Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with a little sightseeing downtown… enjoying the CITY while looking up & looking down!

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Exploring and finding cool things! You know how much I LOVE rusty metal & weathered wood. So imagine how excited I was by this beautifully dilapidated barn out in “the middle of nowhere.” A beautiful day with this beautiful barn… and a fun chat with the farmer who was so nice… even though the “No Trespassing” sign was about three feet away!!!

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Another overcast Spring day… finding new places to explore
while staying “right on track” before the rain gets here!

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It’s a beautiful snow-covered day in Chicago! Looking out my kitchen window to see my back porch “curtain” of rusty gears under a new blanket of snow! A good day to go hiking through the snow… or to curl up under a blanket on the sofa! Either way, enjoy the snowy day!!!

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You know how much I LOVE rusty metal…
so it’s perfect for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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The vines growing on my back porch are coming along nicely. They’re purple hyacinth bean vines that are climbing up my hanging “curtain” of rusty gears. Soon they should start shooting out some purple flowers… to be followed by glossy purple seed pods! Can’t wait…

Categories: flowers, rusty

So excited to see my purple hyacinth bean vines climbing up on my back porch! They’re off to a good start. I love how they quickly wrap & grow up things like my rusted metal “curtain” of gears! I love how the leaves appear to float by themselves – and then the flowers will come later in the Summer, followed by wonderful purple bean pods in the Fall! Which of course I’ll save so I can re-plant the seeds and start again next year!

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Rusted textures & patterns with an assortment of manhole covers through the neighborhood.

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Rusty details… structure behind the rocks to help keep the lakefront in the same place. A little rusted anti-erosion plan!

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Well, THIS can’t be good. Sure the sunrise was beautiful… but this was a surprising “find” along the way… with a burnt rubber stench! A new & unique kind of “roadkill” for my morning bike ride! Just hoping everyone was okay… and pretty glad that it wasn’t MINE!!!