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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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New tools mean it’s time for some new carvings! Playing around with some new patterns & textures using my new PF5 fine point U-tip carving tool from DiamondCore Tools!

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Mother Nature kicked it outta the park again for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

And while I’m on nature, bark & texture… here’s a couple more…

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with a few spring ferns…
one natural, and one stamped & soda-fired!!!

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Making another TEXTURE TUESDAY happen in the studio.
Just stamping that “replacement” piece I had to make after Sunday’s ZOOM debacle!

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Four bowls. Four colors. Four textures.
All “four” another TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with this really cool wooden fence I saw on my bike ride today. Live the rustic part with flaking wood & mossy accents. But it was the really cool “almost ikebana” floral & bonsai-like growths coming through the fence that really sealed the deal. LOVED IT!!

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See what happens when it rains…
I keep sharing pictures while I’m stuck at home!!!

Okay, so a lot of you have already been to my place for “My Holiday Home Show” and have seen, touched & loved my tiled wall installation. It’s a small wall between bedroom & bathroom with just under 3,000 handmade tiles on the wall…. 2,894 but who’s counting?! All stamped, textured & soda-fired. It took awhile to install, but I LOVE the final piece… especially with my hardwood accents & overhead track lighting for added drama & shadows!

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Continuing my “Sheltered-At-Home Tour”…
as the sunshine is gone, it’s now grey & dreary, so no afternoon bike ride… here’s a wall hanging I made a few years back with some textured & soda-fired buttons, waxed linen & beads. I love the way it hangs, swings a bit & makes really cool shadows on the wall. The plan was to make more of these to sell at art fairs. But by the time I finished this one that took FOREVER!!!… I’m afraid this might just be a one-of-a-kind!!!

And that’s why it still lives on MY wall !!!

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Colorful flashing slips on vases & pitchers!
Sale starts in fifteen minutes only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page… you can start shopping as soon as the “official” Facebook Photo Album is published at 10:00am CST.

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Still working on a bunch of lidded jars in the studio. Good news that the lids all seem to fit!!! Sure, I’ve got a lot of trimming & finishing to do. The lids were thrown off-the-hump… so I still need to pull off that extra “cookie” of clay before trimming.