Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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And that’s about as close as we came to seeing the sun today!
Well, the last three days… who am I kidding?!

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Dramatic sunset effects drifting above Lillstreet… sometimes it pays off to look away… and to see what’s behind you even when a stunning sunset is in front of you!

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As seen from the third floor at Lillstreet Art Center tonight.
I’m more of a sunrise guy… partially because our Chicago sunsets always have “something” in the way!

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By now I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out that I’m more of a sunrise guy than a sunset guy! But since it was raining this morning, I didn’t get out for the sunrise ride! But I did score a nice little sunset to share!!! I think that evens-the-score!

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Sunset through the bridge. Hard to catch it while driving… but I did.
Timing is everything!!!

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Just a few minutes later, and that entire cloud “blanket” moved on…
and apparently took the sunset with it?!!!

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Urban sunset… beautifully blanketing the western sky.

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Clouds today, but yesterday… beautiful pastoral colors, gentle reflections & hazy fog layers blowing through the City yesterday morning. Two different mornings, two different rides. Either way, it’s always the best way to start the day!

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After a fun morning of Summer Camp yesterday, I zipped over to Six Flags Great America for a fun outing with my sister Jen, niece Taylor and cousin Kim… the “Fun-Foursome” with our Season Passes!!! It started out a little cloudy, but that soon passed and it became a beautiful evening playing in the park, zooming on the coasters & eating some great “park food”!!!

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After touring the farm and chatting with friends, we decided to head out for dinner… to where else?... a Wisconsin Supper Club. Well, kind of a bar… kind of a restaurant... definitely in the middle of nowhere! But gorgeous!!!

As we’re siting at our table, it was tough to focus on the menu as the sunset just kept getting better & better. So glad we figured out how to get here with the GPS… I just hope we can figure out how to get back home to the farm  when it’s pitch black out there?!!!

Okay, one more thing… For some strange reason, the ceiling fo the restaurant was covered with dollar bills stapled cverywhere. No reason. No explanation. And I kinda liked that. Sure we could have asked… but it was kind of more fun to keep it a mystery!