Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I’m a firm believer that generally gourds are cooler than pumpkins!
Great colors combinations, funky textures, groovy shapes & squiggly stems… even better when gathered & displayed in a handmade stamped bowl!!!

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Another photo entry for Texture Tuesday. In a strange kinda way… the colorful sumac I just posted photos of “reminds me” of this colorful stamped & soda-fired handbuilt vase. I think it might be the nice ombre range of colors?!

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Another grey & dreary day in Chicago… so it’s always a welcome surprise to find a splash of color like this sumac bush in my front yard! Loving the range of colors and the natural overlapped textures created by jagged leaves!

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You know how much I LOVE rusty metal…
so it’s perfect for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with some natural stone erosion along the lakefront. I love the layers, the shading & the textures that happened from all of the crashing waves over the years!

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For class tonight I did a couple demos of throwing plates & platters. For this dinner plate I channeled my inner Steven Showalter… trying out some of his amazing textural slip work! Thanks Steven for being such a great teacher & sharing so much online. Love your work, your techniques & your willingness to share! I just payed it forward!!

Be sure to follow Steven on Instagram – @stevenshowalterpottery

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Summer may be drawing to an end all too quickly, but there are still plenty of flowers to bring indoors to make it last just a bit longer. A few simple stems in an ikebana vase can make a dramatic splash on your table! And celebrating TEXTURE TUESDAY with these stamped & soda-fired textures!

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Just a little bowl of fun for TEXTURE TUESDAY.
Fun shapes. Fun colors. Fun textures… and what makes them even “FUNNER”???… they all rattle just ‘cuz they can! Come play with them this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview!

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It was a VERY late night last night as I started to add some “character” to the newest addition to THE GHOULS COLLECTION. Typically “revealed” at Art In The Barn in Barrington… but since that was cancelled four months ago, the new Ghoul will be coming to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!! As long as I get them done?!!! Pressure’s on.

But first?… back to another day of Summer Camp!!!

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So one of my Saturday morning “Intermediate” students bought her first few DiamondCore Tools… and then quickly set-off on carving a tall vase. Looks like she’s already well along the way down that proverbial “slippery slope”!!! Way to go Stephanie – looks great. Love all the crazy-cool textures!!!