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One of the best parts of NCECA for me is getting to see some of my pottery friends, former teachers, online contacts & more! Always great to run into someone you know when you’re out & about – away from your normal path. Including running into some of my Facebook & Instagram “fans” who it was fun to stop & chat with… odd to be recognized only by my online presence?!!!

So much fun having a chance to hang out and play with my pottery buddy Steven Hill. He’s an amazing potter… and apparently the superstar for SKUTT Kilns & Wheels. He was participating in their trade show booth – both as a demonstrating artist, as well as the judge for their wheelthrowing contest. Either way, we had a great time chatting and meeting some of his other pottery friends. And as always, it’s just great to watch other people throwing pots. I could watch that all day, every day. And when it’s someone as experienced as Steven… it never gets old. Thank You Steven!!!

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I threw a challenge out to my students for this session… that they each make a flower pot in class that they finish, glaze, fill with plant… and bring to our final class for a fun “trading-stealing-exchanging” game! So last night I showed them how to throw one with an attached water dish!

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Another batch of cylinders on their way to becoming MUGS!!!
Of course they needed to be stamped… soon to be trimmed and have their handles
attached. Until then… they’re just kinda pretty cylinders!!!

Cylinder #1 -

Cylinder #2 -

Cylinder #3 -

Cylinder #4 -

Cylinder #5 -

Cylinder #6 -

Cylinder #7 -

Cylinder #8 -

Cylinder #9 -

Cylinder #10 -

Cylinder #11 -

Cylinder #12 -


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Back in the studio refilling inventory a bit… building enough work to fill another soda kiln in a couple weeks. Oh, and look at this…. making more MUGS!!! Go figure!

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Last night’s class demo… throwing taller.
Showing them ways to get the clay to move up the wall, off the bottom and how to get their pieces taller… like this 3lbs. of clay! So here’s my demo vase as I threw it… and then as I stamped it tonight. I definitely like the stamped one better!!!


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Freshly thrown, just off the wheel… a batch of pitchers-to-be!
Tomorrow they’ll be stamped… and if all goes well, trimmed & handled too?!!!
Fingers crossed.

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Now that all of the berry bowls are stamped, trimmed and drilled with holes…
now they need drip plates to catch the water after washing your berries!
Here we go… giddy-up!

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You know how I love making mugs… but I figure Spring has got to get here
at some point, so I better be ready with some Berry Bowls! So I threw my first batch…
of something “other than” mugs!!! Ha!!!

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Our first challenge in our LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class Wednesday night was to throw a “perfect” hollow sphere on the wheel. Thirty minutes and two pounds of clay… plenty of time, plenty of clay… but many of them had NEVER thrown a sphere before… let alone even a closed form!


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Looks like there’s only ONE WHEEL LEFT in my Spring Wheelthrowing Class for Beginners & Advanced Beginners at Lillstreet! Who’s going to be the lucky one to snatch it up and come play in the clay with us???

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