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These tools have been very productive today!
Gotta love a full day of wheelthrowing… at least until you start to run out of shelf space to store the pots under plastic?!

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Last night in class, Darcy asked if she could borrow some of my DiamondCore Carving Tools… and of course I said YES!!! She was excited to try some carving on her large vase from last week’s class… and was kind of amazed at how sharp & crisp the lines were!!!

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Trimming a couple large bowls today before the snow!
Smooth & crisp ribbons of clay just peel right off
with my DiamondCore Trimming Tools!

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After fulfilling my BERNIE-quotient for the day…
It’s back to the studio for some trimming. Gotta take a little clay off the bottoms of these cylinders & add a nice footring so I can start turning them into mugs! Special thanks to DiamondCore Tools for making these really great trimming tools for smooth trimming, clean lines & groovy squiggles of clay as they come right off!

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In my Advanced Wheel class on Thursday, I did a little sgraffito demo for them on the demo platter I had thrown the week before. It’s a little different as I’m used to white clay with a dark slip… whereas this one is a dark clay with a light slip. I used a colored flashing slip, so “the plan” is that this will go into a soda kiln at some point… just to see what happens. I’m not sure the carving is done yet… but this is as far as I got during the class demo with my DiamondCore Carving Tools. I’ll do a bit more carving & cleaning up before I let it start drying.

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After playing in the fog yesterday, I figured I better hunker down and get some work done in the studio today! I mean, it’s still raining outside so I have no diversions, no excuses! So I’m starting with some trimming with my DiamondCore Tools & my fast-spinning Giffin Grip! A perfect studio combo!!!

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Tackling the bottoms of some new stamped platters in the studio today. To trim a clean footring across such a wide expanse, it helps to have sharp trimming tools… like this favorite from DiamondCore Tools!

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Sure, I could have left this bowl with the simple ombre colors gradating from blue to orange… but MORE IS MORE, right?! So I decided to do a little carving through the colored slip with my DiamondCore Tools instead!

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Before teaching class this morning, I did a little more sgraffito carving on this large platter. I started the carving as part of last week’s class demo for my Intermediate class… but then kinda “forgot about it” under plastic in my studio. So now I’ve done a bit more carving & cleaning up with my DiamondCore Tools.

I think it looks a lot better than how I had left it after class?!

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Tonight in class, Kelly had a plate that she wanted to decorate. She had hoped to do some stamping, but it was a bit too dry already. So she did some sgraffito carving instead. And to make her carving lines cleaner & sharper, I brought down my collection of DiamondCore Tools for her to try out. Always a good choice for crisp carving lines… and I’m always willing to share!!!