Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It’s another Texture Tuesday… and another two-fer!
One in the studio and one at the Conservatory.

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Just a few minutes later, and that entire cloud “blanket” moved on…
and apparently took the sunset with it?!!!

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Kicking off my new TEXTURE TUESDAY CHALLENGE on Instagram today with a two-fer…
and I thought you might like to see it here too?!
Two different textures… one from my studio and one from Mother Nature.

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Frozen puddles, frozen ripples.
I love how the shallow puddles along the lakefront have frozen with the ripples
& leaves still in place. Perfectly natural textures & patterns!

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And for the record…
YES there are elk in Elk Grove Village!!!

Okay, so let’s not get crazy. I grew up in Elk Grove Village so it is no surprise to me. However, they’re all “contained” in a fenced-in area of the Busse Woods Forest Preserve. It’s not like I just happened upon him in a clearing while hiking… which would have been SO much cooler & such a better story to share!!! Still very majestic and always to cool to spend time playing out in nature.


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Okay, so I was “supposed” to be focused on my Christmas Shopping List today…
but how could I pass up a beautiful hike through the woods on a surprisingly warm
& sunny Saturday?! Apparently I couldn’t.

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A little cloudy to start, but it definitely cleared up to become a beautiful day for playing downtown yesterday!

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Good Morning Wednesday.
Things are looking up!…       see what I did there?!

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Close. Closer. Closest… each one cooler than the next.
One long stalk with one beautiful flower.

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Color, pattern, repetition, layers… not to mention the color variation alone…