Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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But then again, not everyone loves purple… so there will also be a couple stamped plates & platters in other fun colors at ART IN THE GARDEN too! Remember, homemade food always tastes better on handmade pottery!

Categories: glaze, platters, pottery, stamped, textures

For all you “Purple Lovers” out there… there’s only ONE of these large stamped platters in purple for ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend. No pre-sales, no calling dibs… we’re just going old-school with first-come, first-served. You might want to come early tomorrow if you really love purple?!!!

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So my textured slab vases are all assembled, now with three small holes in the tops. How cute would it be to have a single flower stem in each of those holes???… enter Cory McCrory for some whimsical & colorful “additions” for this ART IN THE GARDEN collaboration!

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And now back to the collaboration that I’m working on with my pal Cory McCrory for ART IN THE GARDEN. I started with some stamped & textured slabs… and now assembling them into “box” vases… adding tops & closing them up!

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Boy, these class demo pieces sure seem to dry out fast?!…
even though it was under plastic, this lidded jar demo piece was surprisingly dry when I checked on it. Too dry to stamp!!! So I resorted once again to carving some patterns on the lid with my DiamondCore Tools. Sure they work best on leatherhard clay, but still work great on drier clay too!

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Carving through some white slip decoration… playing with my DiamondCore Tools again! Making fun leafy patterns through the widest band of white slip… to create a little color contrast when it’s glazed later.

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Always willing to share my DiamondCore Tools with my students… especially when they do some crazy cool carvings like this lidded jar that Ari was working on in class! Crisp & clean carving lines for everyone!!!

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Making grooves… pressing stamps… making frames… playing with textures on another Texture Tuesday!

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We’re well into Summer now… and you can tell by all of the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere! Like these wonderful zinnias with such great colors, textures & details. Pretty cool for another Texture Tuesday!

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After this week’s “bowls om purpose, not a cylinder gone bad” demo… I was left with fifteen bowls to finish up. Sure, I “coulda” left them the way they were. But, you know I co e from the school of MORE IS MORE!!! So here’s a few shots of what I’ve done with them since class!

So for now they’re all stamped & detailed… just waiting to be trimmed!