Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Plants everywhere are loving their ceramic homes! So happy to be living their best lives in a handmade, stamped & soda-fired flower pots. And you know I want to make more happy plants… so I’m making more flower pots! Thanks Rick for sharing your beautifully blooming African violets!

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And while it may “officially” be Spring outside… looks like my Thanksgiving cactus is a little confused?! One last “volunteer” blooming this morning??? After a full blooming last Thanksgiving… so fun to see one more four months later!!!

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Got a mug with a crack?… or a chunk of kiln “goo” in it?
Anything that doesn’t quite work as a functional mug nay more?!

Some creative garden friends of mine have started using their old mugs to grow succulents in them! You could plant them with pebbles in the bottom… or drill a hole through the bottom for drainage with a special drill bit for ceramics. Either way, a live plant can quote literally bring and old mug new life!!! Thanks for showing off your succulent garden Rosene & Gerry!

Categories: flower pots, flowers, soda-fired, stamped

My Thanksgiving Cactus was pretty much right on schedule… maybe a week late! But it’s doing great now. I’m sure it is all about the handmade pottery flowerpot that it’s living in! Well, at least that’s my story.. and I’m sticking to it…

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I’ve been busy setting up shelves all over the place for this weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW… including in the dining room where several of my orchids live. So they’ve been enjoying some new lighting & clean space to spread-out more! At least until the shelves get covered with pottery in a couple days!!! Pack ’em tight… make room for the POTTERY!!!

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A sweet little setting for one of my terra cotta flower pots… planted up & sharing a space with a fun birdhouse. Thanks Karis for sharing your garden space with us!

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Not to be out-done… my pink Easter Cactus is doing pretty good too showing off its pretty pink colors!

Categories: flower pots, flowers, soda-fired, stamped

Looks like my Easter Cactus is happy… albeit a little late for Easter?! Beautiful pom-pon-like blooms on a cactus plant that seems very happy in its handmade stamped & soda-fired flower pot!

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Looks Rosene has been celebrating NATIONAL ORCHID DAY as well… with her stunning yellow orchid in full bloom! Beautiful flowers and possibly the healthiest leaves & roots I’ve ever seen on an orchid plant. Must have something to do with the handmade flower pot??? Just sayin’…

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My spotted orchid re-blooming for the first time! Methinks it might be the flower pot that makes all the difference! I mean… why wouldn’t they want to show-off in a flower pot like this???