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So last week during my SURFACE DECORATION class, my students got their glaze test pieces back from the kiln! The week before we focused on some “different” glazing techniques… and I encouraged them to try something new that they’ve never done before. They’re always hesitant to try new things on their own pieces… so I actually gave them some bisqued cylinders that I made for them ahead of time to play on! Overall, I think they all liked the results… learning some new tricks along the way. I kind of wish we had used a bit more glaze on a few of them that were looking for some good glaze drips running down the sides… not enough glaze, not much of a drip!

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Spent the afternoon prepping, pricing & packing… getting ready for the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival this weekend. Sort of enamored with this collection of colors & textures… you know how I love a “not-so-basic” bowl!!!

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This platter turned out pretty special… I’m loving this green color & how it works so well with the stamped textures & spiral grooves. There’s only one… and it will be available at the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival tomorrow. Who knows… it might go fast?!!!

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What a difference a kiln firing can make!!!

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All lined up… ready for a quick layer of wax resist on the footrings… then some quick glazing before teaching class tonight. I’d love to get them in the kiln soon… as this coming weekend is the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival!!! And I’d really like to have some of these berry bowls ready for this weekend!!! Fingers crossed…

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Another TEXTURE TUESDAY with some fun textures & glaze pooling effects on these soda-fired “hybrid” mugs! I’m always enamored with this glaze effect when it comes out of the soda kiln… and the glaze highlights & breaks in all the right places!

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A little early morning glazing! Flower pots now with a liner glaze & inlaid glaze in the stamps… both with my favorite tenmoku.

Next up for these?… wadding!!!

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This batch of stamped mugs now has inlaid glaze in all the stamped impressions.

Next up?… tenmoku liner glazing! I like to work in an “assembly line” kind of process.
Finish one step, then move onto the next.

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Glaze on… glaze off. Busy putting tenmoku glaze into the stamped impressions on my mugs. I like how the dark inlaid glaze really makes the stamped textures show up so much better!

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Just a couple more fun glaze combos from Chelsea… on a couple of my class demo pieces from several sessions ago! Like I said, I don’t like glazing. So some of my class demo pots tend to “pile-up” on my teacher shelf after bisque firing. So when Chelsea said she wanted to glaze a few things… I was there and ready to volunteer a few pieces! And if these cool color combos continue… I’m willing to offer up even more!!!