Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So I guess when I told my Summer Campers to NOT get any glaze on the bottoms of their cups… something got lost in translation? Good thing they know how to use a sponge… start wiping!!!

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Today my Summer Campers switch from wheelthrowing to trimming… and carving, decorating, stamping, adding handles & a lot more to make their pots more special… and thinner! No plain paperweights this week – HA!!!

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Another week of Wheelthrowing Summer Camp…
bring on the kids, bring out the sponges!!!

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Last week at Summer Camp, we had an other week of large sculptures… and a great Sculpture Gallery Show on Friday! So much fun watching my campers build & paint these large pieces during the week… as well as memorizing fifty famous artists & sculptors along the way!

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So my campers this week started painting their big sculptures today… a lot of paint went on their sculptures… but some became palette “masterpieces” on paper plates too!!!

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So yesterday afternoon, there “may” have been a strange sighting outside of Lillstreet Art Center. There was “rumor” of a giraffe standing out on the corner of Montrose & Ravenswood!!! In Chicago?… Shocking, right?! Well, not so shocking for one of my Summer Campers this week who made his life-sized baby giraffe in Sculpture Camp! Murray worked hard on his giraffe… so we just had to show him off to the world!!!

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After getting some “real tools” from my studio, my Summer Campers put their hands to work making some incredible terra cotta planters on Monday… glazing them on Tuesday. I have a small group of kids this week, but they’re still kickin’ it out of the park!!!

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Celebrating a little MUGSHOT MONDAY with this double-handled cutie made by one of my Summer Campers!!! Too cute.

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After a wonderful week with a great group of Summer Campers… we had a brilliant Sculpture Gallery Show at the end of Friday for parents, siblings, friends & other summer campers. The kids were so proud of their sculptures… and I was SO PROUD of them! Such a great time showing off their hard work… their creative efforts… and speeding through flashcards & showing off their new art history knowledge!!!

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To culminate the end of our Sculpture Camp, we set-up a fun “Sculpture Showcase” in our classroom… and invited the parents, siblings & other summer campers to come see the artwork on display. Each camper got their own display area for their sculpture & birdhouse… and they acted as docents to answer questions and discuss their process & inspirations. Such a great way to close-out a wonderful week with a GREAT bunch of campers!!!