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The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time for another online sale!
A quick chance to grab up one of sixteen mugs!!!
The perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list… even if that someone is YOU!!!

So the plan is much like the last online sale…
I’m posting photos of all sixteen mugs here on my blog. Both sides of each mug for comparison. Some are the same on both sides, while others have some dramatic flashing effects from the soda-kiln firing!

Then this Wednesday, December 6th at 7:00am CST, I will post the “official” Photo Album on my Facebook pottery page. Once posted on Facebook, it’s gonna be a first come, first served race to the end. The first person to post a “MINE” Comment on a photo in the Facebook Photo Album with “claim” their prize. The online sale will continue until midnight Friday, December 15th.

Feel free to post comments here on the mugs, but keep in mind that ONLY the first person to Comment on Facebook will get the mug! Use this blog posting as your “window shopping” opportunity before the store opens!

Each mug is priced at $50 which includes shipping & handling (within the contiguous US please.) And remember, that all mugs are handmade and one-of-a-kind. As well as food-safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe… just not gravity-safe!

Click here to go to my pottery Facebook page. Be sure to click LIKE so you’re ready for the big sale this Wednesday!

Mug 1 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 2 – soda-fired porcelain

Mug 3 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 4 – cone 6 glazed stoneware

Mug 5 – soda-fired porcelain

Mug 6 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 7 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 8 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 9 – soda-fired porcelain

Mug 10 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 11 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 12 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 13 – cone 6 glazed stoneware

Mug 14 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 15 – soda-fired stoneware

Mug 16 – soda-fired stoneware







Categories: bowls, glaze, stamped

A simple bowl, spiral bottom, repetitive stamping… and a pine cone for the fun of it!

Categories: color, glaze, stamped, textures

Concentric cone six circles. Some smooth, some stamped. All a beautiful shade of green!

Categories: glaze, stamped

Another fully stamped platter fresh out of the kiln. Cone six glazed with a new honey amber glaze that I recently mixed up. I’m loving how it is breaking & pooling all of the right places!

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I have a great rolling cart in my studio that my Dad built for me years ago. Turns out that when I fill the cart with glazed work, it pretty much equals a full soda kiln. So when I’m done glazing, I need to take it downstairs on the rickety freight elevator to the kiln room. I like to add bands of masking tape to the outer edges to keep the pots safe on the shelves during transit… kinda like a masking tape “seat belt”!!!

Categories: glaze, process, production

So, I’m trying to get my act together quickly…
as I still have a LOT of glazing to do…
and I need to load the soda kiln tonight for tomorrow’s firing!

Still inlaying glaze into the stamped textures. Once it dries, I’ll wipe it out so the dark temoku glaze only stays in the stamped recesses. A light glaze over, some wadding, and they’ll all be ready to go. If only it were really that easy?!


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There’s something almost therapeutic about waxing the bottoms of pots. I like to use a green tinted wax so I can easily see where I’ve already waxed.


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A quick glimpse at some of the mugs that came out of my most recent cone 6 glaze kiln LATE Friday night… just in time to make their way to ART IN THE BARN. Some might have still been a bit warm?!

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The newest addition to The Ghouls are GLAZED!!!
The crazy green color is actually a low-fire clear glaze. The real colors will pop-out after firing… and that’s not the only thing that will be popping-out!!! Just sayin’… hint, hint…

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Some more festive pumpkins to replenish the Halloween stock.
Under the low-fire clear glaze (which looks green now) there are the real pumpkin colors!