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Hanging out in the studio tonight watching The Emmy’s… happily trimming with my DiamondCore Tools… so smooth, so sharp, so crisp! Surprisingly, The Emmy’s aren’t too painful to watch without anyone there! Glad I have some more mug cylinders to trim though… a nice diversion when an acceptance speech drags on a bit!!!

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Playing with power tools again in the studio…
what better way to make clean holes than with a power drill???

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So one of my Saturday morning “Intermediate” students bought her first few DiamondCore Tools… and then quickly set-off on carving a tall vase. Looks like she’s already well along the way down that proverbial “slippery slope”!!! Way to go Stephanie – looks great. Love all the crazy-cool textures!!!

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So I just ran across this in my Facebook feed… and I thought I should share it!!! You know LOVE their carving & trimming tools… and here’s a great chance to give them a try!!! DiamondCore Tools is offering a great discount for first-time buyers!!! Just go to their website, order up a bunch of tools. enjoy your discount… and be sure to tell them that I sent you!

Click here for a direct link to their website… then start shopping!!!

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This past Tuesday night in my wheelthrowing class, I shared my DiamondCore Tools with some of my students to try out. They loved the sharp-crisp carvings & trimmings that they made. And then Katie tackled a bowl she made with marbled clay of ochre & B-clay. As if the marbled swirl weren’t cool enough… Katie carved a repetitive pattern on the sides to reveal an even cooler pattern within the marble!!! Well done Katie… I love it… as you know, MORE IS MORE!!!

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Categories: process, production, stamped, tools, vases

Okay, so I just “had to” crank out a last-minute batch of mini bud vases! If I’ve planned correctly, these little cutie patooties will “just barely” make it into this weekend’s soda kiln!!! And yes, smaller pots do get smaller stamps… and I do still trim everything! Even if they’re teeny-tiny!

Gotta LOVE a good spinnin’ Giffin Grip!!!

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Trimming the latest batch of mugs with my new trimming tools from DiamondCore Tools! Still loving the feel of the handle, the sharpness of the blade… that and the fact that I just LOVE TRIMMING!!!

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Spent the evening in the studio doing some more trimming with my new DiamondCore Tools! Their new trimming tools are pretty sweet… nice & sharp as you would expect, a comfortable wooden handle, and a bonus “carved shape” on the end of each one! Looks like they’ve just found their “new home” in my studio. Gotta LOVE some good pegboard!!!

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Just one of the sgraffito platters that will be part of this evening’s POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page… just four hours away! They’re each hand-carved & one-of-a-kind… so when they’re gone, they’re gone! Starting tonight at 7:00pm CST.

Special thanks to DiamondCore Tools​ for kick-starting my sgraffito adventures… a few great carving tools and look what happened!!!