Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Another day of October Snow!!!… good thing that this can’t go another day!
Well, snow maybe… but not October!!!

And here I thought the leaves were supposed to fall off BEFORE the snow?! Silly me.


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Blue skies. Clear skies… and a couple geese! Could it get any more BEAUTIFUL?!!!


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With a hazy-foggy start to the day… the skyline was engulfed in fog & dappled clouds.

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So yesterday we set-out for a long bike ride through the rural farms of the far West suburbs of Chicago. It was a very HOT & sweaty day… 80 miles in over 80-degrees… with lots of rolling hills, blue skies and beautiful barns.


Somewhere along the way, the storm clouds moved in, the radar alert system was ringing our phones and we needed to find shelter quick. We rolled into Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve in St. Charles… and ducked under a big party tent from a wedding the day before.

My friend Chris advised that under the tent was not the best idea…
but the sky opened up and the deluge began!!!

About a minute later, the winds kicked in and ripped the tent right out of the ground, flopping in the breeze as we ran indoors for safety! We were dripping wet… safe… laughing… and that effectively cancelled the last fifteen miles or so of our ride!

Thanks to Beckie’s husband Jim for driving over to “save us” from the storm!



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After teaching Summer Camp yesterday, I got to sneak in a quick 36-mile bike ride before coming back to teach my night class. You know I “had to” take advantage of the nice weather… as the next few days don’t look so good. Very cool to see that one big cloud hanging low & hovering amidst the Chicago Skyline.

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So yesterday turned out to be so much better than expected. Blue skies… and none of the rain predicted. A beautiful surprise for Day One of the SCHAUMBURG PRAIRIE ARTS FESTIVAL. Not a bad view from the back of my tent.

However… if you’re looking for me in my “usual” spot… I’m not there!!! They basically closed the grassy park Friday and moved all of us artists onto the non-squishy pavement. So c’mon down to parking lot for more pottery today from 10:00am-5:00pm.

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It’s April… mere days away from May… and then THIS happened today?!
What?… snow again?! I thought we were done with this stuff.

Looks like someone at Lillstreet jumped the gun with their flowers?!
But then again, who would ever expect now this late in April?!

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As the temperature soared into the upper 70’s this afternoon, it was the perfect chance to hop on my bike and play hooky for the afternoon! Squeezed it in before teaching class tonight… which was good as the temperature also plummeted about thirty degrees this evening!!!

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Just because it’s a big snowy mess outside… doesn’t mean that it isn’t still beautiful. It’s just pretty with an oddly slush-covered layer of mid-Spring snow on top of the pretty!!! No worries… it’ll melt… and maybe Spring will eventually get here for real?! Maybe…

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And the snow just kept coming down… heavy slushy snow!!!
They do know it’s the middle of April, right?!!