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Oh, and one more… possibly my favorite of the bunch! It’s one of my new “hybrid mugs” which is a combination of wheelthrown & handbuilt techniques. I’m loving the pattern, and the way the glaze is running, dripping & breaking in all the right places. Huge thanks to MKM Pottery Tools for making great textured hand rollers that make great patterns like this!!! Crisp & clean textures perfect for rolling on slabs. Who knows… this one might be a “keeper”?!

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Thrilled to be spinning & trimming so smoothly again! So much better with my Giffin Grip back in action. Even better when paired with a great trimming tool from DiamondCore Tools. Two of my favorite tools working together… making my trimming life so much better!!!

Studio life is so much better when you have the best tools!!!

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So excited to have some new replacement parts for my Giffin Grip!!! If you recall, one of my bottom brackets broke a couple weeks back… surely from years & years of over-use!!! My friend Lisa tried to “fix it”… but it didn’t work. But the wonderful folks at Giffin made sure I was back up & running! Thrilled to get back to trimming like a Rock Star!!!

For the record, they offer a wide range of replacement parts & additional bumpers & posts online if you need to upgrade YOUR over-used Giffin Grip!

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You know how I LOVE my Giffin Grip!
It’s such a wonderful pottery tool that makes centering & trimming so much easier! And I was banking on it for trimming all of the commission mugs! So imagine my surprise when I put it on the wheel and it wasn’t centered any more?!!! Apparently one of the black clips on the underside had cracked from over-use!

Luckily my studio neighbor was there… and tried to fix it for me with some plumber’s putty and a big vise clamp! I know they sell replacement parts, but we’re hoping this might work!!!

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So I finally got around to trimming these new textured vases. They’ve been under plastic for quite awhile… as I did this demo with my SURFACE DECORATION class a couple weeks ago! We used some of my textured rollers from MKM Pottery Tools to press the pattern into a straight-sided cylinder… and then expanded them while throwing on the wheel. I’m intrigued by where this little texture journey might go… more to come!

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Just a few of the new “wheelthrown-handbuilt-combo” mugs fresh out of the soda kiln! These are just a few of the orange ones… my favorite color! I’m loving the bright, clear color, the flash of soda-white that highlights the textures & the all-around-the-mug texture pattern! Many of the textured patterns were made with hand rollers from MKM Pottery Tools.

Methinks there’s a very good chance that a few of these might just make their “Big Debut” at the HINSDALE FINE ART SHOW this weekend.

And yes, I’m still looking for a clever name to call these new mugs!
Open to suggestions… please…

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Tonight in my SURFACE DECORATION pottery class, we’re tackling a little sgraffito!!! I’ve got a couple surprises ready for them… and sharing my collection of DiamondCore Carving Tools for them to play with!!!

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Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE trimming?! Especially when you get such clean cuts, lines & smooth edges with my DiamondCore Tools!!! Spinning fast, ribbons of clay coming right off the pots… making cool spirals & piles of trimmings!

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We’re nearing the end of the month…
and again, I’m looking for a little inspiration!