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Looks like Rosene is celebrating a wonderful MOTHER’S DAY with a couple new mugs… including a new stamped shamrock mug from her daughter Kristy… that we’ve been keeping “secret” from Rosene for months!!!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY by featuring a bunch of great mugs!!! All made by the six artists who will be featured at the Sandwich stop of the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR. Be sure to stop by to see beautiful pottery by our host Cory McCrory, as well as Nancy Gardner, Linda Kiepke, Kenyon Hansen, Lindsey Heiden, and ME!!! We’re just six weeks away… still enough time to make some more mugs!!!

Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th

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Possible my smallest batch of mugs ever?!…
a follow-up to last week’s class demo on throwing matching mugs!

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Sure, blame the cat… according to Allison…

“My cat broke your mug. So someone just got screamed at, told he was a bad boy, and grabbed by the nape of his neck! Well, I need to buy a NEW one to replace the one Apollo just broke!”

And then she continues…
“I was soooo mad at him Gary! And it was fine before bed. He was being TOO curious. My Mom called him a brat. I agree. Think he just wanted to see what would happen, but now the lower shelf on the cup shelf will probably no longer have cups.”

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So not all mugs need coffee… some look even better with ivy growing all around them! Stamped, soda-fired and hanging out with some creepy-cuties on the shelf! Thanks for sharing Allison!

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Just finished adding handles to my new batch of “hybrid mugs”… just in time to teach class tonight. Going to try to get these to dry & pack ’em into a bisque kiln quick… gotta get my glaze game going before I load for this weekend’s soda kiln firing.

But I also gotta get my taxes done… when?… not so sure… ugh!

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Doing some trimming on my latest batch of hybrid mugs… making the “wheelthrown” part look even more like a nicely trimmed wheelthrown mug.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE trimming?! It makes such a difference…

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Checking my calendar… and hoping I can squeeze in just one last batch of hybrid mugs… combo wheelthrown & handbuilt mugs. They’re kind of assembled… but still need to be trimmed & handled…dried “kinda” fast… and bisque-fired so I still have time to glaze & wad them for next weekend’s soda kiln. It’s hard to get this studio stuff done when my “fingers are crossed”!!!

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Got ’em done… all handles attached for another batch of mugs! You know they’re my favorite thing to make… kind of my default. If I don’t know what to make… I just make MORE MUGS!!!

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Got all of my handles pulled, looped & setting-up… just waiting for them to stiffen-up a bit before I start attaching them onto my newest batch of mugs! Score, slip, attach, repeat… repeat…

Gotta get ’em going… as a new session of pottery classes starts tonight at Lillstreet… and I’m back teaching my Intermediates tonight!