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And I know I said I was “done” with the Bernie memes!
But then THIS happened… and I just couldn’t resist!

Apparently there’s a snow sculptor named Jef Schobert
up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin isn’t done with him either!!!
Bring it on BRRR-nie!!!

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After my snowy stroll, the REAL work began! Digging out my car so I can drive tomorrow! I finished it in two “back-breaking” sessions… good sweaty workout… I kinda like shoveling snow!!! I don’t need to do it all that often, and I get a great sense of accomplishment when it’s done. Now I just hope we don’t get too much more snow… and that it doesn’t get too windy overnight!!!

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A wonderfully snowy day… perfect for a little “snow-trudging” stroll through the neighborhood. We got a LOT of heavy snow overnight, and more throughout the day. Picture-perfect snow covering pretty much everything!!!

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My big “MUGS FOR YOUR VALENTINE” Mug Sale just went live on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! Just click over to start shopping thorugh the forty mugs posted in the “official” Facebook Photo Album. Be the first to claim a mug with a “Mine” in the Comment section of the mug you want. I’ll follow-up with more purchasing & shipping details… easy -peezy!

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The big VALENTINE’S MUG SALE starts in just 30 minutes when I publish the “official” Photo Album only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! Get ready to snag your favorites!!!

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My friend & master metalsmith Sarah Chapman put out a challenge at the start of the New Year to make a “chain” every month of 2021. You know how much I love a good challenge… and no one ever said it had to be metal, right?!

And here’s the details from Sarah…

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Handmade mugs to warm the heart of your Valentine! My online sale starts in just twelve hours on my Facebook page. A sweet gift idea for your sweetie… delivered in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day! Check my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page at 8:00am CST tomorrow morning to grab your favorite mug!

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Well, the snow has started to come down… and it looks like my friend Rosene has settled-in with a warm bowl of homemade soup to get her through the snowstorm! At least they’re “predicting” a good amount of snow… we’ll see if they got it right or not?!

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After trimming, I sat down and threw a bunch of small drip plates for the latest batch of berry bowls! So does anyone else find that they’re extra-productive when there’s a snowstorm approaching and want to get home before it hits?!

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A little of everything going on with tomorrow’s MUGS FOR YOUR VALENTINE Online Sale tomorrow at 8:00am CST only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page. Plenty of mugs that will make your “Honey” happy… as they’ll be shipped & delivered in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day gift-giving!

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