Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: flowers, nature

A wonderful purple carpet of wild scillia in the woodlands near the Waveland Golf Course. Sure, we didn’t get much of a sunrise this morning, but we got beautiful flowers! Ain’t nature great?!!!

Categories: flowers, nature, seasons

Wonderful Spring colors blooming all around.
Too bad these flowery days are so short lived.

Categories: flowers, nature

A beautiful star magnolia to start the day…
I actually pulled the car over so I could get out to take a picture!



Categories: color, nature, textures

I’m sure liken’ the lichen & moss colors & textures of these wet Spring days.

Categories: holiday, nature

I’m celebrating with shamrocks growing in my window at home.
A little bit of Spring on another cold & dreary Friday in Chicago!

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Another snowy morning. Lots of snow coming down during the morning commute.
Luckily, the evening commute looked a lot better with blue skies breaking through!

Categories: holiday, nature

Don’t forget… we’re all losing an hour this weekend!

Categories: nature, textures

Well, the warm-spell is over. Even the puddles were a bit chilly this morning…
with a side of broken-off antenna in the freeze!


Categories: nature, seasons

While we did not get the “snowmageddon” they were predicting… there was a crazy mix of snow, ice and fallen leaves frozen to my car this morning. I think Mother Nature might be a little confused?!

And we still have a LOT on the trees too?… like they somehow forgot to fall off?!!!




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I guess we can’t complain… we made it to the fourth of December before we got any snow. It was pretty coming down. I’m just not sure I’m ready for the next few months of this white stuff. When does summer start again?