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Yesterday I took my niece Taylor and her parents to THE FRIENDS EXPERIENCE downtown. She’s a new FRIENDS fan having recently binged the entire series during the pandemic… so I knew this would be the perfect birthday gift! Especially when your friend Terry is one of the creative masterminds behind the project and gets you free tickets for the exclusive preview event!

So much fun touring through the world of FRIENDS. Central Perk. Monica’s kitchen. The window to poke Ugly Naked Guy. Joey & Chandler’s apartment. Phoebe’s guitar. The wedged sofa. Joey wearing all of his clothes at once… even the fountain & sofa from the opening credits!!! Tons of memorabilia and plenty of photo-ops along the way… PIVOT!!!

Be sure to stop by THE FRIENDS EXPERIENCE on Michigan Avenue as it opens this Wednesday, March 17th. And special thanks again to Terry for hooking us up… I love having talented FRIENDS!!!

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So then THIS has been happening in the studio today while stamping, glazing, cleaning & firing! Moving on to Season Four of LOST… as we start to learn more about the Oceanic Six… and the rest of those crazy castaways on the island & their stories off the island. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

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Another season DONE!
Lots of changes, twists, turns & new characters in Season Two!!!
Including one of my favorites… DESMOND.
Not to mention this “Other” character…
with his quirky quips, manic manipulations & fiendish facial expressions!!!
Gotta love him. Gotta hate him.

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So THIS just happened… I just finished Season One!
Don’t get too excited, it’s my fifth time watching the entire series.
We’re off to a good start… I had kinda forgotten about some of the early characters. And I love seeing all of the “clues & easter eggs” hidden in the beginning that will make more sense later!

I still maintain that “LOST” is the BEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER!!!
I loved watching & piecing it all together. I loved all of the theories. I was even good with the ending. With Sawyer, Juliette & Desmond being my favorite characters!

Go ahead… discuss… 4-8-15-16-23-42…

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So this happened in the studio tonight…
a little bit of CHROMATICA with Lady Gaga OREO’s!!!

Kinda fun… but a little weird if I must say. They’re not a strange flavor, just strange colors… kind of flamingo-pink cookies with an oddly kelly green creme filling??? Pretty much the basic golden-vanilla flavor, yet a bit “thicker & crunchier” than normal OREOs??? I think I expected a little more from these “Little Monsters”!!!

But they did remind me of another great Carpool Karaoke with James Corden & Lady Gaga! Watch the YouTube video for a little Friday Night Dance Party… while driving in a van?!

Click here for the YouTube video!

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First with the good… THE GREAT POTTERY THROWDOWN is starting up again with season four this evening. Looks like Keith Brymer Jones is back for more crying, and the kiln loading guy has been promoted to Judge!!!

The bad news?… not sure how we’re going to get to see it here in the US yet. My cable doesn’t go all the way to the UK for Channel 4.

And more BAD NEWS…
I found out yesterday that my own GREAT LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class (also season four) has been cancelled for this Winter session due to lack of enrollment. I’m not surprised, as we’re still so “covid-limited” with very little open studio time… and this class has a “history” of big projects, lots of studio time and a “smidge” of homework. Or maybe they’re all just scared that the projects keep getting more creative & intense?!!! Either way, I’m sure we’ll re-visit this class at Lillstreet in the future when things clear up a bit and we have more access to Open Studio time!

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While yesterday was a historic day towards getting America out of jeopardy, today is a sad day for those of us who loved JEOPARDY. After a very open battle with stage four pancreatic cancer, TV host Alex Trebek passed away today.

I have long appreciated having him at the helm of the best game show ever… and I remember as a child watching and not quite understanding the premise. What do you mean, you give me the answer and I give you the question??? A sad day for game shows. A sad day for television. He left us an amazing legacy, a world record and over three decades of great memories.

Thank you Alex.

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Okay, so YES… I do watch far too much Reality TV!!!

But, is anyone else watching “ALONE” on the History Channel? It’s kind of like a real-life “Survivor” where ten contestants need to survive the arctic wilderness for a hundred days… hunting, gathering, building a shelter & self-filming the whole time. On last week’s episode, one of them dug up some clay and was making her own pinch pot dinnerware!!! Very cool… very resourceful. I would have of course pressed twig & leaf impressions into them too!!! Cuz’ more is more!!!

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Still under wraps… procrastinating as usual these days… but gotta focus and get these moving along! Using some photo references to formulate my plan. This project is gonna be “for the birds.”

And no… this is NOT an episode of “Portlandia.”

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With all of the craziness going on in the world today, this might take your mind off it for a minute or two?! FUN FACT : Exactly twenty years ago today, SURVIVOR began airing on TV. Forty seasons later, and they’re still going strong!

But here’s the POP QUIZ…
How many of these original castaways can you still name?!!!