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Time to make some berry bowls… so much easier with a power drill to do the “heavy lifting”!!! Plus, the range of drill bits gives you a good selection of hole diameters!

Categories: pottery aprons, process

Funny story…
While I was making these crackled slip vases, one of them “slumped down” a little as I might have bulged it out a bit too far. I let it sit on my work table while I made more… mocking me… always looking at it thinking that the shape was bad. Questioning if I should just squish it up and do it again. But then I remembered one of my students Dan who always tries to flip-over his slumping pots to see if gravity will “un-slump” them. I figured what do I have to lose?! It was still firmly attached to the plastic bat, so I flipped it, tapped it a few times and then hung it upside down overnight in a bucket with plastic over it. The next day… voila’… the slumped area had “stretched” back out and the curve was all better… and perfect for trimming!!!

Thanks Dan for the unwitting motivation! HA!!!

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My Mom was busy this weekend apparently… and she cranked out three new pottery aprons!!! I’ve posted her handmade specialized potter’s aprons here on my blog. There are pictures of her current inventory and full instructions on how to claim yours!!! Limited to quantities on hand… so grab ’em quick!

Click here to see the full inventory and instructions.
Or you can always click on the “Handmade Pottery Aprons” tab
in the right column at any time to see her current inventory.

In case you’re wondering… here are the three new ones!