Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Rolling textures & patterns onto some thin slabs using my MKM Pottery Tools … press & roll smoothly to get some impressive details. The real question though… what to make out of these textured slabs now?!

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Gotta LOVE some good textures… and these amazing wooden hand rollers come from MKM Pottery Tools. I have quite a collection, making great impressions for some slab projects I’ve been working on lately in the studio!

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You know how you tend to unknowingly “collect” tools… left behind by students… found on the floor… randomly on your shelf… found in the sink… and when you finally clean out your tool boxes you start “gathering” tools and suddenly you have this great “art installation” of wire tools in your studio!!! Well, I think I have enough wire tools to last me awhile… but I may need to employ a couple summer campers to untangle them for me this summer?!

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More trimming, more fun.
You know how I love trimming…
especially with my DiamondCore Tools & Giffin Grip!
Two of my favorite tools working well together to get the job done.
Spinning fast, gripping tight & trimming sharp!
Especially on these pieces still left over from last session… before the holidays!!!

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After about a month of slowly drying under plastic, this class demo platter from last session was a bit drier than I would like it to be. Things dry over time, right?! Good thing my DiamondCore Tools are sharp enough to trim their way right through the stiff clay!

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Had a nice “shout-out” on Instagram yesterday from the folks at DiamondCore Tools! I used one of their diamond grinding bats to “save” a few mugs from bad glazed & wadded bottoms! So easy, so smooth… all the more reason why I LOVE DiamondCore Tools !!!

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I did a LOT of trimming today… mugs, vases, jars, etc. Could have been a tough day… but so much easier with some of my favorite studio tools! Loving my Giffin Grip & DiamondCore Tools … the perfect pairing to make trimming a joy!!!

Makes me LOVE TRIMMING even more!!!

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Oh, and one more… possibly my favorite of the bunch! It’s one of my new “hybrid mugs” which is a combination of wheelthrown & handbuilt techniques. I’m loving the pattern, and the way the glaze is running, dripping & breaking in all the right places. Huge thanks to MKM Pottery Tools for making great textured hand rollers that make great patterns like this!!! Crisp & clean textures perfect for rolling on slabs. Who knows… this one might be a “keeper”?!

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Thrilled to be spinning & trimming so smoothly again! So much better with my Giffin Grip back in action. Even better when paired with a great trimming tool from DiamondCore Tools. Two of my favorite tools working together… making my trimming life so much better!!!

Studio life is so much better when you have the best tools!!!

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So excited to have some new replacement parts for my Giffin Grip!!! If you recall, one of my bottom brackets broke a couple weeks back… surely from years & years of over-use!!! My friend Lisa tried to “fix it”… but it didn’t work. But the wonderful folks at Giffin made sure I was back up & running! Thrilled to get back to trimming like a Rock Star!!!

For the record, they offer a wide range of replacement parts & additional bumpers & posts online if you need to upgrade YOUR over-used Giffin Grip!