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And now back to the pottery…

Kicking off my Saturday by meeting with my “very first art fair friends” who commissioned an oval casserole dish. They wanted a nice creamy, ivory-ish, neutral white… so I’m giving them two choices! Hopefully they’ll love at least one of them!!!

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A little bit of sunlight to help accentuate the stamps & colors of this shallow bowl?…
platter?… bowl?… bowl-platter?… bowlatter?!!!


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Categories: bowls, glaze, stamped

So I unloaded my cone six glaze kiln this morning. The “special request” bowls for a friend to give as a Christmas gift came out… and turned out pretty darn sweet if I do say so myself.

She only wants one blue bowl and one green bowl.
But I can’t just make TWO bowls, right?! So I made two sets instead!!!

Very similar… different stamps, different patterns and a slightly different green!!!


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I may be stuck in the studio glazing tonight… but why not be a bit festive at the same time?! So I’m “celebrating” with a Christmas classic… or so I’ve been told… my first time watching “The Santa Clause.”

So what’s YOUR favorite Christmas movie???

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Glazing up my final kiln of the year!
And yes, that special order for matching bowls is in the kiln, as well as two sgraffito platters & some bowls that have been “collecting dust” on the shelves in my studio! So I dusted them off, cleaned them up and sprayed them with some glaze! Can’t wait to see them… they might just make the perfect gift?!!!

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Some beautiful stamped green bowls fresh out of the kiln for this weekend’s
Holiday Home Show MUD & METAL.
Sure to go fast…
Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm & Sunday 10:00-4:00pm!!!

And if green’s not your thing… plenty of other colors & soda-fired finishes as well.
Plus incredible jewelry by Amy Taylor!!! Something for everyone on your list!!!


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Just another stamped & glazed green platter ready to go home with some lucky shopper
this weekend during MUD & METAL… my Second Holiday Home Show!
There’s only one of these babies… so come early!!!

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Here’s a sneak peek at the glaze test tiles I fired last weekend for my friend & tile-maker Mike Skiersch. Some successes. Some not so good. Some still a little scratchy… and a few typos!!! I did like two of them a lot… hopefully he’ll share these recipes when they’re more fully tested and ready to be put into production!

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When my tile-making friend Mike Skiersch found out I was firing a cone six kiln… he was eager to “squeeze in” a few new glaze test tiles! Little did I know they would be so large, so perfect and so many. No worries… I’m always anxious to see some new glazes. I just hope a couple of these new recipes work out perfect… and that Mike is willing to share the recipes with me?!