Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just doing a little trimming working on some of this week’s class demo pieces! Sure, I make them in class, but find I need to finish them up in my studio before the next class so they don’t dry out too fast over the week. So I spent some time tonight trimming a few pots… always more fun with my DiamondCore Trimming Tools!!!

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Katherine came to ART IN THE BARN this past weekend and purchased an ikebana vase in my booth. Then she was “inspired” to make her first ikebana flower arrangement using flowers from her own backyard garden. So beautiful… now I kinda want to see her whole garden?! Nicely done Katherine!!!

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Finishing out the month with another beautiful sunrise. Just a few clouds floating out over the horizon… but enough to create another beautiful sunrise sky show!

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This week in my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class, one of my students continued her “quest” for the perfect doughnut… oversized, wheelthrown & frosted with colored slip! Kelly made one last session and it turned into a vase with a bite out of it for the flower hole. Can’t wait to see where these go… although I keep telling her that I’ll take a full Baker’s Dozen please!!!

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Beautiful Fall flowers on a beautiful Fall day.
Loving all the textures & colors!

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Blue sky fun down at Navy Pier today
as we enjoyed a beautiful Fall day in Chicago.

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When the classroom reclaim buckets seem to take on a life of their own!!!

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WOW! Crazy cool waves on a crazy cool morning!

It was down-right cold earlier today… mid-40’s!!! I had to pull out the gloves & jacket!!! Still worth it as the waves were crashing all around… as the clouds tried their best to make an even better show above the waves!

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We’re right on track… new Pirate Ghouls coming out soon!!!
Might be a little warm, but they’ll be there!

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Well, the time has come… I’m headed out to Barrington to start setting up today. I have a DOUBLE booth at ART IN THE BARN… so it takes a couple trips to get all of my pottery & shelving out there! It’s going to be a busy day of shlepping & setting up in the Lower Barn. Gotta make it look good for everyone planning on coming out this weekend… Saturday & Sunday from 10:00-5:00pm. Hope to see you there!