Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A beautiful night out in Elgin visiting my parents. I got out there just in time
for a quick walk over to the lake for a sliver of sunset beauty…
and no buildings blocking it like back in the City!

Tall grasses by the lake after a long Winter.

Wispy seed pods being released.

Shaggy layers of birch paper peeling right off the tree.

And a beautiful sunset over a small lake near my parents’ house… we got there just in time!

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So nice to finally see the sun today. Even better to see a beautiful sunset…
and seeing that it is staying lighter a little bit later every day!!!


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Pretty fun to see the edge of Lake Michigan where it meets the City…
I’ve seen it SO many times from the ground on my bike, but not very often
from this perspective! Albeit a bit of a slushy looking perspective?!

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It kind of amazes me every time how the “weather” appears to change so drastically
when you finally get up above the clouds! Gray & gloomy below…
and a beautiful sunset happening up above!!!

Now just a few more hours of flying in night time darkness!


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On the tarmac with fair skies and beautiful clouds. Looks like we might have a great flight.

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Categories: sunset

An added bonus to my HILLY HUNDRED WEEKEND was the beautiful sunsets
we were treated to each night. As you know, I’m more of a “sunrise-kind-of-guy”…
but I just had to share this sunset from last Saturday night!!!

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my Summer Campers to the Art Institute for some artistic inspiration. I love watching their little faces light up when they see artworks they know, love or are surprised by for the first time. Like this Jackson Pollock that Max asked about & waited all day to see! He was mesmerized… and I LOVED seeing that in him!

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Okay, so I’m more of a “sunrise” than a “sunset” kind of guy.
But this one tonight was pretty darn AMAZING!!!

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Here we go again… another quick trip to New York City!
Unfortunately, this one’s not really long enough to see much. Just a few hours in The Big Apple for a meeting. So it’s an early morning flight followed by an evening flight home… and a tiny bit of New York fun in between!

Blue skies flying high above the clouds…

Arriving in New York is always fun…
flying in over the East River and seeing the skyline & bridges!

After a couple hours of fun in New York… err, meetings, etc…. it was back to LaGuardia for an evening flight home. And the way I look at it… another great nap on the flight home! I’m one of those “lucky ones’ who loves sleeping on airplanes – and can fall asleep before take-off and wake-up when the wheels touch down again!

And I just love flying home at sunset…
so it was a great reason to stay awake during take-off and a few minutes into the flight.
So beautiful to catch the New York skyline at just the right time… sunset skyline silhouettes!!!
And more of the city, the buildings, the bridges and a fond farewell to The Big Apple.

But what’s better than a sunset flight?…
Flying over the city you love and seeing it all illuminated like this. A beautiful, sparkling scene that is rarely seen… until this moment happens… and I just happened to wake up in time to see this spectacular sight!

Notice the circle of lights at the bottom of the photo above. Look closely and you might figure out that it is a circle of lights that go around the Adler Planetarium and Museum Campus.