Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Today is the first official day of Fall. I’m still struggling to hang onto Summer a little longer. But the cold rainy day today & leaves already changing color isn’t helping any! Too soon…

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Sometimes a simple weed is so much more. I love the way that nature always finds its own way… even when there’s just a crack of dirt, a slice of sun and a lot of architectural structure all around.

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So I took a much needed mental & physical break from my “ghouls production” in the studio this morning! And went for a quick 70-mile ride up to Waukegan “for ice cream” and back with my friend Nancy. We had a beautiful ride, and were struck with the beauty around the Skokie Lagoons… good thing I’m not allergic to goldenrod!!! But never fear… I’ll be back at it in the studio later this evening!!!

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Pretty pink caladium leaves with fantastic veining & a wide range of colors. Every time I see these, I think to myself… “I need to plant more caladiums next year.”

And then I forget…

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Little berries hanging on the vine.
A fun little pop of color climbing up the courtyard fence!

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These purple clematis have been blooming all Summer… still pleased to see them going strong as we move into Fall. Love the flowers, but also love the “after-flowers”… a bit of squiggly fun for another “natural” Texture Tuesday!

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Enjoying the flowers, the beautiful weather and one of the last afternoons sitting on the Lillstreet Rooftop having a fun lunch with my Summer Campers. We’re in the middle of CHESS CAMP… which is also my last camp of the summer. Checkmate!

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Now I’m a fan Fall as much as the next guy… what with its pumpkins, gourds & mums. But c’mon… I just stopped off at the grocery store on my way to Summer Camp and they have a full-on display already happening!!! It’s September 2nd!!! I’m still in Summer-mode!!!!

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Sure, my purple hyacinth bean vines have nice flowers & seed pods. But the also have great leaves with some very striking veining. Perfect for another “natural” Texture Tuesday!

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You’ve seen snippets of my little back porch from the other side… but here’s the “front” side as seen from my kitchen window. Sure, I might have a bit of a rusty metal addiction… but the climbing purple hyacinth bean vine sure seems to be happy with it. Loving the colors & textures of the coleus plants… and a little bit of a gourd plant working its way through!