Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Driving home from Hinsdale… and treated to a beautiful sunset & scenic view of Buckingham Fountain. Another reminder of why I love living in Chicago so much. Simply beautiful… and a great way to “end” day one of the Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival.

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As the sun slowly sets on the end of another wonderful weekend somewhere in the middle of nowhere! A much needed weekend getaway…

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Early morning sunrise from the rooftop of Chicago’s Navy Pier…
well before the racing begins…

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Headed home as the sun sets on the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR.

So much fun playing at the Sandwich location with such great potters & now-friends! Thanks to Cory for hosting… as well as Kenyon, Lindsey, Linda & Nancy (Burt) for making it such a fun weekend!

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Driving north to Minneapolis last Thursday was so much fun… I love a good road trip… especially when you’re driving into the sunset. Plus great tunes on the radio & snacks on the seat next to you!!!

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Dark & gloomy with a lot of clouds… and a very small sliver of possibility. I kept hoping that the sun would peek through… but alas, it was just clouds. Plenty of gray clouds & serene reflections.

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Urban sunset tonight… colorful changes two minutes apart.

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A room with a view… and a view with a room?!

As we were getting ready to start class tonight, we were treated with a beautiful sunset. So this is the sunset view I caught from the Lillstreet 2nd floor rooftop… and a cool reflection while ON the roof!!!

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And that’s about as close as we came to seeing the sun today!
Well, the last three days… who am I kidding?!

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Dramatic sunset effects drifting above Lillstreet… sometimes it pays off to look away… and to see what’s behind you even when a stunning sunset is in front of you!