Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Rain on the redbud tree. Sadly, no bike ride this morning. Mwah, mwah, mwa-wet.



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Hey, at least we had sun for a few hours before this cloud front moved in.
You can almost see Tom Skilling’s row of dashed lines & triangles up in the sky
right along that line of clouds!


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Sure, Monday’s eclipse may have been a big deal, but I kinda prefer a “sweet eclipse”!!!

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A very big and well anticipated sky show this afternoon.
Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy here in Chicago… a bit anticlimactic…
but here’s a cool photo of the eclipse from Instagram.
Special thanks to Glynnis Lessing for the clouded eclipse photo!

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Well, after yesterday’s storms, the clouds were still hanging out and the winds were quite strong. I was at camp and in the studio ALL day yesterday… apparently the storm was worse than I thought?!

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More clouds than sun this morning… more wind too!!! Most would have rolled over & gone back to sleep. But they would have missed the cool waves crashing all around… including up & over the bike trail at the S-curve of Lake Shore Drive. And yes, for the record, I pedaled through and my shoes got soaked. It’s just water, right???

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Incredibly clear blue skies today. That is until the clouds rolled in late this afternoon. I kinda expected to see a line with little triangles along the edge of this cloud front like you see on TV weather forecasts!

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ABORT!!! ABORT!!! I just got up for the morning bike ride, got geared up and headed out. Sure, my weather app said 70% chance of rain… but being the eternal optimist, I thought I could squeeze in my ride before it went up to 90% at 6:00am. Wrong. So I pedaled two or three miles. Sprinkles. Another one or two and bit more rain. So I made the wise decision to head home. The winds shifted & picked up. The temperature dropped quickly. More rain… and just as I was walking up my back stairs… DOWNPOUR!!! Guess sometimes those weather apps are correct??? Huh.

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My morning under a sheet of ice… as seen through my frozen windshield.
Looks like someone’s gonna be scraping… and late!!!

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So what better place to be than curled up in front of the fireplace with some hot cocoa in a stamped handmade mug. Looks familiar. Thanks to my buddy Pammy for showing off how she spent her afternoon!