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So, those wedged balls of terra cotta have been thrown into cylinders.
Just the “base” for a Halloween Ghoul still to come… so now it’s time for some
handbuilding, stylizing, carving, creepifying, and ghoulitizing!

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Throwing clay. Throwing large.
Big shallow bowls to hold big things… or lots of little things!!!

Making LOTS of large bowls for my upcoming show ART IN THE GARDEN
in Glenview. Gotta move them along quickly if they’re going to be glazed in time!

Now if only they had a companion?…     Cory???

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We’re just three days in, and my new batch of Summer Campers are well on their way. We’ve already centered, thrown, trimmed, stamped, slip painted & decorated a LOT of stoneware pots. All labeled and drying for a quick overnight firing so we can glaze them all on Friday! Things move fast around here during Summer Camp!!!


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Looks like one of my Summer Campers didn’t quite get the memo…
that the clay is supposed to become a pot, and NOT fill the splash pan?!!!
At least Olivia is having some good goopey, sloppy fun!!!


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Yesterday was “hump day” at Summer Camp as my kids finished their first batch of stoneware pots in Wheelthrowing Camp. A lot of fun new pieces in all different shapes, sizes, colors… and a few animal faces!!!

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As we are in Week Nine of ten, we’re coming down to the wire in my LILLSTREET THROWDOWN pottery challenges class. Last night was their final “Quick-Throw Challenge.” Tallest cylinder thrown with just one pound of clay in 15 minutes. A classic challenge testing their basic throwing skills. I think they were all surprised to find out it wasn’t quite as easy as they had assumed.

After the time was up, we did a bit of comparing…
trying to rank them from top to bottom… tallest to shortest for points!



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Last week my class tackled sgraffito for the first time!
They worked on cylinders and then were challenged to throw and finish a sgraffito platter by next Thursday.

So last night I was at the studio and I saw a handful of my students working hard on their assignment. So good to see them all taking the challenge to heart… and helping each other so much. So supportive. So encouraging. But then the Throwdown Challenge was Thrown Back at ME!!! One of my students challenged me to do the sgraffito platter challenge as well. And you know how I LOVE a challenge!!!

I’m in.
So last night I threw my porcelain platter… and tried to dry it a bit faster than normal.

After awhile, I added a band of black slip along the perimeter. This will be the “canvas” for my sgraffito decoration. Now I just need to figure out a plan… what my design is going to be.

Oh yeah, and I need to find some time to work on this before Thursday night’s class?!!!!
That’s the really tough part!




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It’s been a productive day! This time with another batch of basic cylinders…
can’t wait to see what these turn into?! So much potential in a plain cylinder.
Cuz’ you just can’t leave them like this, right?!

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Apparently it’s all about small plates & dishes today?!…
otherwise those berry bowls & flower pots would just leak all over the place?!
And that would be no bueno!