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You know we potters make mugs… but we also LOVE mugs! And I would say that “most” potters have a mug collection of their own… collecting mugs of friends, teachers & fellow potters from around the world! So it was great to see one of MY mugs “out in the wild”… playing in Marsha’s studio while she’s making mug handles. Kinda Meta… my mug in the studio while she’s making mugs in the studio on Mugshot Monday in Marsha’s studio!

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But oddly, Taylor wasn’t the only “surprise visitor” in my art fair booth last weekend. So… I stopped & bought some grocery store cookies on my way to the fair for a snack. But when Taylor showed up with HOMEMADE cookies… the store-bought ones went to the side. I set them in a crate that had a couple overstock mugs & my t-shirt inside… and promptly forgot all about them.

So imagine my surprise when I showed up Sunday morning to find some cookies scattered around my booth… and a broken hybrid mug from the now toppled-over crate! I’m guessing that I might have had a little raccoon friend visiting overnight. At least he didn’t find Taylor’s cookies!!!

And… I guess the up-side of broken pottery is you get to analyze your own pottery skills a bit. My wall thickness looks pretty thin & even! Not bad… especially for a “hybrid” wheelthrown & handbuilt combo mug!!!

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Fresh out of the soda kiln… and packing them up for this weekend’s ART IN THE BARN! I have a double booth again this year… so it’s twice the shelves & twice the pottery!!! I can’t wait to send some of these hybrid mugs off to new homes this weekend in Barrington!

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Pretty proud of my Beginners from class last night… when they tackled trimming & handles for their first mugs of the session! It’s only Week Two & they already have new mugs!!!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a bunch of the stamped mugs that came out of my most recent soda firing. I’m always so excited when you open up the kiln and see such bright, soda-fired colors… and not all of the blasted “dolphin-skin” darkness that so many soda-fired pieces get. Remember, not all soda-fired pottery needs to be black, gray or brown!!!

So today I’m packing up many of these mugs to come with me to ART IN THE BARN next weekend in Barrington. Be sure to stop by… I’ll be in the Lower Barn as usual in my double booth!!!

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Looks like Jan is celebrating a yummy MUGSHOT MONDAY with the new hybrid mug that she picked-up during ART IN THE GARDEN! Your morning rituals are always better in handmade pottery. Don’t forget… you can get yourself a new mug this coming weekend at ART IN THE BARN in Barrington!

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Celebrating another Mugshot Monday with this “all-seeing” mug… which came with me from ART IN THE GARDEN. Thanks to my pal Cory McCrory for making this cutie!!! They eyes have it!!! Ha!!!

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Looks like Allyn has a morning ritual…
with another morning ritual that enhances the “first” morning ritual?!

Anyone else?

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Doing a little glaze inlay into the stamped impressions. I like to fill the stampings with a dark tenmoku glaze so the pattern stands out a bit more after the soda-firing!

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It might be kinda late… but I’m feeling really great about getting all of these handles attached! One step closer to getting these “hybrid” mugs in the soda kiln this weekend… oh wait... colored slip, dry, bisque, glaze, wad, load… a lot of steps still to go!!!