Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Well, here they are… your first glimpse of the final collaboration combinations! Mary Foster made the mini gouache paintings that fit perfectly in my stamped & glazed picture frames. A fun collaboration assembled & right now, drying overnight… and getting ready for their “Big Debut” this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. There are only ten of these mini-masterpieces… so you may want to come early?! No calling dibs!!!

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These purple clematis have been blooming all Summer… still pleased to see them going strong as we move into Fall. Love the flowers, but also love the “after-flowers”… a bit of squiggly fun for another “natural” Texture Tuesday!

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Here’s a close-up…
perfect for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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And while the pumpkins are “quick-drying”… I decided I had time for a few more pieces of kiln filler. Just a quick batch of textured stars to become Christmas ornaments after soda firing this weekend! Never too soon, right?!

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Just a couple more of my “hybrid mugs”… combined wheelthrown & handbuilt mugs… ready to go into the bisque kiln tonight. Loving the textures… and their “oversized-ness” as requested by a customer who bought a HUGE hybrid mug at the Hinsdale art fair and now wants another one!!! Perfect for another Mugshot Monday!!!

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Sure, my purple hyacinth bean vines have nice flowers & seed pods. But the also have great leaves with some very striking veining. Perfect for another “natural” Texture Tuesday!

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I always love a good studio process shot… like these sweet cups coming along in Cory McCrory’s studio! Looks like they now have bottoms… moving along nicely for our collaboration project!

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So here they are… sweet textured cups by my pal Cory McCrory. Getting one step closer to our collaboration coming together for ART IN THE GARDEN!

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So it looks like my pottery pal & “collaboration cohort in crime” Cory McCrory has been working in her studio making some parts & pieces for our ART IN THE GARDEN collaboration project. I love her handbuilt pieces with wonderful textures & whimsy!

Can’t wait to see how these pieces come together… and now I guess I need to start making MY part of the collaboration too, huh?!

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With ART IN THE GARDEN coming so quickly… many of the artists are working together to make some special collaboration pieces. Working with each other to create something fresh & exciting. I’ve got a few collaborations in the works… and these have got to move along in the process! Drying flat… and soon into a bisque kiln!