Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I’ve been busy setting up shelves all over the place for this weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW… including in the dining room where several of my orchids live. So they’ve been enjoying some new lighting & clean space to spread-out more! At least until the shelves get covered with pottery in a couple days!!! Pack ’em tight… make room for the POTTERY!!!

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A sweet little setting for one of my terra cotta flower pots… planted up & sharing a space with a fun birdhouse. Thanks Karis for sharing your garden space with us!

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Not to be out-done… my pink Easter Cactus is doing pretty good too showing off its pretty pink colors!

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Looks like my Easter Cactus is happy… albeit a little late for Easter?! Beautiful pom-pon-like blooms on a cactus plant that seems very happy in its handmade stamped & soda-fired flower pot!

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Looks Rosene has been celebrating NATIONAL ORCHID DAY as well… with her stunning yellow orchid in full bloom! Beautiful flowers and possibly the healthiest leaves & roots I’ve ever seen on an orchid plant. Must have something to do with the handmade flower pot??? Just sayin’…

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My spotted orchid re-blooming for the first time! Methinks it might be the flower pot that makes all the difference! I mean… why wouldn’t they want to show-off in a flower pot like this???

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A very sweet pottery request from my friend Julie:
“I am looking for a new pot for my Mom’s African violet that Keith has kept alive & blooming since her passing. It has outgrown multiple pots and we have taken many cuttings from it and started new plants that we shared with family in YOUR pots! Mom’s plant is not currently in one of your pots and it just doesn’t look good!”

Looks like it’s time to make more flower pots… more FUN!!!

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We’ve been saying for awhile that their orchid would be happier in a handmade ceramic flower pot. Kristy & Matt have killed every orchid prior… so we figure it “must” be the pot, right?!!! Unfortunately, I think they’re going to need a larger flower pot! That little cutie-patootie just isn’t going to do it!!! HA!!!

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As part of our final class of the Fall session, my Intermediate Wheel class did a fun “trading-exchanging-stealing game”… with a category theme of handmade flower pot with a plant in it. Some people were “racing” with the kiln and weren’t quite able to get a plant, but we were pleased their flower pots at least made it out of the kiln in time! Always a fun way to end a great session with fun students!!!

And, in case you’re wondering… I came home with the beautiful red flower pot with a red anthurium flowering in it from Darcy… perfect for the holidays!

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Looks like Rosene has her first bloom of the season on her Thanksgiving Cactus… about a week early! Mine is already blooming beautifully right now too! Come to the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend and you can see my blooms… and perhaps buy a new flower pot for your indoor garden too?! I’m convinced that houseplants prefer handmade pottery flower pots… with drainage holes!!!