Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Sadly, not all of the woven projects survived the THROWDOWN night…
as this one ended up in the swampy bucket of reclaimed clay!

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Let’s just say… not all textured slabs made it to becoming a mug
during the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN! Some didn’t quite survive.

But the clay did live to see another day… after all… “IT’S JUST CLAY!!!”

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Balls of clay… with such potential… before & after!

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A quick stop into the studio today to water the plants & turn out some more reclaimed clay. You know how I love “FREE” reclaimed clay… and it will be nice to kick-off the New Year with a fresh new batch of fresh “new” old clay!

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Of course it wasn’t all fun & games in camp… as Isla didn’t quite pull her hair back far enough while throwing at the wheel! Her hair dangling too close to the spinning ball of clay. After several warnings… she ended up with a glop of clay tangled up in her curly locks!!! I gave her three options…

1. scissors

2. wash it out in the gross slop sink

3. let it dry completely and crumble it out later that night at home.

She chose option three… so this chunk dangled in her hair all day!!!
A good reminder for the other kids with long hair… listen to Gary!!!

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Pretty little porcelain balls… going to try to crank out some quick porcelain pieces!!! After summer camp, but before teaching again tonight. Hopefully, setting up some good “canvases” for a little ART IN THE GARDEN collaboration project with one of “My Talented Friends”!

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I’ve often say how much I love reclaimed clay… that is until you find pieces like these hiding inside while you’re in the middle of your class demo?! Two hard pieces stuck in the clay… makes the demo more about digging out chunks, and less about throwing a tall, stacked vase!l Not so good… luckily, my own studio reclaim is “cleaner” without hidden gems like these! But tonight I was using the classroom’s reclaimed clay!

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Kicking-off the weekend with a big pile of reclaimed clay! It’s been “slaking-down” in my reclaim bin for quite awhile now… finally time to pull it out, dry it up a bit, start wedging… and then start working with my new pile of FREE CLAY!!!

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After playing outside all day, I just had to get into the studio tonight to get a bit of work done. So I’m tackling a new batch of mugs… shocker, I know… but this time I’m trying out a new clay body!!! Sure, I coulda done a test tile or something first. But that just not how I roll. I’m all in!!!

I typically use a lot of B-Clay… but the last time I bought clay from Continental Clay they suggested “B-Clay with Grog.” It threw beautifully, seems to be drying a bit faster… and I can’t wait to see how it reacts in the soda kiln!!!

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Here we go… wedged & ready to get busy!!!