Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Hot summer night… cool summer salad…
even “cooler” in a stamped & glazed serving bowl.

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It starts as a food dish, but then becomes a chaise lounge?!
Even my friend Chris’s bearded dragon deserves a fancy handmade
stamped dish to call his own!!!

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Today my Summer Campers finished all of their pieces… glazing all of their stoneware pieces warm out of the kiln, as well as trimming, glazing & finishing their terra cotta pieces they made yesterday! Here’s two of my favorites… especially the bowl with the great glaze pattern… and you know how I LOVE a great spiral!!!

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Two sessions worth of class demo bowls that I finally got around to glazing!
Cleaning, packing & pricing… just in time for this weekend’s art fair in Schaumburg…
and saving some for two weeks later in Hinsdale too!!


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Well lookey here.. one of my advanced beginner students Michelle has been working hard to make a nice plate… and by golly, she sure did!!! Of course I LOVE everything about it. Not that I had much “influence” on her… but it sure is a great plate Mish Dish!!!


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Okay, so the first side of my studio cart is glazed, wadded & loaded.
Time to turn around the cart and start filling the other side with work.
I’ve found that a “full cart” pretty much equals a full soda kiln.
Give or take a few pieces that I might need to glaze as I load?!

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Starting off the day by gluing my wads onto the bottoms of the pieces I glazed yesterday… getting them ready for the soda kiln… as well as making room on my work table to glaze the rest of my bisque today!

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And it’s not just mugs… just glazed some pitchers too!

Categories: glaze, mugs, process, production

Spent a lot of time in the studio glazing… painstakingly inlaying tenmoku glaze into the stamped impressions! And then adding a liner glaze getting ready for this weekend’s soda kiln firing! Lots of mugs… and I still have a long ways to go!!!


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Getting the glazing & wadding started with mugs… GIDDY-UP!!!