Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So you saw all of the prepping, glazing, wadding & loading…
so it only seems fitting to show you the finished results too!

I unloaded my soda kiln Monday night… and it was my quickest & most efficient unload ever… TWO HOURS unloaded, packed, shelves scraped, kiln washed, floor swept, garbage out, all done!!! In. Out. Done… oh, yeah, and a few pictures along the way!

Front stack of the kiln…

Back stack of the kiln…

And a few of the pieces still on the kiln shelves…

Categories: kiln firing, pottery, soda-fired

Stopped in the studio earlier this morning to take off a couple layers of brick so my kiln can cool even faster. Pretty pleased with the first glimpses… can’t wait to see everything as I unload later tonight!!!

Categories: kiln firing, soda-fired

Stopped in the studio late last night to pull the peeps to start the kiln cooling!!! Here’s the first peek… and a well-melted cone 10!!!

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After starting the soda kiln early this morning,
it’s firing smoothly with a beautiful orange glow inside.
Pyrometric cones at the ready!


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When loading the soda kiln, you start with the back stack… one shelf wide stacked all the way up. Lots of pots. Lots of posts. Trying to balance packing it tight and getting a lot of pots into the kiln against leaving enough air space for the soda mixture to move through the kiln!

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Admiring what the soda mixture does to the kiln bricks over time… loving the textures & colored patina effect. Too bad it’s not good for the longevity of the kiln. Beautiful, yet slowly destructive as it “eats away” at the brick!

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Started last night’s loading with an empty kiln… and tons of potential.

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When I finished glazing & wadding last night, I had to take my studio cart downstairs to the kiln room… using the rickety freight elevator. So I use some strips of tape to work as “seat belts” so nothing jumps off the cart. Too bad I ran out of room on the cart… as well as masking tape! Had to switch to blue painters tape!!!

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Getting the glazing & wadding started with mugs… GIDDY-UP!!!

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Unloaded my bisque kiln this morning… all good, no explosions…