Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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As the temperature soared into the upper 70’s this afternoon, it was the perfect chance to hop on my bike and play hooky for the afternoon! Squeezed it in before teaching class tonight… which was good as the temperature also plummeted about thirty degrees this evening!!!

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Just because it’s a big snowy mess outside… doesn’t mean that it isn’t still beautiful. It’s just pretty with an oddly slush-covered layer of mid-Spring snow on top of the pretty!!! No worries… it’ll melt… and maybe Spring will eventually get here for real?! Maybe…

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And the snow just kept coming down… heavy slushy snow!!!
They do know it’s the middle of April, right?!!

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Considering today was “supposed” to be our first official organized bike ride… not too excited about seeing this snow on my windshield. Needless to say, the ride was cancelled as this was only the start of the incoming snow!!!

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A frosted start to the morning.


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And just when I thought the snow was beautiful in Chicago, I get this photo from two of my pottery students currently in Joshua Tree, California. Thank you Jon & Patti for making our Chicago snow “not-so-pretty” real fast.

Your snow is STUNNING!!!
You win!

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A beautiful layer of light fluffy snow this morning!

Loving the contrasts of color, texture & positive-negative spaces!

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Evergreen encased in ice this morning…
along with everything else shimmering, shining & frozen!

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You know I love a good sunrise, but some days there is just no sun…
but instead sheets of ice covering everything.
Still pretty cool in my book… just another beautiful way to start the day!

And yes, you can thank the streetlight for the sparkle & shimmering shine!

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Sure, we might have a dangerous ice & sleet storm headed our way tonight with big weather advisories going on… but the second stalk on my amaryllis is in full bloom so at least it seems like Spring “might” be on its way at home?!