Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with some stamped & soda-fired textures! I love how the soda kiln help accentuate all of the textures kinda randomly… and yet I can still get the fun colors to POP!!! Not every soda-fired piece of pottery has to be dark gray, white or brown!!! Just sayin’…

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Fall is definitely here… and leaves there are a-fallin’!
Loving the colors & textures… so different on every leaf.

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Yesterday was the last Andersonville Farmers Market of the season… and I had to swing by to “stock-up” on a few things that might last me awhile. Including some apples fresh from the orchard. My plan was to get one apple of several different varieties to try some new flavors. It wasn’t until I got home and put them out on this platter that I “realized” that I have no idea what kind each one is?! So if I do LOVE a new variety… I’ll have no idea what kind it is!!! ugh.

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Beautiful colors & wonderful textures… perfect for Texture Tuesday!

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A bit more carving with my favorite DiamondCore Tools … creating a fun texture covering the entire exterior of the bowl. For a hot-minute I considered carving the interior the same way… but didn’t… thought it might be too much to clean later?! But now I’m cautiously reconsidering…

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And there it is… after “just a few” stampings! I’m always enamored by how the repetition of just one handmade stamp can transform a smooth platter into a crazy cool textured pattern. Each stamped pressed in one by one… by one… by one…

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Fresh out of the soda kiln… and packing them up for this weekend’s ART IN THE BARN! I have a double booth again this year… so it’s twice the shelves & twice the pottery!!! I can’t wait to send some of these hybrid mugs off to new homes this weekend in Barrington!

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After several hours of painting with underglazes, the textured hats are done & ready for a layer of clear glaze to finish them off. Then into a kiln later… hoping to get them cooled off before I bring them out to Barrington this weekend for ART IN THE BARN.

Categories: terra cotta, textures, The Ghouls Collection

So like I said… I’ve been busy-BUSY!!! I typically make a Limited Edition of forty Ghouls each year for ART IN THE BARN. But why not make my job harder than usual?… and so decide to make a two-parter Ghoul this year?! Yes, my new Ghoul will come with a hat. I mean, who doesn’t like a Ghoul who can accessorize?! Yet at the same time… now I need to make forty hats AND forty Ghouls! That’s EIGHTY pieces instead of the usual forty!!! Yikes! At least I finished assembling the hats over the weekend… which gave me a bit more time to focus on the Ghouls!

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So it’s been a VERY busy past couple days… knowing that I’ve got to get my new Halloween Ghouls done by this weekend! I’ve spent a LOT of time in the studio over the weekend!!! So I’ve been handbuilding… adding parts & pieces to create the characters… and texturing as much as I can! And it’s so much easier with great textured handrollers from MKM Pottery Tools.