Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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This week in my pottery class I showed my students how to throw taller cylinders… and to lift the extra clay up & away from the bottom. Then I challenged them to throw their own tallest two-pound cylinder. Looks like Jacob & Janet took it to heart, as they were pretty much neck & neck for most of their challenge!

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So I just sub taught Lisa’s Sunday morning pottery class… where we did my favorite “Demo On Demand.” We tackled stamping bowls, throwing off the hump, lidded casseroles… and sharing all of the tricks & tips I could pull out along the way. So much fun… those three hours just flew by!!!

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Playing with porcelain. More mugs coming soon!

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Okay, so I’ve thrown all FORTY base cylinders…
and a few pumpkins while I was at it. Now it’s time to start “Ghoul-ifying” them.
Just adding another Ghoul to the collection next weekend at ART IN THE BARN!!!

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These are the base cylinders for this year’s Halloween Ghoul character.
It’s a Limited Edition every year, so I only need to make FORTY!!!
Got a few more cylinders to throw…

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Porcelain vases thrown this morning & already moving on to the stamping phase.
I love a good productive day in the studio!

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Not bad for a little early morning production!

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Also threw a new batch of round discs tonight…
soon to be stamped, slip painted and soda-fired. If all goes well,
these will be ready for ART IN THE BARN as ikebana flower vases!

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After throwing all of the cylinders I’ll need for my collaboration project…
I still had some time & some clay.

It’s never too soon to start making Christmas ornaments, right???

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Back from last week’s “adventure”… and back in the studio & back on the wheel.
Feels so good to be be back in the saddle again!