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With summer over… so are the Summer Art Fairs! But always fun to look back to a fun art fair highlight! I loved the collaboration birdhouses I made with my pal Cory McCrory for ART IN THE GARDEN… and the excited shoppers who scored one of the ten colorful birdhouses! Such a fun collaboration project… and so fun seeing everyone with their whimsical new birdhouses!

Can’t wait to do another collaboration with Cory for next year…
for the 10th Anniversary of ART IN THE GARDEN!!!

And an extra special birdhouse… where she “just had to have” this birdhouse with the two bluebirds on top. And then she explained that she is a TWIN… and loved the two birds on top!!!

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Looks like my friends Keith & Julie are celebrating NATIONAL PUMPKIN DAY today! A cute little shelf with four of my pumpkins grinning back at them! Plenty of pumpkins & country charm to get them through the day!

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While some of these Ghouls are classics… they’re also Limited Editions! So there are no more Mummies, Frankensteins or Witches. Pumpkins will be around for years to come… and tomorrow night I’ll be selling off some of the “newer” Ghouls only on my Facebook pottery page with my “GHOULS & PUMPKINS SALE.” If you’re looking to start your collection, or add a few more characters to your Ghouls Collection, there will be Scarecrows from this year, plus Werewolves, Vampire Bats, Pirates, Little Red Devils & a few different Pumpkins! Some are more “limited” than others… like the Werewolves as there are only TWO of them left!!!

“GHOULS & PUMPKINS SALE” – Wednesday, October 18th at 7:00pm CST
only on my Facebook pottery page! Mark your calendar & set a timer!!!
It’s gonna be first come, first served!!! More details to come!

Click here…

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It’s a spooky Friday the 13th night… and it looks like there are more ghouls coming out to play! Yep, another line-up of my Halloween characters hanging out on a bookshelf! Not quite the “full” Ghouls Collection… but quite a few nonetheless! They’re all made as a Limited Edition. And when the new “yearly” character is gone, they’re gone for good. But… there “might just be” a little bit of a “Ghouls & Pumpkins Sale” only on my pottery Facebook page next week of those characters still in my inventory!!! More details coming… Pirates & Devils & Scarecrows, oh my.

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It’s the first chilly Saturday night of October… and the Ghouls are coming out to party!!! Here’s an almost complete collection sparkling with some festive Halloween lights… missing just a couple Ghouls from the party! Thanks for sharing Chris!

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Just in time for ART IN THE BARN… the “big reveal” of this year’s new Ghoul to add to the collection! SCARECROWS!!! Adorably smirky “brainless” scarecrows… each with a hat to finish the look. It’s a Limited Edition of forty and they’re available this weekend at ART IN THE BARN in Barrington, Illinois. On the grounds of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital. It’s the original farms of Quaker Oats, so the barn is pretty cool… as well as the corn crib, machine shed, silo, and so much more! And this weekend… it’s all filled & surrounded by talented artists. Come on out this weekend for a fun Fall art fair! And stop by the Lower Barn in booths E4&E6 to say hello!!!

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All forty Ghouls painted with underglaze… and ready for a quick layer of clear glaze. Pushing the deadline… but you know I work best under a tight deadline!!!

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So here they are… the first real “peek” of this year’s new addition to The Ghouls Collection! Just picture them in color and with a hat… maybe some “straw” colored underglazes?! !!! Keep in mind they will make their real debut at ART IN THE BARN this weekend. A Limited Edition of forty… and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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After several hours of painting with underglazes, the textured hats are done & ready for a layer of clear glaze to finish them off. Then into a kiln later… hoping to get them cooled off before I bring them out to Barrington this weekend for ART IN THE BARN.

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So like I said… I’ve been busy-BUSY!!! I typically make a Limited Edition of forty Ghouls each year for ART IN THE BARN. But why not make my job harder than usual?… and so decide to make a two-parter Ghoul this year?! Yes, my new Ghoul will come with a hat. I mean, who doesn’t like a Ghoul who can accessorize?! Yet at the same time… now I need to make forty hats AND forty Ghouls! That’s EIGHTY pieces instead of the usual forty!!! Yikes! At least I finished assembling the hats over the weekend… which gave me a bit more time to focus on the Ghouls!