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Looks like my pal Allison had a much better breakfast this morning
than I did!!! She had me with blueberries & whipped cream!!!

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY… with this little cutie!
Ryann was adorable in her little pink glasses eating out of her favorite mug! She no longer has the glasses… but hopefully still loves the mug now that she’s eight years older… and she’s still adorable!

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GOOD NEWS! Looks like one of my students made “The Show-Off Shelf” at Lillstreet. Whoo-Hoo!!! Christine is coming in for my class tonight so she’ll be thrilled when she sees her colorful masterpieces proudly on display!… and a couple flowerpots still on the racks!

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Just finishing off another batch of my new “wheelthrown-handbuilt-combo” mugs… whew!… done in time to teach class tonight!

Still looking for a new name for them… any suggestions???

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Celebrating with this little cutie …
stamped & soda-fired with an orange flashing slip.

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Score, slip, attach… repeat, repeat, repeat! You know by now that making mugs is my favorite thing to do in the studio! So today was another good day with another batch assembled.

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Handles pulled, looped over & standing tall so they can stiffen up with the curve already established. I’ll let them set for a few minutes before I start attaching them to the cylinder mugs-to-be!

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Got my clay wedges ready… kinda like ClayHenge…
ready to start pulling some handles for the latest batch of mugs!

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Now with handles attached, these “wheelthrown-handbuilt-combo” mugs needed a bit of color. So I dipped the top portion of them into a thin colored flashing slip. I held them upside-down by the footring & dipped them in the bucket… and then “floated” them on kiln bricks so they could drip-dry!

The slip does a really good job of “filling” any of the little cracks & imperfections… as well as adding color. These flashing slips will change colors & add some flashing drama when fired in the soda kiln!

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So I’ve just finished stamping the newest batch of cylinders… getting one step closer to becoming mugs! Stamping each of the cylinders with my own handmade stamps… one stamped impression at a time… again, and again, and again…

MUG 1 –

MUG 2 –

MUG 3 –

MUG 4 –

MUG 5 –

MUG 6 –

MUG 7 –

MUG 8 –

MUG 9 –

MUG 10 –

So now they’re back under plastic for the night…
as I’m hoping to trim the bottoms tomorrow.