Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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ABORT!!! ABORT!!! I just got up for the morning bike ride, got geared up and headed out. Sure, my weather app said 70% chance of rain… but being the eternal optimist, I thought I could squeeze in my ride before it went up to 90% at 6:00am. Wrong. So I pedaled two or three miles. Sprinkles. Another one or two and bit more rain. So I made the wise decision to head home. The winds shifted & picked up. The temperature dropped quickly. More rain… and just as I was walking up my back stairs… DOWNPOUR!!! Guess sometimes those weather apps are correct??? Huh.

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My morning under a sheet of ice… as seen through my frozen windshield.
Looks like someone’s gonna be scraping… and late!!!

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So what better place to be than curled up in front of the fireplace with some hot cocoa in a stamped handmade mug. Looks familiar. Thanks to my buddy Pammy for showing off how she spent her afternoon!

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I know it was crazy hot & humid in Chicago this weekend…
but good god man, this is ridiculous!!! The posted temp this morning!!!

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The weather was SPECTACULAR today!!!
Some may even go as far as saying that it was HOT?!!!
The blue skies, high temps and cool breeze made it perfect for touring the Minnesota countryside on the quest for pottery.

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Soon enough the sphere at Chicago’s Solder Field will again be covered with vines.
But on another cold & rainy day… not so much.

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Another beautiful day. Another wonderful bike ride.
Another great excuse for putting off my taxes for one more day.


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Looks like the Spring flowers weren’t too happy about the snow either. We’ve got some droopy daffodils this morning. At least the clear blue skies & bright sunshine make it all a bit more bearable… and beautiful.

Welcome to Spring in Chicago!!!

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I must admit I was a little surprised and taken aback this morning by the surprise snowstorm overnight. My mind has already shifted to Spring mode… and not snow! And not just snow, but a fun crusty layer of ice underneath. Guess I need to pull the ice scraper back out?!

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After a beautiful sunrise, followed by some Lake Effect snow, I went out to the Kane County Flea Market with my cousin Kim and friends Gerry & Rosene. We were faced with crazy gale force winds, blizzard-like white-outs, moments of sun, followed by hail, then more wind and more SNOW!!!

What’s going on?…. well at least we all found some great rusty “treasures”!!! My cousin Kim had just about had enough of the cold weather… while I found it QUITE entertaining!!! So crazy… on, off, snow, sun, clouds, wind, on, off, etc.