Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The large purple platter has been so popular at my art fairs this summer… and I typically only had one per show! Well, this time… I HAVE TWO AUBERGINE PLATTERS for this weekend’s Mud & Metal Holiday Home Show!!! Yes, two… count them TWO!!!

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More glamour shots of that same purple platter from last night’s kiln unloading. We’ve been joking about what “color” this actually is. Do we think it might be too pretty to just call it purple?… but if we call it something fancy like “aubergine”… then I think I should be able to charge twice as much for it!!! HA!!!

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A pretty little purple platter fresh out of last night’s kiln… before & after. It’s amazing what a little kiln magic can do to some powdered glaze chemicals!!!

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Glazed, loaded & ready to go! Just need to shut the lid, cross my fingers & turn the kiln on! A big batch of glazed Christmas Trees coming soon for this weekend’s Second Holiday Home Show!!!

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Glazing is going well… just a few more trees to glaze before loading the kiln tonight! If everything goes well, these will all be out of the kiln & ready for this weekend’s MUD & METAL SHOW… My Second Holiday Home Show!

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With my second Holiday Home Show coming quickly this weekend… I’m pretty sure I can squeeze in one more glaze kiln before then! Got some bottoms to wax… and then some glazing to do!!! Quick…

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Fresh from the kiln… one beautiful purple platter for this weekend’ HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! Full stamped with a beautiful aubergine purple glaze. There’s only one… and it might go fast?! No dibs… just first come, first served!!! Good luck…

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My carved green bowl fresh out of the kiln…
just in time for this weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

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A great combination… an empty soda kiln & my studio cart FULL of glazed & wadded pots. Late Friday night I loaded the kiln with a LOT of pots to be soda-fired on Saturday. My rolling cart has to travel from my second floor studio down to the first floor kiln room… on a very rickety freight elevator. So I always add some “seat belt” straps of masking tape to help keep pots in their place on the trip down!

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So now the stamps have their inlaid glazed… and a liner glaze too! The outside stays basically unglazed as the soda-firing process will finish & “glaze” the outsides for me! Now to start wadding all of them…