Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Categories: nature, seasons, weather

Another gusty windy day in Chicago! A lot of leaves dropping from trees, flying around, swirling everywhere and eventually piling up in the darndest places!

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The overnight temperatures dropped quickly, and it looks like the ginkgo trees dropped their leaves quickly too! Still more leaves to go… but for now, there’s a beautiful carpet of golden leaves on the ground.

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Sure, the beautiful 70-degree days may be gone, but it was still an amazing day for another bike ride. The Fall colors are trying their best to hang on for a few more days… and I’m very thankful. Blue skies, a few more clouds and a few more miles! Giddy-up!!!

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Nothing but blue skies heading home from my afternoon “hooky” bike ride along the Lake! Always fun to see the City from the “other” side!

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Icicles, already?!!!
You’ve got to be kidding!

Sure, it felt a little colder this morning when I set-out on my bike… but I am by no means ready for THIS!!! It was a beautiful sweeping sunrise with a nice splash of color! But it was the frozen splashes on the pier fencing making the first icicles of the season that really struck me. Yep, struck me as too soon. TOO SOON!!!

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Still enjoying some beautiful Fall moments & colors. Even though it feels like their time is quite limited. It came down as snow, but quickly melted into water droplets.

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Another wet morning… oh wait,
I think that looks like snow coming down?!

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Another wet morning… as seen through my living room window.

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With a forecast of a warm & partly-sunny afternoon, I decided to take the afternoon off to play hooky at the Illinois Beach State Park north of the City. A new adventure destination for me! As I drove further north, the temp started to drop. As I got close to the park an ominous fog covered the sky. The waves were crashing all around but oddly coming coming out of a foggy distance. The colors were beautiful but oddly shrouded in fog… as I pretty much had the entire lakefront park to myself in an isolating fog.

The scenery was AMAZING…
albeit not the warm & partly sunny afternoon by the lake I had expected.