Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Dark & cloudy with waves crashing all around. It seemed like the “smoky-haze” has mostly moved on… only to be replaced with a chilling wind & dark gloomy clouds! Tough pedaling this morning as the wind seemed to be coming at me from every direction!

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I had hoped for a beautifully sunny day like yesterday… apparently not so much. Instead we got a lot of gray… and maybe just a small splash of red (which I brought with myself).

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After nearly a week of rain, gray clouds & wind… it was finally AMAZING outside today!!! Making it the perfect day to play hooky along the lakefront! I got to ride my bike all afternoon, stopped to play several times, kicked my shoes off and RELAXED in the summer sun!!!

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And that’s about as close as we came to seeing the sun today!
Well, the last three days… who am I kidding?!

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Okay so this morning was pretty clear & cloud-free…

Yesterday we had some great drama in the skies. Lots of clouds & LOTS of wind! The ride south to the City was amazing… but then the whole ride back home was into a very strong headwind! So strong that the red beach warning flags were waving strong… and a little bit upwards???

And some crazy places where the lake is so “overflowing” that the lakefront path is flooded… with WHITECAPS!!!

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Looks like I might need to pedal a little faster?… dark clouds moving in!

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What a beautiful day along the Chicago Lakefront… although it was one of those days where I couldn’t quite tell if it was sunny or cloudy?! I changed my mind every five minutes or so… either way… BEAUTIFUL!!!

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While the clouds over the lake were playing with sunrise colors… I had a little surprise when I looked back and found a RAINBOW!!! What?! I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a “sunrise rainbow”??? Is that a thing?

Needless to say… where there’s a rainbow, there’s also some rain. So I pedaled home through some light drizzle. Hadn’t planned on that… but it was still more than worth it!!! Another beautiful morning!

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So I thought April Showers bring May flowers?!
And if so, what do MAY SHOWERS bring??? Flooding perhaps?
A view of my street from up on my front porch!
It’s been raining ALL day… and it’s still coming down!!!

So what else do May Showers bring?
Me curled up under a blanket melting into the sofa all day!!!

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What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday was blue skies & bare trees. Today it’s gray clouds & snow-covered.
Winter in Chicago… still beautiful either way, either day!