Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Need another reason to come to Sandwich this weekend?…

Well, on Sunday, the Sandwich Antique Flea Market is open too! Just a few blocks from Cory’s studio… so stop by for some pottery… and then head over for some rusty crusty flea market fun!!!

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Looks like a strong wind must have come through… and sadly,
it looks like my favorite rustic roadside barn is starting to fall apart?!

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You know how I LOVE rusty metal… so this turned out to be a fun stop during my drive home from Minnesota yesterday! Part of the fun of a good road trip… being able to stop to explore the local “attractions” as a fun diversion along the way!

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Categories: rusty

Hanging out & enjoying holiday time with friends… hoping the holidays linger on a few more days… and the first snow just feels right!

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Fueling my rusty metal addiction this morning.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of gourds… even more than pumpkins! I love the colors, the curves, the warts and the colorful fun of a bowl full of gourds!!! Especially when the bowl is made of rusty tools, right?!

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Today’s bike ride with Chris started out in the west suburbs… and headed out even further west into the farmfields & rural small towns. Kinda far away, but very little traffic on the endless roads – so it’s easier to get the longer mileage in! For our turn-around spot, we decided to stop off at a farmer’s estate sale where they were auctioning off so many cool things!!! LOTS OF RUSTY METAL!!!

We really stood out of the crowd… in our brightly colored spandex jerseys & bike shoes!!! So many cool things… that we could never buy and bring home on our bikes!!! As it was, we had just a little rain for the last five miles as we were pedaling into the wind!!!

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Seems simple enough, right?
But it’s really the rusted patina finish that I’m enamored by.
Perfect for another TEXTURE TUESDAY.

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with a little sightseeing downtown… enjoying the CITY while looking up & looking down!