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Working in the studio adding some colored slip accents & details to my mugs. Celebrating Mughshot Monday… and what better time to watch “The Great Canadian Pottery Throwdown” watching potters succeed & fail on Reality TV. Also fun to see that my Lillstreet Throwdown’ers had already done some of the same challenges in their class!!!

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After binge-streaming season one of THE TRAITORS… all three versions American, British & Australian in one weekend …it was great fun watching THE TRAITORS Season Two of the US version with a great twisted ending!

So imagine my surprise & excitement last night when I found out the Season Two of the UK version is now available here for streaming!!! I’m in… and already a couple episodes in!!! I just can’t get enough… my newest TV addiction!!!

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So while we’re all frozen in & curled up on the sofa for the day… I might just have to re-watch THE TRAITORS!!! Yes, it’s that good!!! Season Two just started… and I’M ALL IN!!!

When I first started “streaming” not all that long ago… I binged through THE TRAITORS season one pretty quickly & loved it!!! Followed immediately by binging “The Traitors UK”… and then right into “The Traitors Australia.” I just couldn’t stop. Addicted!!! And now the first three episodes have dropped for Season Two of the American version… with twenty-one of our “favorite” Reality TV stars as competitors!!! Including my all-time favorite player from Survivor… and plenty of crazy Housewives!!! So much fun… so funny!!!

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As a recent convert to the whole “streaming” thing… and possibly one of the very last people to get Netflix DVDs in the mail… I’m finally getting caught up on all of the fun & funny shows I’ve missed!!! Let me just say… this whole “streaming” thing is far too easy, addictive & bingeable… just one more episode… just one more!!!

Like “SQUID GAME”… which I LOVED, crazy as it is! And the terrible dubbing of Korean into English… brilliantly bad in the best way possible. And then the “sequel” version… an actual, real-life Reality TV show with real players!!! I’m in!!! And LOVED that too!!! And now they’ve said there will be an actual sequel?! Can’t wait!!!

Next up?… “TIGER KING.”

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Okay, so there just “might” have been a little binge streaming
this weekend in the studio… allegedly.

Anyone else out there ready to confess the same???
Admitting there’s a problem is the first step.

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And I might be one of the last three people in the world still getting DVD’s in the mail form Netflix. HA!!! Until today that is!!! Say goodbye to the red envelopes in the mailbox… and a “forced’ hello to streaming. Yes, I am now “finally” streaming on a new Smart TV. I was dragging my heels as I have a traditional DVD player in my studio & spotty Internet service through Lillstreet. So that combination has kept me with DVDs from Netflix. Until today… sad, but true…

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And there we have it… the “finale” to the BIG CORN-GRATULATIONS PARTY for Martin! Big winner of The Great American Baking Show! So much fun honoring his win, celebrating Martin and meeting his new best buddies & fellow contestants Sarah & Nirali… and seeing just how cute the three of them are together! I can’t wait to see how their “15 minutes of fame” continues… as they are all celebrities to me!!! Thanks for playing!

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All in all… a wonderful finish to our Spring session of pottery classes! With a huge celebration of Martin’s BIG WIN on The Great American Baking Show. I had a great group of students who not only make great pottery, but were also more than willing to play along with my silly “reality TV” games! Congratulations again to Martin… our very favorite Top Baker!!!

And a quick peek at the “behind-the-scenes” of the photo shoot…
with Christine art directing the shoot!!!

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Overall, Martin’s SURPRISE PARTY was so much fun!!! And I was so glad that Sarah & Nirali could join us for the festivities… and to treat them with some of my handmade pottery! It was so much fun having our own “Reality TV Celebrities” in our class for the night!!! You can tell that the three of them have a very special friendship after the show. So cute… so adorable… all three of them!!!

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Knowing that the winner of THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW would win a glass cake plate “trophy”… I thought I would make a ceramic “trophy” cake plate for Martin just in case he didn’t win! BUT HE DID WIN!!! I thought tit would still be a great gift… so now he has TWO “trophies” to choose from next time he’s serving a homemade cake!!!… or bringing one to our pottery class???