Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A HUGE Thank You to everyone who made it out to ART IN THE GARDEN this past weekend. During these crazy times, it was wonderful to get outside to see some of my Talented Friends with their beautiful artworks… as well as all of the wonderful friends, family, Fans & Followers that stopped by! We appreciate the love, support & encouragement… and we hope you’re loving the new artworks you took home with you!

But in case you couldn’t make it… here’s a small glimpse of some of the colors, textures & artworks that you missed from My Talented Friends!

AMY TAYLOR : silver hinged jewelry

CORY McCRORY : whimsical paperclay ceramics

DONNA SAUERS : glass bead jewelry


KEN STAGGS : wood turning


LYNDA WALLIS : beaded bracelets

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Looks like Cory has one last batch of colorful fun to wash with underglazes, glaze & fire quickly for this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. I’ve been enamored with Cory McCrory, her work, her textures & her whimsy ever since we met at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair several years ago… and we’ve been fast friends ever since! So much fun to have talented friends!!!

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Here’s a sneak peek at what my “cohort in collaborations” has been up to … looks like Cory McCrory has been working on our newest collaboration for this year’s ART IN THE GARDEN. Each year we do a special project together just for this one special art fair in Glenview! I’m sure there will be more photos to come… but for now it looks like Cory is keeping her secret project pieces “under wraps”!!!

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! August 29th & 30th, 2020.

Just four weeks away we’re hosting another ART IN THE GARDEN!!!
The garden is twice as large this year so there’s plenty of room for social-distancing & safe shopping! It’s one of only two outdoor art fairs that I’m able to do this year… so please keep it safe, wash your hands and you MUST wear a mask!!!

It’s one of the most fun art fairs as several of us like to do one-of-a-kind collaboration projects to “reveal” at the show. You can see many of us making things in our studios to get ready… and maybe get a glimpse of a collaboration or two if you look close. Check out the list of my talented friends in the Comments and follow them all on social media.

Click here to follow ART IN THE GARDEN on Facebook… as more details, picture s& information will start to appear over the next few weeks!

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Well, my friend Cheryl is still at it…
painting the boards in downtown Aurora after the riots with other artists & volunteers!

And lookey here…
now she’s apparently the COVER GIRL too!!!
Well done Cheryl… keep up the good work! YOU ROCK!!!

To see more of Cheryl’s “real” work, click here at

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After the protest, riots & destruction that swept through Aurora this weekend, my friend & amazing painter Cheryl Holz has spent the next couple days doing what she can to help her town recover. So of course… SHE’S PAINTING!

Making the town look alive, vibrant & open for business.
Trying her best to be part of the solution.
Making a difference.
Using her talent for a good cause.

Be sure to check out her amazing work at

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So this weekend was supposed to be “ART-A-WHIRL” up in Minneapolis… a big studio tour & art sale in the Twin Cities. And I was planning on being the Guest Artist of my friend & amazing metalsmith Sarah Chapman before this corona-craziness shut us all down!

Want to see more of Sarah’s work… click here!

Needless to say, I’m NOT in Minneapolis, and Sarah’s studio is not open for the tour. But she is hosting a “virtual” tour on her website! So if you’re looking for some amazingly cool jewelry to spruce up your “quarantine look” – check-out the link below for more info! Her work is incredible… I just wish I were there in person this weekend to play with Sarah… while we both would be showing off our wares! Maybe next year?!

Click here to shop Sarah’s website of beautiful things!!!

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For those of you saw Cory’s amazing teapot in process a couple days back… and were wondering what the final teapot looked like AFTER the final firing??? Well, here you go… and it’s AMAZING!!!

And while you’re at it… be sure to go see more of her work and follow Cory on Facebook!!! Click here!

Here are a few detail shots… all whimsically crafted by Cory!
Some great details & accents that have come out of the COVID-19 lockdown & quarantine. Just a few more signs of the times!!!

While “documenting” the whole concept of Shelter-At-Home… of course Cory had to pay homage to the whole face mask situation! So many people making masks of their own… and Cory making even more, but now on such a small scale!

Notice the clothesline hanging between the teapot & spout…
and the wonderful masks hanging out to dry!

Hopefully there’s some days in our future soon where we won’t need those darn masks any more!!!

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So my friend Cory McCrory has been working on a new teapot for an upcoming show. And don’t for a moment think it is a “normal” teapot thrown on the wheel like I would make. Oh no… that’s NOT how Cory rolls!

Instead, Cory makes these elaborate, handbuilt sculptures with paperclay that have made me smile for YEARS!!! We first met at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair when our booths were one row away from each other. I could see her work, she could see mine… but we didn’t have a lot of time to go over and look as we were both busy in our booths. But I could already tell from a distance that I was enamored already!!! I finally made it over to her both and instantly fell in love with Cory AND her amazing work!!!

So if you’re NOT following Cory on Facebook or Instagram, you definitely should be!!! She’s been working on this amazing teapot for the past couple weeks… and graciously been sharing photos every step of the way. I’ll post a “teaser” of the finished underglazed version as it goes into the kiln here. But for the full “start-to-finish” Photo Album, click here for a link to her Facebook page.

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So here I am still showing off some of my pottery collection! Here’s another kitchen cabinet with my Steven Hill dinnerware set. Long story… it’s all here on my blog if you just do a quick search for Steven Hill… I never thought I was going to get it… it was a long time coming… but Steven pulled through, and “surprised” me with these beauties!

Great glazes. Great pottery. Great guy!!!
Thanks Steven!