Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Urban sunset tonight… colorful changes two minutes apart.

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A room with a view… and a view with a room?!

As we were getting ready to start class tonight, we were treated with a beautiful sunset. So this is the sunset view I caught from the Lillstreet 2nd floor rooftop… and a cool reflection while ON the roof!!!

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And that’s about as close as we came to seeing the sun today!
Well, the last three days… who am I kidding?!

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Dramatic sunset effects drifting above Lillstreet… sometimes it pays off to look away… and to see what’s behind you even when a stunning sunset is in front of you!

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As seen from the third floor at Lillstreet Art Center tonight.
I’m more of a sunrise guy… partially because our Chicago sunsets always have “something” in the way!

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By now I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out that I’m more of a sunrise guy than a sunset guy! But since it was raining this morning, I didn’t get out for the sunrise ride! But I did score a nice little sunset to share!!! I think that evens-the-score!

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Sunset through the bridge. Hard to catch it while driving… but I did.
Timing is everything!!!

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Just a few minutes later, and that entire cloud “blanket” moved on…
and apparently took the sunset with it?!!!

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Urban sunset… beautifully blanketing the western sky.

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Clouds today, but yesterday… beautiful pastoral colors, gentle reflections & hazy fog layers blowing through the City yesterday morning. Two different mornings, two different rides. Either way, it’s always the best way to start the day!