Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It was so great to see a bit of sunshine early this morning… it’s been far too long!!!
Feels like weeks of gloomy gray days. I’m over it… and ready for Spring!!!

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With our favorite “Top Baker” & a few challenge-loving students in my Intermediate Wheel class last night, I introduced a challenge project for them to work on for the end of class. Now you know how I love a good theme… so of course I had to introduce the challenge with some tasty clues!!!

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Time to wrap them for the night so they can dry a little slower. Letting moisture-levels balance out overnight so I can add some accents of colored flashing slips tomorrow! Another batch of mugs for another MUGSHOT MONDAY… and now off to teach class !!!

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Time to start attaching to make some new mugs!
Score, slip, attach, repeat… repeat… repeat… and hopefully done before teaching class tonight?!

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Rusty metal & mossy cement sculptures… what’s not to like on another gray & gloomy day?!

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They say that “throwing with porcelain is like throwing with cream cheese.”
So they did!!!

We had a four-way THROWDOWN with each player throwing a package of cream cheese. Some struggled with the throwing, some with the goopey texture & some with the smell of the cream cheese! All in all, a great way to finish off our THROWDOWN evening of contests from “The Wheel Of Challenges”!!! Fun for all… and great entertainment for ME!!!

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Handbuild the tallest cylinder in ten minutes… same as before... hollow, free-standing with a bottom. Coincidentally, it was Shannon & Joanna that did the same “cylinder challenge” on the wheel earlier in class!

Categories: challenge, classes, wheelthrowing

Throw your “best” bowl in ten minutes and 1.75-pounds of clay while blindfolded!

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Roll the longest continuous coil using 1.75 pounds of clay… and NO HANDS!!! And if it does break, you can not put it back together!! Lot of wrists, lots of fun… but a bit tougher as they started running out of table space to keep going!

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Throw five matching cutie-patootie vases off-the-hump in 10 minutes.
It was Katie versus “sit-in ringer & former “Throwdown Champion” Christine!