Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A first glimpse of the newest member of THE GHOULS COLLECTION!!!
A limited-edition of forty in BATS to join the rest of the creepy characters!
Assorted color combinations each with a slightly different personality!

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It took two electric kilns to get all of the Ghouls, Pumpkins & Jack-o’-Lanterns in to be fired.
Two kilns at the same time… so good to see these four letters TWICE!!!
A huge sigh of relief… can’t wait to crack them open to see the results!!!
And to pack everything up for ART IN THE BARN just in the nick of time!!!

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So my soda kiln firing seemed to go well yesterday. Fired very smoothly without any problem. So much fun to see it when the kiln is in reduction at the top temperatures and you’re adding the soda mixtures to create this fiery “explosion” shooting out everywhere!!! A magical moment… hopefully creating its own magic on my pots inside!!!

We’ll find out tomorrow night when I unload the kiln!!!
And so the waiting begins…

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So far so good. I started the soda kiln this morning and we already have some good color in the top peep hole. Can’t wait for those darn cones to start melting!!!

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With ART IN THE BARN next weekend, I tried my best to pack the kiln full of new pots that will be headed out to Barrington!!! Packed tight with a LOT of pots!!! It’s gonna be a long firing to “push” the soda through all of the pots. I’ll be soda-firing all day tomorrow… “plenty of time” before the art fair!

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Lots of pots packed in already… and this is only the back stack of the kiln!
I love when the pots fit in tight all the way to the top and hug the curve of the kiln ceiling.

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An empty soda kiln filled with potential & possibility.
Gotta love the patina, colors & textures created by soda build-up & residue
from the frequent firings in the Lillstreet soda kiln.

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The BEST four letters to see at the studio!!!…
err… well okay, maybe… sure, I can think of a better one!!!

I mean, let’s not get crazy!!!


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A quick bisque firing… as always a lot of mugs and a few bowls still a little “damp” on top!

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So you saw all of the prepping, glazing, wadding & loading…
so it only seems fitting to show you the finished results too!

I unloaded my soda kiln Monday night… and it was my quickest & most efficient unload ever… TWO HOURS unloaded, packed, shelves scraped, kiln washed, floor swept, garbage out, all done!!! In. Out. Done… oh, yeah, and a few pictures along the way!

Front stack of the kiln…

Back stack of the kiln…

And a few of the pieces still on the kiln shelves…