Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Enjoying some of the wild “sunflowers” blooming along the lakefront. Not quite sure, but I’m guessing they’re somewhere between sunflowers & black-eyed susans?! Either way… BEAUTIFUL!!! And apparently the bees like them too!!!

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With Summer coming all-too-quickly to an end, and a BEAUTIFUL day last Wednesday, I decided to take the day off and play hooky!!! I drove up to Rock Cut State Park in Rockford.

We used to go camping there all the time as kids, so it was a bit of a flashback! Such a beautiful day hiking around the lake a couple times… logging in some good miles of beautiful scenery… and a very relaxing & much needed day off!

And after a LOT of beautiful scenery… of course we had to have a bit of reality! Which of course is totally fine by me… I have a strange attraction to roadkill. The whole “circle of life” thing I guess.

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Smoke in the sky… feathers in the sand.

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After nearly a week of rain, gray clouds & wind… it was finally AMAZING outside today!!! Making it the perfect day to play hooky along the lakefront! I got to ride my bike all afternoon, stopped to play several times, kicked my shoes off and RELAXED in the summer sun!!!

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Life in the City… and somehow Nature perseveres! Normally just an iron gate to my back courtyard… now with a little “volunteer” petunia nestled in the corner. Struggling to survive… yet flourishing & making me smile every time I see it!

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It was a beautiful day with bright blue skies before a few clouds moved in. I got to play along the lake on my bike… enjoying the cool breezes & splashing waves! You gotta love a “day at the beach” to celebrate the “last day” of Summer! But I’ll be hanging onto Summer as long as I possibly can…

Also enjoying the simplicity of line & texture of the beach grass clumps on the beach.

And then there were a few feathers… one that might have fallen out…
and another clump that looks like it might have been pulled out?!!!

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Morning sun on the wildflowers… with a bit of wildlife hanging out!

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Mother Nature’s entry for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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Pretty pastels with intricate details. One of my neighbors planted this new hydrangea bush in front of their condo… and I’m totally intrigued!

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Such a beautiful color to start your day!!! That purple is practically GLOWING from the center out… morning “glory” indeed!!!