Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With three art fairs over the next three weekends, I knew that I needed to really “bulk-up” the inventory in advance. So I’ve been busily working in my studio trying to make LOTS of pots! I hope I have plenty of “hybrid mugs” for the three shows. Tomorrow I gotta start prepping, pricing & packing… dividing the inventory in three… something for everyone at every show!!!

Texture patterns created using my favorite MKM Hand Rollers. @mkmpotterytools

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Last night in class, I did a couple demos of plates & platters. One of the plates was kinda plain… so I decided to add some thick white slip & chatter through it with a rubber rib.

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Another “thick slip” demo this week… chattering while spinning to create some groovy textures & patterns. I usually do this demo on bowls… but it was kinda fun to do it a little larger this time on a platter! Can’t wait to see how the glaze pools & puddles in all the right places!

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Some crusty architectural flourish for another Texture Tuesday!

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After my class demo, my SURFACE DECORATION students went off to start carving on their own pots. So much fun to see them using different techniques & tools to create their own special carvings, patterns & textures!

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This week with my SURFACE DECORATION class, we tackled carving & slip trailing… okay, so mostly carving! We talked about carving textures & patterns into our pots with different tools to get different effects. Like some clean carved grooves using some of my DiamondCore Tools … and fun little circles with an old drill bit.

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So after Tuesday night’s “bowls-bowls-bowls” demo… I took my class demo bowls up to my studio. And there “just might have been” a bit more stamping & detailing done tonight. Just making my not-so-basic bowls even more not-so-basic-er!!! Allegedly…

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Some soda-fired fun for another TEXTURE TUESDAY! No glaze on the outside, except some tenmoku inlaid in the stamped impressions. All of the color & shine comes from some flashing slips & the soda-firing process itself!!!

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Early morning “ripples” through the glass block windows near the kiln room… it’s FIRING DAY!!!

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While we’re in-between sessions at Lillstreet, it still seems like the perfect chance to show-off one of my Intemediate students and her handiwork! While sharing my MKM Pottery Tools with my class, Jen decided to make a “quick” handbuilt platter using a couple of my MKM hand rollers. Jen is normally a “wheelthrower”… so she assumed this would be a “quick” project to crank out. But quickly found out that handbuilding takes time & patience as well… with a lot of attachments & things to clean-up. But look at this textured plate… it’s AMAZING Jen!!!