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Looks like it might be time to consider glazing something?!

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Three little lidded boxes that I glazed for the soda kiln… whoops, what, no lids?! Guess I might “need” someone else to make a lid for these? I think I sense another fun collaboration in the making here. More to come…

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Celebrating Spring with a glazed pop of color.
Okay, so maybe not quite so bright & vibrant, but then again neither is today’s weather!
Happy Spring… kinda.

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And for those who didn’t quite get to see the beautiful glaze combo runs on today’s mug…
here’s a glamour shot without the snow covering any of the mug!!!

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… here’s a quick peek at the bowl we “bubble glazed” last week as part of our class demo. I think it turned out pretty sweet. But I’m kind of wondering where the second layer of green bubbles went to? The bowl has a base glaze of white, then a layer of blue glaze bubbles, and then a second layer of bubbles using a green glaze. I swear. Sadly, the green seem to have disappear.ed… but the blue bubbles still look great! Scroll back about a week to see how we did this!

Click here to jump back about a week to see how we did our bubble glazing demo!
With great photos of Melissa blowing bubbles everywhere!!!

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A quick glimpse of my stamped vase that will be part of “FLOURISH”
a new gallery show opening tonight in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex from 6:00-8:00pm.
It’s a collection of vases made by several of the Lillstreet ceramics instructors.
Different styles & techniques showcasing the wide range of teachers we have at Lillstreet!

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As part of the “Demo On Demand” portion of my pottery class, last night we returned to the novelty fun of bubble glazing! A little glaze in a small cup, mix in some liquid dishwashing detergent… add straw… and BLOW!!! The soapy-glaze will start foaming & frothing out of the cup. Carefully let the bubbles rest on the sides of your pot. As the bubbles pop, they leave this really great random pattern all around. For my demo bow, I first dipped the bowl in Shaner White to give it a good, overall base glaze. Then I did a layer of bubbles with Josh Blue glaze. And then decided to go for broke and add a second layer of bubbles with Apple Green Celadon. Here’s my bowl as more of the bubbles are popping and leaving cool designs.

But then, not to be left out, the “demo-demander” herself jumped right in to start blowing bubbles!!! Melissa gave her bowl a base coat of glaze as well, and then decided to try some Cohen’s Copper Red bubbles. We’re all anxious to see the results when they come back out of the glaze firing!

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So I’ve been rushing around this week trying to get everything set-up for this Saturday’s Second Holiday Home Show. I’ve even glazed and fired a cone six glaze kiln just to replenish the shelves!!! I unloaded the kiln tonight… always fun to see the bright pop of colors in a cone six firing. A stark contrast to the earthy colors of a soda kiln firing. And I’m pretty pleased with how the glazes I’ve made are not only nice colors, but are also breaking & highlighting the stamped patterns really well.

Mark your calendar for THIS SATURDAY for “Mud & Metal” A Collaborative Holiday Home Show. It’s at my place this Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm!


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And while we’re selling mugs online today, I’ve been in the studio waxing bottoms and glazing a kiln full for this weekend’s Second Holiday Home Show! Shelves will be replenished, shlepping sale will be restocked, and a lot of new pots fresh from the kiln!!!