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Last night I watched the second episode of THE GREAT POTTERY THROW DOWN
season three… and loved watching as the creative Brits were challenged to make ceramic chess sets.

Click here to watch the second episode on YouTube!



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And what perfect timing… as we’ve just started our own version with The Great Lillstreet Throwdown…the third season of THE GREAT POTTERY THROW DOWN is back!!! After a four-year hiatus, apparently the show was picked-up by a different TV station across the pond. So now it’s returned with a new host, a new judge… and the same ever-emotionally crying critic Keith Brymer Jones!

I don’t know if you can watch it here on American TV anywhere…
but you can click here to see Season Three Episode One on YouTube!!!

And don’t forget… if you’ve missed Seasons One & Two… I’m pretty sure you can binge watch them all om YouTube as well. So start from the beginning…and enjoy the journey!!!

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Still working in the studio trying to make some quick Ghouls…
and nothing is EVER quick! Not sure if it’s making FORTY of them,
or the painfully awkward Emmy Awards broadcast that I’m also watching on TV.
What? No host?… and do we really need to hype FOX’s own “The Masked Singer” any more??? Nope!!! It’s driving me batty!

And do I even need to mention that crazy dance production number in the middle that made absolutely no sense!!!… who was that, what was it there, more of the Masked Singers… and a juggler with a cardboard Meryl Streep mask?! What was that?!!!

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With all of the crazy stories about a certain EMPIRE star these days
I thought it might be fun to do a Flashback Friday to 2016
when some of my pottery made its big debut on EMPIRE
only to be smashed!!!

Click here to see more about the story & production!

Then click here to see how it went down on the show!!!
And by “went down” I literally mean smashing DOWN on the floor!!!


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While 9/11 will forever go down as one of the most tragic days in history, there is another landmark historical event that happened on 9/11. Fifty-seven years ago today “BOZO CIRCUS” debuted on WGN in Chicago! While I was not even born then, I did get my chance several years later to attend a couple of tapings live in the WGN Studio. I even got to play the group game at the end of the show! My partner and I had to stack cup-saucer-cup-saucer-cup-saucer as high as we could on the end of a baseball bat. WE WON!!! And our prize was the Scooby-Doo 3D ViewMaster Slide Projector!!! Sure wish I still had THAT one!!!


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Time to prepare for the “Feats of Strength” and the “Airing of Grievances”!
And no tinsel… it’s just too distracting!!!

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It was a very productive day in the studio with a great afternoon bike break… let’s be real!!!
But, while I was working, I also got caught up and watched all of Season Two
of “The Great Pottery Throw Down” on YouTube. Great show…
although I still don’t understand what brings the judges to tears so often?!

And just to be clear… fountain maybe, chandelier possibly, toilet never!!!

Click here for Episode One of “The Great Pottery Throw Down”
to start your binge watching of Season Two!!!

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You know how I LOVE the TV show “SURVIVOR”!!!
I’ve watched every episode… every season… every castaway!!!
Love it so much that we actually gamble on it.

But this time, it looks like they may be gambling with us?!!!



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Okay, so again for the record… I am not at all political.
But regardless of what your views may be, you’ve got to admit that the whole concept of “Alternative Facts” is pretty darn hysterical. I love that even Kellyanne can’t say it smoothly… notice her own hesitation before saying it for the first time. And you’ve got to love seeing a well-renowned, adult male journalist finding the humor in it all… and giggling like a twelve year old school-girl on “Meet The Press.”

Click here to see Anderson’s giggle-fest on “Meet The Press” … kinda.

Sure, it’s clear that this is edited. Kind of a mash-up to make it even funnier. Might have been footage for Anderson’s segment called “The RidicuList.” Which you have to admit this is… Alternative Facts?!!! You can’t make this sh#t up!!!… err, well apparently you can!!!





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Unfortunately, I can’t find BBC2 on my cable anywhere!!!
Guess I’ll need to wait to find it on YouTube in a couple days?!