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I was also pondering what to do with that slip-stenciled rectangle inside one of the class demo bowls. Do I try to stamp it?… or carry-on with my carving spree??? So I continued playing with my DiamondCore Tools and carved out this pattern inside the rectangle. I wanted to accentuate the rectangle, but give it something fun to play with the glazes later!

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You know I’ve always said “MORE IS MORE”… well “more” of these little tiles are starting to come together! I’m kind of excited with this new “plan”… hoping they all come together for my “4×4 Sculpture Show” the first weekend in March with my talented friends Sarah Chapman, Darlys Ewoldt & Robin Kittleson! Mark your calendars!!!

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Just fidgeting & playing with some little textured squares. Not 100% sure of what I’m doing here… but I think I feel a little bit of a plan coming together. Hopefully in time for the “4×4 Sculpture Show” I’m doing the first weekend of March in Evanston. More details to come… if this plan actually comes together?!

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After a long string of home shows, dinners, treats, cheesecakes, holidays, get-togethers & more… looks like I suddenly have a stack of handmade bowls in my kitchen straight from the dishwasher to celebrate another Texture Tuesday!

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A little fortune cookie Scavenger Hunt at Illinois Beach State Park!
Handmade ceramic fortune cookies… textured, patterned, stained…
oh, and they rattle too!!!

So here we go… a few visual “clues” to help people find the hidden fortune cookies! Remember, there are twenty-three ceramic fortune cookies hidden throughout Illinois Beach State Park… both North & South Units. Kind of my way to share some “good fortune” for the New Year!

I hid them yesterday… so go get ’em!!!

Of course I’m not going to make it easy for you…
so these little “clues” may or may not help?! Plus, the photos are in no particular order! All part of the game… and FUN for me!!!

And a good thing I brought a couple extra fortune cookies with me…

I found this great piece of driftwood and thought that this would be a perfect place to stash a fortune cookie. When I set the fortune cookie into the hole on the top, it seemed a little wobbly. So I pushed it a bit further back… and it fell right in! ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM!!! I could hear it tumbling down inside… like through a “tube” down the center of the log! Never to be found until this piece of drift wood rots away! Whoops!

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Never too late to add more star ornaments to your tree!

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The large purple platter has been so popular at my art fairs this summer… and I typically only had one per show! Well, this time… I HAVE TWO AUBERGINE PLATTERS for this weekend’s Mud & Metal Holiday Home Show!!! Yes, two… count them TWO!!!

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More glamour shots of that same purple platter from last night’s kiln unloading. We’ve been joking about what “color” this actually is. Do we think it might be too pretty to just call it purple?… but if we call it something fancy like “aubergine”… then I think I should be able to charge twice as much for it!!! HA!!!

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A pretty little purple platter fresh out of last night’s kiln… before & after. It’s amazing what a little kiln magic can do to some powdered glaze chemicals!!!

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Celebrating a little Texture Tuesday with some colorful bowls… with a bit of textured stamping! Most of these will be available this weekend at my Second Holiday Home Show!