Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Not a cloud in the sky. Just a hazy start to the morning… with some treacherous sidewalks along the way! With some overnight rain & morning fog, there were random patches of ice all along the way… slip-sliding away!!! Made me giggle as I had to catch my balance more than once!

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Another big sky moment this morning along the lakefront.

Categories: nature, photography, sunrise

Icebergs are melting, snow piles shrinking. Mushy puddles abound. Always fun to play along the lakefront in the morning sun… anxious to get my bike back out on the trail. But I fear we’re still a few days away with all of the slushy mess out there!

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Just got back from a sweaty afternoon jog along the lakefront! So excited to see all of this snow starting to melt. We have a long ways to go… but it was encouragingly warm this afternoon. Of course I put on too many layers and regretted it quickly… and got tired of splashing through all the mushy puddles. But I’ll take it if it means Spring is one day closer!!!

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And here’s a little “tour” of my back courtyard stairs & back porch situation. We have a little freezing issue going on here these days! Too much ice, not enough melting! Some spectacular icicles forming everywhere… natural beauty… and unfortunately, dripping all over the stairs creating an impassable “slippery slope”!

Guess my laundry in the basement can wait for a few more weeks until things melt?!!!

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Another beautifully gray morning here in Chicago…
cold, chilly, bone-chilling “damp” with plenty of icicles everywhere! Perfect for a neighborhood stroll, right? Lots of icicle spikes forming & dripping to create iced-over clumps of “preserved” nature!

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Big sky color. Big sky clouds.
Perfect for a big panoramic photo… with plenty of big floating ice chunks!

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Another beautiful morning along the lakefront. Plenty of snow mountains, city glaciers and floating chunks of icebergs! A clouded sky with wispy colors blowing through… as soon enough the clouds took over the morning sky.

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So what if it’s only single-digit cold outside?! It was still a beautiful opportunity to “run-hike-walk” along the lakefront this morning. Still a lot of snow… some of it shoveled, some of it slushy, some of it icy! No good for biking… and a bit treacherous slipping & sliding with every step. Sometimes plunging into snow up to my knees!!!

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Yep, there’s a car under there somewhere!
We got a ton of snow overnight… I’d guess about 24-inches!!!
Beautiful white fluffy snow. So pretty out there… as long as you don’t need to go anywhere.

Luckily, Lillstreet Art Center cancelled all classes again today…
so no class to teach tonight!!! More time to play!