Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like Spring is finally making it’s way to Chicago.
I know times are tough, but you need to get outside for some fresh air
and to appreciate Nature’s beauty. Just be safe & socially distant.

Yesterday I went for a run, then a long walk with a friend and another run back home. Yes, it is weird to carry on a conversation with 8-feet of distance between you, but I felt SO MUCH better when I got home… both mentally & physically! Just be smart. Just be safe!

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Okay, so it has finally happened.
I’ve succumbed.

All day yesterday I was planning what photo to post for TEXTURE TUESDAY. Only to find out it was already Wednesday!!! Yes, I have officially forgotten what day it is!!! I knew it was inevitable… but so soon???

At least I’ve just lost track of “days” …
and not “months or seasons” like this other guy!!!

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So yesterday while it was so BEAUTIFUL outside… and far too many idiots were flooding the lakefront without any social distance… I decided to go for a run in the other direction! Literally.

I went for a run out to the West Ridge Nature Preserve… a little unknown nugget of nature… with a couple beautiful mosaic pieces to welcome you in. Isolated enough to be totally safe for those of us still social distancing while we get out for some exercise on a beautiful day!

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Apparently haven’t heard of social distancing yet?!

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So the weather is still gray, gloomy & windy. Still not so pretty outside. But it was AMAZING to get outside for the afternoon for some fresh air. We haven’t been “locked down” for very long… and I already needed to GET OUT!!!

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Another dark, gloomy & chilly-breezy day… but I just HAD TO get outdoors!!! Still social distancing… easier than expected as there was practically no one else out & about along the lakefront this afternoon. Gray clouds & crashing waves… trust me, no swimming for me!!!

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What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday was blue skies & bare trees. Today it’s gray clouds & snow-covered.
Winter in Chicago… still beautiful either way, either day!


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It’s another Texture Tuesday… and another two-fer!
One in the studio and one at the Conservatory.

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Just a few minutes later, and that entire cloud “blanket” moved on…
and apparently took the sunset with it?!!!

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Kicking off my new TEXTURE TUESDAY CHALLENGE on Instagram today with a two-fer…
and I thought you might like to see it here too?!
Two different textures… one from my studio and one from Mother Nature.