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It’s always fun to share my collection of DiamondCore Tools with my students. We were focusing on sgraffito as this week’s SURFACE DECORATION technique. And I wanted them to learn how to do sgraffito the “right way”… and that means by having some great tools to do their carving!

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My students had a great time with their sgraffito projects last Thursday night. They all realized that the hardest part is making the very first mark carving through the colored slip. It’s like looking at a blank canvas & freaking out just a little about how & where to start. But once they started carving with my DiamondCore Tools … they found out how much fun it was… and how tough it is to stop!!!

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After the sgraffito bowl, I went for a more geometric treatment of a larger dinner plate… carving through the band of black slip to reveal a pattern of the lighter clay body. Just trying to show my students that there are different styles… and that not all sgraffito needs to be so illustrative. Again, carving clean lines & smooth curves with my DiamondCore Tools.

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This week in my SURFACE DECORATION class, it was Sgraffito Night! I had suggested that they all bring some leatherhard pieces to carve through. I did a couple demo pieces & my students did their own thing too!!! So much better with good carving tools from DiamondCore Tools! My first demo piece was this small bowl with an ombre’ blend of white & black slips.

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Doing a little bit of trimming quickly before teaching tonight. Love when the ribbons come flying off cleanly & quickly… especially when working with my DiamondCore Tools & Giffin Grip. The perfect combo for some quick trimming fun!!!

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While we’re in-between sessions at Lillstreet, it still seems like the perfect chance to show-off one of my Intemediate students and her handiwork! While sharing my MKM Pottery Tools with my class, Jen decided to make a “quick” handbuilt platter using a couple of my MKM hand rollers. Jen is normally a “wheelthrower”… so she assumed this would be a “quick” project to crank out. But quickly found out that handbuilding takes time & patience as well… with a lot of attachments & things to clean-up. But look at this textured plate… it’s AMAZING Jen!!!

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For those of you attending NCECA this week… the national clay educators conference & trade show… be sure to check-out the folks at MKM POTTERY TOOLS! They’ve got some amazing hand rollers to try out… and some fun postcards they’re passing out!!!

Hey, lookey there… it’s ME!!! …and some of my soda-fired “hybrid mugs” on the MKM postcards!

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Time to start another batch of my “hybrid mugs”…
a combination of wheelthrown & handbuilt parts.
And amazing textures & patterns using hand rollers from MKM Pottery Tools.

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While sharing my textured hand rollers from MKM Pottery Tools in class, one of my Intermediate students tried to make her own version of my “hybrid mugs.” Darcy has been getting some great results by wheelthrowing a cylinder, then rolling a textured pattern on the sides & then cleaning up the rim again on the wheel. Always good to a student take your “inspiration” and then find a way to twist it & make it their own!

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Rolling textures & making patterns with one of my MKM Pottery Tools hand rollers… working with slabs to make some fun pieces for next weekend’s “4×4 : FOUR MAKERS” pop-up exhibition & sale!