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Okay, so YES… I do watch far too much Reality TV!!!

But, is anyone else watching “ALONE” on the History Channel? It’s kind of like a real-life “Survivor” where ten contestants need to survive the arctic wilderness for a hundred days… hunting, gathering, building a shelter & self-filming the whole time. On last week’s episode, one of them dug up some clay and was making her own pinch pot dinnerware!!! Very cool… very resourceful. I would have of course pressed twig & leaf impressions into them too!!! Cuz’ more is more!!!

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Still under wraps… procrastinating as usual these days… but gotta focus and get these moving along! Using some photo references to formulate my plan. This project is gonna be “for the birds.”

And no… this is NOT an episode of “Portlandia.”

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With all of the craziness going on in the world today, this might take your mind off it for a minute or two?! FUN FACT : Exactly twenty years ago today, SURVIVOR began airing on TV. Forty seasons later, and they’re still going strong!

But here’s the POP QUIZ…
How many of these original castaways can you still name?!!!

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Getting ready to teach my first online workshop for Lillstreet Art Center… CLAY STAMP MAKING! Okay, so I may be showing my age here… but I just can’t get THIS out of my head! And you can thank me now… for I’m sure it will be stuck in your head now too for your next ZOOM Meeting online!

And… you’re welcome!!!

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Yes… I follow Jeff Probst on Instagram.
As well as Survivor… and yes, my favorite Parvati too!!!

Yes, I’m a dork… already established.
But as we head into tonight’s big two-hour finale of SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR… followed by the one-hour LIVE REUNION… we all know they’ve got to do something different to be socially-distanced for the Reunion. It looks like it will be a virtual ZOOM kinda situation.

And I know this ONLY because Jeff Probst posted about it on his Instagram page. He shared pictures of how they changed his garage into his “backdrop” for the Reunion!!! Too funny!!!…. and supposedly, it was just him and his 16 year old son building it all & setting up cameras based on the instructions that were in the crates!

After watching the three-hour show… I’m not sure it was worth all of THAT!!! I think we maybe saw Jeff in front of that backdrop for a total of like five minutes tops?!!!

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from the funniest comedy ever!!! There, I said it.

I’m a huge “SEINFELD” fan… and we will forever miss Jerry Stiller…
there will never be another Frank Costanza!!! RIP.

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Kinda feels like every other day of the week, right?…
and I’m sure you’re tired of watching all the same TV shows over & over these days!

But who else remembers the MAGIC of Saturday morning cartoons?… sitting on the sofa eating straight outta the box of breakfast cereal! Mine were Apple Jacks!!! But I digress… well, here’s a link to NINETY classic Looney Tunes Cartoons to watch right now! Introduce your kids to the cartoon classics… and how they introduced us in their own way to opera, politics, pop culture, classic movies & more!!! From Bugs & Daffy… to Porky & Sylvester… all the way to Marvin The Martian and Michigan J. Frog!!! Love them all…

Click here for the link for ninety cartoons classics on!


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Okay, so you all know I watch far too much TV,
and a lot of Netflix movies & TV show binges in my studio…
but with all of the COVID stuff going around these days…
maybe these two weren’t my best choices?!

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One of the benefits of “self-isolating” in my studio tonight was that I could sing out loud… and there’s no one there to tell me to keep it down!!! Watched “OKLAHOMA” tonight for free streaming online with Hugh Jackman… long before his Wolverine days!