Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Like walking on sunshine… whoa ho… and don’t it feel GOOD!!!
– sing it Katrina & The Waves!

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Another hazy, hot & humid morning along the lakefront. Trying to get some sunrise miles in before the heat really settles in for the day. Another “sweaty” sunrise shrouded in the clouds

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A beautiful day biking out amongst the cornfields!

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Since the pandemic, we have NOT had any water fountains anywhere around the city! All shut down with the fear of spreading disease through close contact at the drinking fountain. Finally, some of the fountains were finally turned on along the bike trail… I’m guessing they’ve determined they’re safe enough… and better than dehydration during the recent hot-spell. But it was funny to see them this morning playfully dancing in the wind!!!

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The storm rolled through this afternoon around 4:00pm… enough to end the art fair an hour early… and by 5:00pm it was gone! And we were once again treated to blue skies & dramatic clouds!

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Day One of the GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR is done!
It was a bit warm today, but I have a great booth spot in the shade with a great breeze all day! So nice to be back outside at a live art fair with great customers & friends stopping by!

Not too bad… until the storm rolled through to cut-off the last hour of our show! It’s never a good sign when everyone gets an alert to their iPhones of an imminent thunderstorm warning in the area!!! Clouds, wind, rain… but not enough to cause any damage!

All good… and looking forward to another good day tomorrow! I hope you have a chance to stop by to see me in Booth #39 from 11:00am-5:00pm tomorrow!

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Not much sunrise drama this morning… because all of the morning drama was hanging out low over the City. Low clouds shrouding the City’s skyline as the humidity blows through.

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Caught playing in the rain.
Beautiful hydrangeas after a little morning rainfall.

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Crazy cool & colorful caladium leaves… when texture, color & pattern collide in Nature!… with a few raindrops!!!

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Rainy day.
Dripping on textures.
Creating puddles on hosta leaves.