Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Another texture for Texture Tuesday… totally tubular… bonus!!!


Categories: patterns, soda-fired, stamped, textures

Another Texture Tuesday two-fer!!! One stamped & soda-fired…
another colorfully withering away


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It’s another Texture Tuesday… and another two-fer!
One in the studio and one at the Conservatory.

Categories: nature, soda-fired, textures

Kicking off my new TEXTURE TUESDAY CHALLENGE on Instagram today with a two-fer…
and I thought you might like to see it here too?!
Two different textures… one from my studio and one from Mother Nature.

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Kicking off a fun year-long photo challenge tomorrow!!!
You may need to follow me on INSTAGRAM to see all of my texture photos.
And then even better… please feel free to participate as well.
Just post a “texture” photo to your Instagram feed every Tuesday in 2020!
It can be anything with a texture… your own artwork, someone else’s work, nature, flowers,
inspirations, etc. It’s just that easy… at least one photo every Tuesday!!!…
with the hashtag #TextureTuesday !!!

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Loving how the sun streaming through the window is playing on the soda-fired surfaces on a couple vases sitting on my dining room table… especially that totally-unplanned shadow of a mug handle!!!

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Sometimes a simple wooden placemat is so much more!!!
Making cool textures with this placemat I got for free at a garage sale a couple weeks ago!!!

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So many colors. So many textures. So many patterns! Loving all of these different coleus plants that my Peoria friend Rosene has been propagating in her basement. She’s already working on next’s year’s crop… some of which might just make it up to live on my front porch next summer?!!!

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Stamped-not stamped.

Categories: bowls, classes, stamped, textures

After Tuesday’s class demo, I now find that I have a table full of not-so-basic bowls.
But you know my motto… MORE IS MORE.
So why not do a little more stamping & detailing?! So I did…

And for now they’re all stamped & detailed…
and going back under wraps so I can come back tomorrow to trim them all!