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This past week my LILLSTREET THROWDOWN students rocked my word!!!
They were challenged to make Salt & Pepper Shakers… with a theme!

I gave them a list of some of the most popular Beatles songs.
And then the TOP TWO winners of the first in-class challenge got to choose their own song title. The the second TOP TWO winners from the second in-class challenge got to “assign” the rest of the themes to everyone else in class! So they left class with a classic Beatles song on which they had to base their salt & pepper shaker set on… with a thematic tray to hold them all together.

So how well do YOU know your Beatles Songs? See if you can figure these out…






But I especially loved how the holes “unintentionally” lined-up to become eyes!!!






And our TOP TWO WINNERS for the week…



So there they are… a bunch of AMAZING salt & pepper shakers!!!
They definitely stepped up to the challenge!!!


Need a few answers to the Beatles Trivia S&P Challenge???

CLAIRE –         Blackbird
JON –                Rocky Raccoon
TERESA –         I Am The Walrus
DAVID –           While My Guitar Gently Weeps
RYAN –             Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
SUSAN –           Yellow Submarine
TAYLOR –        Across The Universe
JACOB –           Norwegian Wood
MOLLY –          Octopus’s Garden
DONNA –         Strawberry Fields
TATIANA –      Paperback Writer


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Fall is coming… and my latest harvest of gourds is about ready to be picked… err, fired!
Handmade gourds with some colored slip accents that should change during the soda-firing process. These little babies will be salt & pepper shakers complete with a gourd leaf tray for them to sit on.