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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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We’ve been saying for awhile that their orchid would be happier in a handmade ceramic flower pot. Kristy & Matt have killed every orchid prior… so we figure it “must” be the pot, right?!!! Unfortunately, I think they’re going to need a larger flower pot! That little cutie-patootie just isn’t going to do it!!! HA!!!

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As part of our final class of the Fall session, my Intermediate Wheel class did a fun “trading-exchanging-stealing game”… with a category theme of handmade flower pot with a plant in it. Some people were “racing” with the kiln and weren’t quite able to get a plant, but we were pleased their flower pots at least made it out of the kiln in time! Always a fun way to end a great session with fun students!!!

And, in case you’re wondering… I came home with the beautiful red flower pot with a red anthurium flowering in it from Darcy… perfect for the holidays!

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Looks like Rosene has her first bloom of the season on her Thanksgiving Cactus… about a week early! Mine is already blooming beautifully right now too! Come to the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend and you can see my blooms… and perhaps buy a new flower pot for your indoor garden too?! I’m convinced that houseplants prefer handmade pottery flower pots… with drainage holes!!!

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Looks my cousin David’s anthurium is enjoying its new home in a pretty stamped & purple flower pot! David surprised me at ART IN THE GARDEN by coming to the show with his Mom & Sister… my Aunt Marilyn & cousin Kim… even though he lives in Ohio!!! SURPRISE!!!

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So apparently this is what happens when you go into the studio early in the morning… and have that nagging feeling that you might not have enough pieces to fill next weekend’s soda kiln?! And you have a little panic… and start throwing MORE!!!

It’s gonna be tough to get these all stamped, trimmed, dried, bisqued & glazed before going into my soda kiln next weekend!

Uh oh… tick-tock, tick-tock…

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What a fun trading game we had last week in my Tuesday night class… category theme of flowerpots with a plant in it! My students rocked it out… and brought their A-game to the trade. I was lucky enough to come home with a cute yellow orchid in a beautiful rutile blue pot!

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Last week in my Beginning & Advanced Beginner Wheel class, we celebrated the end of the session with a fun “white elephant trading-stealing-exchanging game”… with a category of handmade flowerpot with a plant inside! I prepped mine the day before… so my variegated ivy would be happy to head-off to its new home!!!

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Prepping, pricing & packing for tomorrow’s Schaumburg art fair set-up. Right now working on my latest batch of flowerpots… just waiting for a new home & a new plant!!!

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Spent a little time in the studio this afternoon “finishing up” some of my recent class demo pieces. This was a request from my Intermediate Class to make a large two-part stacked piece. Kelly requested a planter… but I kinda think this landed somewhere “between” planter & vase?! I stuck with planter… and added drainage holes and threw a water trip tray today to go with it.

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Well, the weekend is finally getting here…. as is SPRING!!! So it’s perfect timing for the PLANTS & POTTERY POP-UP SALE! Lots of homegrown plants & handmade pottery to decorate your home, garden, office… anywhere! & everywhere!! This Friday & Saturday from 9:00am-4:00pm in Bartonville, Illinois! C’mon down…

2314 Skyway Road, Bartonville, Illinois 61607