Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So here’s a little photo quickie… the same glazed platter before & after the kiln firing!!! Big difference. Pretty sweet, huh?! Just one of the large platters available at MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this week!

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Always great to see these four letters… one last kiln load fired & complete… fresh pots just in time for MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! It wasn’t quite cool enough to unload when I arrived, but hopefully it will be cooler after teaching class tonight!Don’t forget, you can still sign-up for a socially-distant & sanitized appointment time slots on my website.

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Just a couple quick “teasers” of the treasures I found in my soda kiln while unloading last Monday night… the front stack, and the back stack. It’s been a busy week unloading, teaching, biking and setting up for MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. There’s a LOT of new pots here that need to be cleaned, prepped & priced before they can head off to new homes!

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Well THIS can’t be good!!!

While I was in the Lillstreet kiln room tonight I saw this kiln shelf sitting in the corner. Another total meltdown!!! Seems to happen about once or twice a year… when a low-fire clay gets into a high-fire kiln. You never want to see this – or the note that goes with it!!! Always a sigh of relief when I can tell it is NOT one of my students!!!

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Okay, it’s kinda dark, but… I stopped into the studio tonight to do a bit of work, and to start cooling my kiln. I pulled the peeps and took a little peek inside. Here’s a quick look into the kiln where you can see the cone pack! Looking good so far…

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As I’m finally putting myself to bed, I just remembered I didn’t finish the day with a shot of the kiln as I put it to bed too! Sure, I may have gotten distracted by SNL… and their take on today’s historic events… but here it is. A glowing hot soda kiln. Turned off. Suddenly quiet. Cooling tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what kind of “magic” might have happened inside. Cuz’ this looked pretty magical at the end on the outside too!!!

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A few hours into the kiln firing, and it was time to put it into “reduction”… which means an imbalance of the air-to-gas ratio. You reduce the proportion of air to help seal-up the porous pots, solidify them and make them vitrified. It’s also when you start to see some fun flames shooting out of the kiln!

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It was “all systems go” this morning when I came back to the studio. Set the damper, the vents, the peeps and everything else as I turned on the kiln for the long day ahead!

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Closed up for the firing… it was a long evening of kiln loading last night. But always satisfying when you get all the bricks in the door frame. Hoping that everything is well-placed, nothing tips over, and no chunks of random kiln bits get inside anything! It was late when I finished last night… and early when I started firing this morning!!!

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And there it is… a well thought-out, three-dimensional puzzle of shelves, bricks & pots!!! I always want to squeeze in as many pots as possible, but you need to leave enough air space for the soda atmosphere to move around the pots to create the magic! Lots of shelves… lots of pots… and all fingers crossed!!!