Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Tons of textures & colors at the Shepherds Harvest Festival. Lots to look at… even more to touch & feel. Such a tactile explosion for those of us who tend to touch everything! Lots of wool & yarns… but also some things I never thought I’d see?! Like the last photo… fish skin leathers!!!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with these crazy-cool leaves sprouting out on sumac branches in the neighborhood.

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Well, it looks like I’ve got a good bit of trimming ahead of me today… hoping to get it all done before teaching class tonight?! A bunch of bowls at a good leather-hard state ready for trimming… one of my favorite parts of the whole process!

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After class last Tuesday, I spent a little more time with my class demo bowls. Just did a little more stamping & detailing… making the bowls even more not-so-basicER!!!

And for now, they’re back under plastic for the night… going to have a LOT of trimming to do pretty soon!

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Another TEXTURE TUESDAY with some fun textures & glaze pooling effects on these soda-fired “hybrid” mugs! I’m always enamored with this glaze effect when it comes out of the soda kiln… and the glaze highlights & breaks in all the right places!

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And then last night after “stamping”… we continued on to “sprigging.” Kind of the opposite of stamping in a weird sort of way. Basically it’s pressing clay into a textured mold, and then popping out a little “medallion” of clay to score & slip and attach to the bowl. So the sprigs kind of turn into “inverted-stamps” creating a fun texture pattern wherever you choose to place them. All from one little handmade sprig mold… and more fun for my SURFACE DECORATION class last night!

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Last night in my SURFACE DECORATION class we all tackled stamping as their technique-du-jour! Not only did I bring down my pre-made bowls for them to play with… but I also brought some of my own handmade stamps! So we talked about some fun stamping techniques… and then I set them loose to do their own stamping!!!

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Adding a little texture, pattern & design to a large platter… using one of my handmade clay stamps. Pressed into the rim of the platter one stamp at a time… one by one… by one… by one…

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Soda-fired & highlighted in all the right places. Love how the unglazed surface caught the soda to create these details & highlights on this “hybrid” mug during my recent soda-firing!

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Celebrating a little MUGSHOT MONDAY with a pair of new “hybrid” mugs fresh out of my latest soda kiln. Loving this new texture from MKM Pottery Tools … and how the soda-firing process creates great colors & accents on the unglazed exterior!