Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Evergreen encased in ice this morning…
along with everything else shimmering, shining & frozen!

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You know I love a good sunrise, but some days there is just no sun…
but instead sheets of ice covering everything.
Still pretty cool in my book… just another beautiful way to start the day!

And yes, you can thank the streetlight for the sparkle & shimmering shine!

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While strolling through Frankfurt’s museum row, you can’t help but notice these crazy cool trees that flank the path. Turns out they are pollarded Plane Trees. Never heard of that… but I think it means overly-pruned to create the “club-like” tips. And the Plane Tree is apparently a relative of an American Sycamore or Sweetgum Tree. Would love to see these when they’re covered with leaves creating a canopy over the path!In fact, while I was there they were actually “pollarding” the trees (is that even a word?)… seemingly cutting off all of the new growth that had sprouted from each of the clumps at the end of the branches.

Cool camouflage bark patterns too..
and the way they seem to slump & wrinkle like a shar pei dog!!!




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Turned out to be a beautiful day today. A wonderful day to play outside… with a layer of frosty snow in low places where the sun didn’t shine. But that wouldn’t last long as the temperatures soared into the fifties today!!!

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And while I was admiring the frosted Fall leaves, I was also startled by these beautiful red spikes sprouting from one of the trees. It looks like the “old” spikes are brown, whereas the new growth is vibrant RED!!! No idea what kind of tree this is, but I will definitely be watching my distance as I pedal past that tree in the future!

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Sure, the fog & sunrise was beautiful this morning… but the frosted leaves were pretty amazing too! I love how the frost accentuated all of the veins & stems of the leaves… and the muted medley of colors in the frozen fall leaves.

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Heading out of the City… road trippin’ to the ‘burbs for Thanksgiving with the family.

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With a few snow flurries coming down, so far no accumulation.
Just wet pavement and a lot of colorful heaves coming off the trees.
“Pretty Fall” might end today.

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Excited to see that some of the Fall leaves have survived the recent rains & wind…
not so sure they’re gonna make it through tonight’s predicted snowfall???

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Protected by a wall, it was fun to find a small patch of colorful fall flowers still hanging on.
With the cold weather moving in, this might be the last of them?!