Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Another beautifully clouded morning… with even more clouds rolling in as I pedaled on. So happy I had these quiet moments along the lakefront before the rain comes in today… and most likely stays through tomorrow!

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Clouds. Clouds. Clouds… and not a whole lot more!
Okay, maybe a colorful sliver for a few minutes… but then more CLOUDS!!!

Pretty… but not the most beautiful of morning bike rides!

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Spring has sprung… with another beautiful sunrise morning. Loving this current “heat wave” we’re having here in Chicago. So nice for the early mornings to be so warm… no need for the extra layers! Let’s hope this lasts awhile!!!

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Another beautiful Spring day perfect for another bike ride! Not a cloud in the sky as I pedaled north… past Northwestern University, the Gross Point Lighthouse, the Baha’i Temple, the huge houses in the fancy suburbs, Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, Fort Sheridan and finally turned around at the Great Lakes Naval Base. Blue skies & spring flowers the entire way… and a gentle headwind on the way back!

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With as forecast of a big warm-up this weekend, I must admit I expected it to be a lot warmer this morning. Not. Instead, it was WINDY and quite chilly!!! A lot of clouds hanging low on the horizon… so the sunrise was delayed as it tried to peek through a couple times!

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A beautiful start to another beautiful day. A bit chilly & still windy, but you can definitely feel Spring in the air. Nothing too dramatic at the start, but soon enough a large cloud blew in at just the right time for a little morning sky-show!

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Sure, it looks calm enough out there… but… I went for an afternoon bike ride along the lakefront and was hit with a crazy strong headwind as I was pedaled south. Considered turning around a couple times… but forged onward on my aero-bars! The ride back home was AMAZING… now with tailwinds gusting up to 35mph!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

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No chance for a sunrise this morning… just gray clouds & smooth biking!

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A beautiful morning along the lakefront. So nice that Spring seems to be settling in… hopefully for good! It was a bit breeze, but a great ride. And a great chance to see the new Keith Haring sculpture at Belmont Harbor. The construction fencing is finally down and hopefully the surrounding garden will be planted soon.

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Gusty winds & crashing waves. A bit chillier than I expected… especially with the waves crashing & creating a mist blowing everywhere. Including onto my camera lens!!! Not what I intended… but kind of a cool filter effect nonetheless!