Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A bit rainy & slushy today… but not too much accumulation in the City. So does this still count as our first official snowfall of the season???

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So my morning ride started a little earlier than normal. Had to catch the lunar eclipse as I watched the earth’s shadow cross the moon. Very cool. Very early. Doesn’t happen very often… as our next one is not until 2025… it happens only about every year and a half when the sun, earth & moon all align for this wonderful sky show!!!

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You know you’ve gotten a “good amount” of rain lately when you LITERALLY have cattails growing in the curb-gutter of the city streets?! Too funny… and oddly, I LOVE this!!!

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Blue sky fun down at Navy Pier today
as we enjoyed a beautiful Fall day in Chicago.

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A huge THANKS to everyone who came out for ART IN THE GARDEN yesterday. We had a great time in Amy’s idyllic garden with beautiful weather all day. Such a great setting for a wonderful show. The weather forecast for today does not seem quite so ideal… but we will still be out there from 10:00am-5:00pm so c’mon by with your umbrella! I mean, pottery only looks better when it’s wet!!!

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Another beautiful blue sky day as seen from below.

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Dramatic clouds rolling across the farm fields while driving this morning. From a distance you could literally see the “edge” of the cloud cover moving in! Yet unlike the evening news, there was no line of arrows along the edge?!

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The snowdrops are still blooming… while today the SNOW DROPS again in Chicago?! What?… I want Spring!!! Not more Winter!

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No foolin’… it’s April 1st and I woke up to a thin layer of SNOW!!!
This ain’t no time for a picnic?!

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Well, we’ve waited a very long time for Spring colors to start coming back… I’m tired of Winter’s grays & browns! But in this case, I had to drive all the way down to St. Louis to see some Spring flowers just starting to bloom! And I’ll take ’em… and try my best to bring some color back to Chicago too!!