Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Chilly, dark & windy… welcome to October!!! I may have to finally admit to myself that Summer is over… as the temperature gauge said it was 44-degrees outside this morning as I piled on the layers for this morning’s sunrise ride! And sadly, we didn’t even get much of a sunrise “prize” as the clouds moved in and took over the morning light.

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Plenty of clouds & plenty of wind. It was a little windy from the west this morning… making it feel a bit like a headwind in both directions! But worth the extra effort with this kind of sunrise glory! Beautiful colors splashing across the sky!

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Finally, after several days of hazy cloud-free morning skies… we were finally treated with some beautiful clouds this morning. Giving the sun something to play with… creating a splash of colors, and then playing hide & seek. A beautiful start to a beautiful Saturday morning.

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Not a cloud in the sky. Just clear sailing…errr, pedaling
with a chilly breeze early on.

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Another hazy-foggy start with the marine layer delaying the sun’s appearance. Well worth the wait… as a big red ball appeared, and then “bounced” on reflected ripples.

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Another day with a hazy start. The low-flying marine layer delaying the day with a pastel glow. Eventually the sun burned its way through making some nice reflections around Montrose Harbor.

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Dark start to a pastel morning. With a bit of marine layer haze, the sunrise was slow & slightly hidden… but great for early morning reflections in the calm water. The sun eventually worked its way through the low horizon haze, but the quiet pastoral vibe remained.

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Huge thanks to Russ and the Service Team at Village Cycle Center for squeezing me in! After missing my standard spring tune-up due to the pandemic shutting everything down, my trusted steed was getting a little less trusted day by day. A little wobble. A little clanking. A lot of annoyance.

But now we’re back!!! Ready to hit road again tomorrow morning!!!
Thanks Team!!!

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Clear skies. Not a cloud in the sky.
Another beautiful start to the day.

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Crisp & clear & breezy with just a few clouds in the sky. Definitely feels like Fall. Even though it’s “technically” still Summer… at least for a couple more days!