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Two of my students made the trek up to The St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour… and found a great photo-op when they swung by The Rogue Potters! You know how the movie “Ghost” is kind of the bane of a potter’s existence?!… and how that song & movie get referenced at the start of almost every session?! Well, I guess if you can’t beat ’em… join ’em?!!! – – – Well played Katie & Jen!

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Enjoying some of my favorite Christmas movie while getting ready for today’s festivities. This one makes me laugh out loud… as some have told me that I am in fact Buddy The Elf… what with my “glitter gig” Christmas decorating & subscribing to the same four food groups… candy, candy canes, candy corn & syrup. Okay, so maybe I would switch out candy corn for marshmallows?!

So what’s YOUR favorite Christmas movie???

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So I tried a new “LIME” glaze in this kiln… and it kinda strikes a childhood holiday memory this time of year?!!!

You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch… I can’t decideyea or nay???

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So I was just driving home late tonight north along Lake Shore Drive… and I was concerned when I got downtown and traffic stopped to a halt with far too many blue light police cars, firetrucks & ambulances all in one intersection by the Yacht Club. Traffic STOPPED!!! We sat there… and then big plumes of smoke came up!!! Concern increased… something big & tragic must be going on ahead. Several of us carefully turned around and detoured through the City to get back on Lake Shore Drive further north of that intersection.

As I was driving north on Michigan Avenue, I was struck by even MORE blue lights & police cars on every block. I assumed it might be the “new normal” after all the the rioting we’ve had. Sad that THAT is the thought, right?!

But when I got home…
I found out that it was all for a MUCH cooler reason!!!
Kinda exciting… I feel much better now.

Click here to see what was going on downtown tonight!

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Okay, so you all know I watch far too much TV,
and a lot of Netflix movies & TV show binges in my studio…
but with all of the COVID stuff going around these days…
maybe these two weren’t my best choices?!

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I’ve been told I’m just like Buddy the Elf…
and I’m totally okay with that. I think we follow the same four basic food groups
& over-the-top enthusiasm for Christmas!

So what’s your favorite Christmas Holiday movie?

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Elsa & Anna did not disappoint. Beautiful & entertaining.
Although I was even more entertained by the birthday party of 20 little girls
in the two rows directly behind me… laughing, singing & gasping in all the right places.

And is it just me?…
but was anyone else anxiously waiting for one last refrain of “Let It Go” somewhere???
Nope… not even during the credits?!

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While hanging out in Lake Placid getting accustomed to the town, prepping, eating & relaxing… Chris and I decided to go see a matinee movie in town. Luckily the theater was playing the new “live action” version of THE LION KING. Of course I was excited as I love the original animated version. But don’t think that the symbolism was lost on me…

That the movie is all about losing a parent figure
and then needing to step up and make the best of yourself moving forward.
To discover who you are, grow and never forget who has passed before you.

Thanks Mom… I got the message!
Hakuna Matata!

Lion King

losing a parent

Hakuna Matata


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A wonderful night kicking off the holidays with a movie double-feature holiday sing-a-long at the Music Box Theater. Two Christmas movie classics, buttery popcorn, plenty of caroling, ugly sweaters (not me) and even Santa leading the sing-a-long!!!

Oh yeah…. “White Christmas” and “It’s A Wonderful Life” in case you were wondering!


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Sure, I know I “should” be home setting up for tomorrow’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW.

But how could I be expected to miss the midnight show at The Music Box Theater.
Especially when it’s a sing-along interactive version of “Little Shop Of Horrors”?!!!