Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Dramatic clouds rolling across the farm fields while driving this morning. From a distance you could literally see the “edge” of the cloud cover moving in! Yet unlike the evening news, there was no line of arrows along the edge?!

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The snowdrops are still blooming… while today the SNOW DROPS again in Chicago?! What?… I want Spring!!! Not more Winter!

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No foolin’… it’s April 1st and I woke up to a thin layer of SNOW!!!
This ain’t no time for a picnic?!

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Well, we’ve waited a very long time for Spring colors to start coming back… I’m tired of Winter’s grays & browns! But in this case, I had to drive all the way down to St. Louis to see some Spring flowers just starting to bloom! And I’ll take ’em… and try my best to bring some color back to Chicago too!!

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Another beautiful morning with a dusting of overnight snow
& plenty of sunshine on some mossy tree bark!

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And this morning did not disappoint. Still a bit chilly this morning… but big potential there too as this afternoon is supposed to go up into the upper 60’s!!! WHOO-HOO!!!

And just when we think Spring is on its way… they’re also predicting more snow for Monday… DANG!!!

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And sure, the sunrise this morning was beautiful… but the lake is still frozen along the beaches… creating these crazy cool textures… that kinda look like a huge snowball fight has taken place there… with the sunrise illuminating a few along the way!!!

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Winter moments captured in snow.
Loving a good morning snowfall… powdered & pretty.

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Just a little bit of snow this morning… so pretty, so fun!!!

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And another one finds it’s way out of the frozen cold… and into a warm home! This little fortune cookie was found sitting right on top of the entrance sign to south unit of Illinois Beach State Park.

More fortune cookies still out there…
in both the north & south units of the park!!!