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Getting ready to unload a bisque kiln. Not my tightest nor well-packed kiln,
but pretty pleased that it all came so close to the top. And more importantly…
everything looks to be in one piece, even though I kind of rushed this one!

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After this morning’s sunrise bike ride, I swung by the studio to unload one last kiln for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN. And I was quite pleased with these large bowls. These green glazes worked perfectly with the stamping… pooling, breaking & running in all the right places! Can’t wait to show these off and to send a few off to good homes… maybe with a little add-on thanks to my “cohort in crime” Cory McCrory!!!

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One final kiln now cooling for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN.
Hoping to find a few more “treasures” inside… as well as the last of the
collaboration pieces I’ve been working on with my buddy Cory McCrory!

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Fired, cooled and door bricks removed… everything looks good so far!!!
Can’t wait to see all of the “treasures” hidden inside.
And yes, all of the flat pieces that I was concerned about look GREAT!!!

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Now THAT’s a lot of pots… a lot of flat pieces AND a lot of shelves!!!
I’ve never fired a soda-kiln with so many flat pieces. I hope that they all get “kissed”
with some nice soda atmosphere for some fun flashing effects. Fingers crossed.

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I started this weekend with a lot of work ahead of me.
One empty soda kiln waiting to be stacked & fired…
which means a LOT of pots to glaze, wad & load before that can happen!


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One of the side “perks” of doing the whole Pottery Tour thing is watching for the signs
along the road just north of Taylors Falls for The Rogue Potters. A fun group of potters
making their own way… with a great, “well-seasoned” wood kiln and a really cool
brick chimney going right through the roof!!




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Unloaded my latest bisque kiln early this morning.
Looks like another fun “project” well under way! Details to come…

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Well, the soda kiln has been re-built at Lillstreet. So excited to get it back in action with a first “christening” classroom firing this weekend. Always fun to see the “clean” bricks become soda-glazed after that first firing. Huge thanks to everyone who did the work to make this kiln re-build a swift reality!

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One step closer to a new soda kiln… torn down. cleaned up and a new fresh floor! Ready for some bricks to be stacked, packed & arched. Coming together this weekend thanks to several able-bodied kiln builders!