tonight! The perfect way to celebrate another Mugshot Monday!

Categories: mugs, process, production

Handles pulled & looped over so they can start setting-up. I like to loop them like this so they “dry” a bit with the curve already established before attaching them to the mugs. A little bit of finesse is needed while attaching them later… but most of the handle curve is already there!

Categories: mugs, process, production

Here we go again… another day of adding handles onto mugs! You know mugs are my FAVORITE thing to make… so here we go! Starting with these carrot-shaped nuggets of clay getting ready to pull handles the old-fashioned way!

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Doing a little “detailing” with some colored flashing slip. A wide band around the top… and then a little dab in every stamped impression! A fun way to get some work done on another Mugshot Monday!

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So last night in my Beginning Wheel class, some of my students tackled trimming, pulling handles & assembling their very first mugs!!! Not bad for their second class… I think we’re off to a good start!!!

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Another batch of cylinders working their way towards becoming mugs! Too wet to stamp now… but I feel some “shamrock stamps” might just be headed their way!!!

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Celebrating another Mugshot Monday… with a purple mug & these sweet words from my long-time friend Kelly…

“This is how you and I hold hands… sometimes over a warm cup of hot tea, this morning coffee.” so sweet Kelly!!!

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Looks like Diane is enjoying some Sunday sweets… cake & frosting… two of my favorite things! Paired with some coffee… not my thing… in one of my shamrock mugs from last year… definitely one of my favorite things!!!

Mental note to self… gotta make more shamrock mugs for THIS year!!!

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So it’s Monday… and it feels great to be back in the studio being productive again! Getting back into the groove!!! It was a long break, so it feels great to have my hands back in the clay! And to “practice throwing” again… as the new session of classes starts tonight at Lillstreet!!! And I don’t want to look too “rusty” for my Intermediate Wheel students tonight!!!